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Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart – NOT a Love Story

This is not a love story, it’s a Greek tragedy.

robertpattinson300Robert Pattinson rose to fame by playing a Vampire, he has mischievously sexy good looks – yet has proven himself to be loyal, compassionate and genuine. His childlike nature, charm and love of fun gained him millions of fans worldwide. His steadfast grace in the face of adversity made the public’s affection grow all the more.

Adversely, his angelic looking co-star, Kristen Stewart’s behavior has proven to be obsessive, covert and controlling –  showing bad judgment, deception and selfishness. An excuse has been ‘her young age’…however, most of us, including Robert would not behave the way she does – at any age.


They were brought together by Hollywood…the notion of the mantra surrounding their characters in the Twilight Saga is ‘eternal love’ – played like a broken record. They, especially Kristusa, vowed to make it so. With her clandestine intentions and seductive talents – in play with Rob’s easy going and trusting nature, it was a match made in Hades.

Rob had barely begun his life as an adult, and this young ravenous actress stuck a flag in his skull and claimed him for all time. She stole him from his fans, his friends, family and the girls he was better suited to romance.

These two who could not be more different on a core level got thrown into a compromising marathon circumstance where the term ‘soul mate’ was used quite superficially. 

Kristen was raised in Hollywood and it sure seems like she is everything she claims she hates, disguised as ANTI. Actions speak so much louder than words. The trail to keeping Rob close to her either as a friend or lover – took alot of work – betrayal of friends, co-stars and Robert. The cheating wasn’t just a simple indiscretion, but another in a long history of indiscretions, done in a way that made those of us who pay attention wince.  She’d given Rob the third degree when she saw a picture of he with a group of people in a car… as she pranced around the globe with Rupert…being  flirtatious at the very least.  Liberty’s brother said, ” it was going on for months”.  Rupert’s wife

lily-cole-in-alexander-mcqueen-swath-london_002 Liberty played KStews mother in Snow White and the Huntsman. Here is a pic of KSlick smiling at Liberty – this premiere was just before the scandal broke. What kind of person do you have to be to do this??

KSneak was taking Rupert and Liberty’s children out for ice cream, then slithering all over their dad. She was a big part of why the kids she made friends with, who surely idolized her,  now have a broken home. Yet she walks around with a big happy smile cuz she got Rob back in her life. I wonder if she’ll pay for THE KID’S THERAPY?? 

When she got caught, she threw Rupert under the bus – claiming it was all his fault and got him fired from the next Snow White and the Huntsman sequel. She sure did look like a willing participant in the pictures I saw. Her cheating and betrayal was corrupt on so many levels and told the story of her own soul –  not a pretty one. She lacks common sense and true compassion, these are things you cannot learn. Rob is one of the most gracious, compassionate and talented artists to come around in a very long time – like a natural resource that should be protected. Not monopolized by an overly competitive, disingenuous, unappreciative young girl who poses her way through every situation with a cloak and dagger.

The fact is – if Robert Pattinson were a little less nice, loyal and gullible – and Kristen Stewart less conniving and not a train wreck emotionally, would they still be together? Reading the circumstances and how they played out- no, they would not. When he dumped her, he got suckered back in by her ‘falling apart’ without him, her deep dark despair and coercion.  Had there only been 1 Twilight film and not years worth of being thrown and sequestered together…Rob would have been long gone, and probably in a far better place emotionally. He could have found a girl who had his sensibilities and was an adult. Kristen wouldn’t have had the time to become friends with his friends and weave her way into every aspect of his life.

There is nothing organic or natural about Rob being with Kristen. They shared a long HOLLYWOOD experience together, and rather than allow fate to unfold, Kristen attempts to create the scenarios to keep him intact.  He kept prolonging his freedom not to hurt her feelings, and it ended up becoming an addiction and all he knew. How sad!! What if one of the other girls had played Bella…I wonder…I have a feeling any two good looking, indie people in that situation would have grown very close…Robert has had the same friends for ages, he’s loyal and steadfast.

With the good, comes the naive, he is unsuspecting. Robert doesn’t think about trapping people, he doesn’t have to and it’s not in his character –  so doesn’t recognize it in Kristen. Many of us watched her reeling him in like a horror film… a monster closing in on an innocent victim.  Rob is earnest and a straight shooter – she tries to pretend to be, but keeps showing other actions which defy it. 

Case and point... Kristen CLAIMS SHE HATES ATTENTION… buuuut AT 


If only Rob were a little more judgmental, it would serve him well to notice these hypocracies at every turn with her. What she says and what she does often don’t seem to match. Even after her very publicized betrayal and cheating, she came out with even more revealing clothing to rival a k-1Vegas act. All that was missing was a huge feather head dress.

I have to wonder if there was a statement she was trying to make – she always has an excuse disguised as a statement. “Hi, I know I just did something really sexually wrong – and I deceived alot of people by doing it. I’m sorry to all the young pre-teen and teen girls who are my audience – so let me just wear some really revealing gear that will confirm I’m shameless .”   Young girls worship and emulate her after playing the sweet, courageous Bella.

Let’s not forget all the times she’s given the finger to the cameras. Screw everyone else, she’s going to do exactly what she wants, when she wants!  She wears her shamelessness and bad character like a badge, trying to disguise her lack of good judgment, grace, common courtesy and common sense as some Anti statement.

KPoo talks about being real – real what?  A real phony? Her excuses wore thin long ago… This parody is funny

Their individual dysfunctions and addictions are the glue that keeps them ‘in touch’. Their ‘relationship’ played out on the public stage and certain things became clear. Rob has a solid moral conscience, she clearly, does not. He can be a push-over, she takes advantage of weakness. He’s too darn nice for his own good, and she knows it. She knows he is too kind to allow anyone to hurt because of him, and she is too attached to him to NOT fall apart if he leaves her – there is no way out, if he continues his pity party.

Rob had to come back to save her from the turmoil of losing him because of her betrayal!!! His presence helped deflect the negativity that surely would come her way because of her actions – against him. What twisted webs are these? Pure Shakespeare…

Does she guard the dark crystal or something?? Damn Twilight. Damn it to hell. If Robert were with someone of his own kind, I cannot imagine the good life he could be living, and the meaningful things they would be doing. Now he has to spend all his time working on his ‘addiction’ to Kristen Stewart and her menacing behavior.

Prone to sulk and not be satisfied…we’ve watched her severe mood swings.  Rob is a tormented artist, but Kristen is a tormented soul – huge difference. Now Rob became responsible for Kristen’s happiness – he became her personal prozac and she has displayed deep rooted unhappiness. That is a HUGE responsibility.

on-the-road-kristen-stewart_510x838Kristen talks a good game- but after awhile, her words became baseless and only mimicking Rob’s point of view. For instance, does anyone recall her interview prior to the cheating scandal where she said “I don’t understand how people can cheat”. Really Kristen? Those are Rob’s words, and he meant it.

From what I can tell he’s, trying to let her down easy, not that she deserves it, but her mental instability is forcing him to go this route.  When they first started ‘hanging out’, those of us who saw the writing on the wall said “she will never let him go” – he’s so kind and she’s relentless with a Barracuda like velocity that she disguises well – to the untrained eye!  When you know what’s up, it’s quite obvious. Give the girl an inch, and she wants the whole football field…

For instance, recently she brought all his friends together to welcome him back from Australia…was that for Rob…or Kristen. To show Rob how she’s now part of his extended family, how can he possibly avoid her now? He’s close with Katy Perry, she’s become besties with her assistant?!  KSnake has woven herself so close with many of his friends he couldn’t avoid her if he tried. Coincidence that she got close with all of his friends?? He’s in a tough spot – and while he tries to gracefully slow down their relationship – she keeps pushing for more. She’s been taking Rob to very public places since his return…which insures they get photographed together. When a fan asked for a picture at the Los Feliz bar, Rob didn’t want it taken, Kristen told him not to be an A$$hole. Was this for that fan? Is Kristen really that considerate? Or was it to show the world she still has a grip on the beloved Robert.

In a strange way I feel like I am watching the battle of good vs. evil through Rob and Kristen. He has displayed consistent qualities of extreme light – and she, of extreme darkness. What has transpired is a twisted road of seduction and betrayal – with everyone’s favorite guy in a forced prison of her design.

His is a heart of gold with a serpent wrapped around it. What will become of dear Robert?  Will he ever get out of her tight, sticky grip? I’m just praying he breaks free before she stages a mistake pregnancy. If only his friends and family had more balls. If I were one of the two, I’d fling her across the room with a vampires strength if she came anywhere near him. It is always the downfall of mega stars, their friends and family become yes people – and don’t want to rock the boat. That boat should be rocking and tipping over.

The dark side often comes as things we cannot resist – things we think we need really bad, but they are no good for us – that’s it’s trick. The temptation and urges must be overcome- emotions mastered, wisdom and strength procured to break addiction. To release toxic people from our lives to get to a better place.  This builds character and better life, which you cannot see while addicted. Kristen is Rob’s Heroin. May he kick that bad habit for good – regardless of how many tears she cries, how many excuses she says, how much she grovels and gets all their ‘now mutual friends’ to talk to him for her. It’s HER journey, let her hit bottom, she needs it. And he needs to get clean.

and finally, to sum it up, a song.  06 Season of the Witch



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