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The poor lad, everyone wants him, young girls, older women, the paparazzi, his co-stars…he can’t have a smoke without screaming girls and paparazzi on his tail, or one of  his female co-stars following  him – and falling for him. Poor Nicki Reed, that’s got to be tough.

It’s not his fault that he’s the most charismatic actor and person to come along since …James Dean or Marlon Brando. He might even give Elvis a run for his money. That’s right folks, I said it, quote me, he’s that caliber of appeal. The guy has everything in spades. Huge heart, incredibly good looking, soulful, talented, humble. I’ve never seen anything quite like him. Robert Pattinson is one in a billion, and the fact that he has no clue how special he is, adds to his appeal.

Everyone adores him, including his scowling, know it all co-star Kristen Stewart who has fallen hard.  It’s looking more and more like she’s snared herself a 2nd co-star, and rules him with an iron fist.  That’s just what actresses do when there is a super hunkster lead opposite them.  Poor guys, don’t know what hit em, they can be so disheveled and railroaded into situations they think just…happened.  These girls know how to get what they want, they know how to become indispensable. Guys, HIRE A GREAT ASSISTANT. CO-STAR HOOK UPS: Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe,  Reese and Jake, Ashton Kutcher and Britney Murphey,  Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise (while he was still married to Mimi Rogers), Meg Ryan and Russell Crowe,  Angelina and Brad (while he was still married to Jennifer) Kristen Stewart and her last boyfriend, oops. and so on. THIS JUST IN!  On again, off again couple & TRUE BLOOD STARS Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyers just wed. Awww, how special.

It’s the perfect set up. While ‘working’,  actors are practically quarantined and under house arrest with their co-stars. sometimes in a far away places, in plush hotels, with lots of spare time and rehearsing – including love scenes. I mean, come on. Actresses know how to…class? act!  They act hot, they act cool, act like everything is fate, like the perfect mate – even when in the real world, the two are like oil and water. That all comes out later…after they have kids n stuff.

 They get locked into a place that becomes familiar, but not really ‘right’. Which is why it doesn’t last forever, or even 5 years. Of course, who am I to say?  Stats don’t lie.

Rob Pattinson is a straight shooter, he tells it like it is.  ROB is like a DOG,  STEWART is like a  CAT. He’s fun, loveable, adorable. She’s sly, standoffish and ornery. Meet someone in an unnatural setting of making a film, fall in love, YOUR KIDS HAVE ROTATING FATHERS IN THE FUTURE.  I think Mr. Pattinson deserves more than that, I so don’t want him to end up another statistic. Separately, they are interesting, together they are a cliche. Sorry if this offends anyone who see them as destiny Edward & Bella, it’s fantasy. Like so many, they believe the roles, they become their roles, the lines get blurred.

Girls are not wired for casual relationships, especially when the object of their desire is of the magnitude of yumminess as Mr. Pattinson. I  recall the poor guy just wanted to buy a house in LA, (disheveled hunk needed assistance. WHERE is his management??) He even asked Ellen Degeneres on the air to help him find a home in LA> It was then reported that Kristen Stewart took up the task…go figure. Somehow, no house was found and he ended up crashing at her pad, or that’s the lore, if true, how lovely for Kristen. Robert, darling, sweetest being I’ve ever seen, beware of any offers, from anyone. No matter how innocent and casual they may seem, 99% of the time there are ulterior motives. Although YOU don’t live your life that way, so many others do. Stewart is a relentlessly determined girl, thoughtfully cunning and very good chess player, this I have to give to her.

I think most people would agree with me that a big part of Roberts intrigue is how darn nice he is. It just makes you want him to win. Kstew, on the other hand, if she sticks that middle finger up ONE MORE TIME…Rob wouldn’t do that, it’s crude and obnoxious.

The tantrums, the crude gestures, the jealousy, hanging on guys to make him jealous, the bossiness, the blatant disregard for his image – when Barbie Doll dressed Kristen  pushed Rob’s face away at the MTV Awards, I wanted to reach through the screen and pull her pony tail extension off.

She took full advantage of Roberts carefree and kind demeanor, treating him like her water boy, here, ‘take the statue slave boy’, shoving it at him,  it was alarming.

I’ve heard the actress profess she’ll always be in Rob’s corner – another manipulation. She made that sentiment a major issue, so of course, Rob must in turn be in hers. The troubled actress must have known she would need him in her corner, because she is prone to so much turmoil, sticking her foot in her mouth and behavior that requires apologies. Another snare Kristen set for dear Mr. Pattinson, which would require more from him than he ever would have suspected.

I’ve watched them appear at events and when Rob pushes his hair back in his trademark way, she then does the same. He bites his nail, she does the same. She’s obsessed with him like everyone else. If I was Rob I would lose it if I had a monkey following me around mimicking my every move, my clothes…nice hat Kristen.

However, she cannot mimic his tact and grace.  She is still just out of her teens, impressionable, apparently has anger issues, and as much as she wants the world to believe she is evolved far beyond her age…time and reality have told a different story. Rob is the prodigy, Kristen a good little actress who contradicts herself at every turn.

I conclude the reason they never announced they were a couple is because they never were a couple. Their romance started as convenience and now it’s an addiction.

There are two more films to be made, and Rob has to appease moody Kristen and her feelings for him- and she is SUCH a drama queen. He couldn’t date anyone if he wanted to…Kristen would hit the roof and it would effect the last two Twilight films.

My heart goes out to Robert, truly.  His beloved anonyminity is gone, his love life has to suffer because of a love sick co-star and mega fame, and the paparazzi are ravenous to get a glimpse of him.

May he find peace in the arms of someone outside of the film business, may the paparazzi let him breathe, may Kristen Stewart let him live his life without captivity and ultimatums.




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