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I had no intention of writing another blog about this tart. But then I saw the picture below,  and just could not help myself. Kristen, you asked for it. This is someone who claims she doesn’t want attention, hates having her photo taken. Boy, she sure does do alot of magazine covers and photo shoots for someone who doesn’t like getting their picture taken.

Faux ingenue shy Kristen Stewart loves her middle finger. I don’t. Neither do millions of mothers and fathers of her young fans.  I’ve seen at least 6 photos of her using the ‘gesture’. Nice girl. Uh…Robert? What the heck are you doing. Snap out of it. Rob is so darn nice, the nicest human any of us have had the pleasure of admiring for such a long time, such a gentleman. This is truly sad, the fact that the lovely Robert Pattinson has gotten railroaded into a relationship with someone so…um, thoughtless, moody and rude. I’ve never seen Rob give the finger, and the cameras are alot more interested in him than they are of her. Kstew uses the ‘f  you’ salute instead of a wave, and now she’s using it as a fashion statement. Lovely. I hope Rob’s parents have seen what his son has aligned himself with, and not her nicey acting when she needs to win over parents, directors and talk show audiences.

We thought she was just so upset with the paparazzi that she kept flipping them the bird, now little shy girl is giving the middle finger to her photographers in photo shoots. Kristen Stewart wins the BOOBY PRIZE FOR BONE HEAD ACTS OF INSOLENCE.




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