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Why Bonnie Fuller and Hollywood Life are Full of Poo

It just goes to show, if you do enough self promo and bait the internet with endless stories about a controversial private couple,  you’ll get enough hits to make a career out of talking in circles and writing hearsay. Is there anything more boring than that?

Bonnie wearing FUR...need I say more?

Bonnie wearing FUR…need I say more?

This woman makes me gag. She has exploited Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewarts relationship at every turn. The worst part is, she obviously has no clue about their tumultuous past and just jumped on the bandwagon to get people to read her vapid blog. Even after I sent her stories showing what a sneaky little monster KStewpid is, articles of her berating Pattinson in public, giving the finger to the cameras continually – while her audience is pre-teen and young impressionable teenagers, clueless…

my fans are pre-teen and so impressionable, so what, I don't care, I do what I want so everyone will look and talk about me...but I don't like attention.

my fans are pre-teen and so impressionable, so what, I don’t care, I do what I want so everyone will look and talk about me…but I don’t like attention, leave me alone.

Showing up for events wearing clothing that leaves little to the imagination… her pre-teen audience clamors to emulate her, their poor parents…on and on, Fuller still cannot help to defend Stewart. It has led me to believe this woman either has no conscience, no common sense, or knows Kristen’s mother or publicist. Is she getting paid?

Bonnie the kiss up Queen  always routes for Stewart. No matter what the little brooding Hollywood femme fatale does – there’s Bonnie, waving her little Kristen flag,  claiming that KBrat is justified, she’s young, she’s going through a breakup, blah, blah, SHUT UP!  Check it out for yourself – LINK

Women like Bonnie Fuller think they are feminists, but instead are enablers. Basically she seems to feel it’s ok for a girl to cheat, lie, be rude and deceitful – as long as you can think up a good excuse for it and apologize. Whew hew! Go for it girls!  She actually wrote about Robert not giving Kristen a chance and tried to give him advice that he should be nicer to Kristen, buy her gifts, take her back…I wanted to reach into my computer and mangle her cheesy site. I mean – ?

For those of you who haven’t followed the relationship dysfunction, take a look at a past blog that gives a good summary: LINK

Robert Pattinson was always nobler, a better actor, more charismatic, more popular, happier, kinder person – who gave Kristen 20 more chances more than he should have, because he’s too nice and too forgiving.

KCheatingThe fact that Pattinson even spoke to KScrew again, never mind taking her back after the cheating was a testament to his big heart or small balls…we’re not really sure which, but he did it.

That wasn’t enough for Bonnie Fuller and the B Team. She said Robert for stringing KGlue along – he tried to get rid of her, she got depressed and probably suicidal, she wouldn’t leave him alone, her parents called him – he couldn’t just walk out – she wouldn’t let him go. So he tried, against his better judgment, against the wishes of his closest friends and family to be with her. But he had grown and she didn’t. She didn’t change, remaining the same disagreeable, self serving brat that most of us with functioning brain cells knew she was and is – even though now she manages to muster a smile for the cameras as Robert taught her how to be civil. She learned a fraction of grace from Pattinson, and he wasted far too much of his time trying to tame this ungrateful shrew.

Now Fuller and her ilk will blame Robert for breaking her heart. According to their flawed ideology, a couple that merges through entertainment, in their late teens and early twenties, should stay together forever. Never mind that they won’t have the life experience to be with others and discover who they truly are before settling down…once you’re with someone for a couple years, darn it, you need to stay together. What planet are these people on?? Who ever stays together from their early 20’s forever. Very rare, and in Hollywood, never ever.

We've shared such a bond, coming up together in show business, we should always stay together...

We’ve shared such a bond, coming up together in show business, we should always stay together…

That’s like saying Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears should have stayed together forever, after all, they were both mousekateers! Surely they were bonded for eternity.

No, Hollywood blog pundits, you were on the wrong team. By wishing Robert take Kristen back, by agreeing with the tailor made ‘momentary indiscretion’ excuse (as if), you may as well had been saying the following. “Robert may be the nicest guy on the planet, worthy of the very best – but I prefer he suffer and be incarcerated and humiliated by his co-star who became an addiction – and has proven over and over she’s not worth 5 minutes of his time. It’s just that they look so good together. “ How out of touch and superficial.  Those who wanted them to get back together may as well have given Robert Pattinson a death sentence.

Bonnie Fuller, perhaps you should take up writing romance novels, anything fictional. That seems to be where you shine, outside the realm of reality .



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