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Robert Pattinson Forced to Be with Kristen Stewart – Bad idea

As mentioned in blogs of days past, Pattinson is a product of conditioning and his relationship with Stewart was long lasting due to geography, her antics and the urging of those around them. Of course, Stewart being the little sneaky minx that she is, sets up their mutual friends to be pro their ‘relationship’. ie, how much money should we bet there have been Kristen induced phone calls to Robert from their first director who prides herself on casting them together, who Rob attributes to helping him get his big break? Kristen was close to the director before Rob came into the picture.    Or a host of others who KWeasel has pushed to sway the British hunk, who seems to rely on others advice.

Now the studio has a vested interest in the two being cozy, at least for the premieres, it is highly probable through their managers and agents Rob has been talked to about being civil to Stewart. Being professional. Meeting with her. We all know that Stewart would welcome such a thing in order to win Robert back. She will say anything, pretend anything. If her cries for reconciliation are not answered, she’ll say it’s for professional reasons.  Then wear see through shirts and dresses up to her butt, touch his arm and do what she does to entice. The timing is too close to the wound, he needs more distance to heal and his feelings for her to subside. That is EXACTLY why she so desperately wants to meet with him, to stop that from happening. The girl cannot be trusted, her words are like webs – yet she’s got the studio and coerced mutual friends on her side. Stewart has gotten more leeway and second, third, fourth, fifty chances than anyone in the modern world- yet still manages to screw things up.

People are justified to dislike her, and it goes far beyond the cheating. It is not Roberts problem she is SO unlikable. By the cast of Twilight, by those who pay attention. How twisted if Robert is drawn in by Stewart to protect her from the wave of disgust brought on by her cheating and rude personality.  Robert, this is NOT your problem . YOU were the victim, not she. Interesting how she’s turning the whole thing around.

I feel horribly sorry for Robert, he just starts to get on his feet and is thrown back into the Stewart inferno. It’s not fair to him. For the past 4 years he has been forced to put up with this menace of a girl, to be professional and when he would just have his fill, he’d have to make another film with her. He couldn’t date if he wanted to, she would have a coronary. He couldn’t get rid of her when he wanted to, and she became a fixture in his life.

As big as his heart is, and as loyal as he is – he became addicted to a fairytale that was a nightmare in disguise.

Being alone with Kristen at this time is a grave mistake. It will give her a chance to do what she is so good at…make excuses for her poor behavior, and pull Rob back into her control. He does not stand a chance at happiness or breaking free if he cannot keep space and distance between he and his addiction to this girl, who is far his inferior, in a multitude of ways.

She knows it is now or never to ‘win’ him back and will lay it on thick counting on his innate sympathy and big heart for the underdog. What a mess. Tom Sturridge is busy with newborn Mabel he had with Sienna Miller to be there for his pal and urge him to stay away from KScrew.

Now that Kristen was caught doing what many actresses do for favor with their directors, she is throwing Rupert under the bus saying she was seduced. Poor Robert, he cannot see how pathetic and self serving Stewart is. If he believes anything she says, you could sell him a rain making machine should he retreat back to London. This is a big test of what Robert stands for, and if he has what it takes to be a real man.

No one has heard from him for a couple days, since it has been reported he has agreed to see Kristen at Reese’s place in Ojai. If he did invite her there for a private talk, how will he ever get her to leave? She’ll crumple into a little ball on the ground and cry about how everyone hates her. How will Rob get her OUT??Just a bad idea all the way around. Perhaps Robert loves misery more than we all hoped.


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