Why Kristen Stewart is SO Disliked. Get Educated.

I can’t help but notice people sticking up for Kristen Stewart after her  ‘momentary’ indiscretion.

Parents dislike Kristen because of all her momentary indiscretions in photographs. Not just the paparazzi, here KRude strikes a pose for Interview Magazine photo shoot. Clueless, her fans are PRE-TEEN.

The problem is it was hardly a momentary indiscretion, but the culmination of a long history of indiscretions that left a bad taste in the mouths of fans, parents and those who paid attention.  Pattinson has a legendary following because of his authenticity and blatant honesty. People are drawn to him because of his integrity, compassion and candid demeanor. How ironic he would get railroaded into a relationship with his polar opposite pretending to be his soul-mate.

Pattinson fans dislike Stewart because she is profoundly less noble than he is. Lacking his ethics and conviction, many felt she would hurt him.  They watched her flip the bird instead of wave to cameras and belittle Robert in public constantly.   Robert attempted to tame the shrew, but it was like trying to paint a zebra to be a horse.

I’ve done 16 commercial films by the time I was 19 years old…but I really hate PR and how dare you take my picture.

Reports that Rob would confront her backstage after she’d  embarrassed him in talk show interviews or award shows became customary. She’d flirt with other guys when he was around to make him jealous, then explode when he’d be friendly to females, to the point he became motionless around girls. THEN she cheats on HIM!?

Team Robert watched in disbelief at Kristen criticizing him to appear ‘better than’ and basically flaunting her hold on him. One of her latest faux paus was at this past Comi-con when she told Robert straight-faced to “Shut the f*ck up”.  Then his admirers have had to endure excuse after banal excuse for her poor behavior ‘she’s shy, young, bi-polar, child of Satan- (Threw in the last one for effect, although it would explain alot)’. We’ve got something to say to Kristen…”Shut the f*ck up you b*tch!”

She’s got huge issues and they’re far deeper than ‘her being young’. Taylor Lautner is 2 YEARS YOUNGER, btw, and has never done anything he would have to use his age for as an excuse! Also, she didn’t grow up in Kansas – the girl grew up in Hollywood and did 17 films by the time she was 19…young and naive…really? Cut her slack because she’s young loses all credibility when you look at the reality.

Intelligent people dislike her because she appears hypocritical, contradictory, full of double standards and controlling. In her recent Vanity Fair interview done before the scandal, she talks about being honest. She forges an Indie ideology and wears Tshirts of bands who would think she was a complete sell out for doing Blockbuster films. She claims she hates publicity but does never ending big bucks Hollywood franchise films and magazine photoshoots, wears see through shirts and skirts up to her boney butt cheeks. Recently to the airport, one of Robs T-shirts with HUGE letters IRIE to insure PR and her connection to the unanimously adored Pattinson.  In a recent interview she alluded that if she were back in the Kerouac days, she’d be accepted by them – delusional. She does not have the artistic merit or depth and they would have laughed and sneered at the comment. She is a FAN of all that is cool, but because she tries so hard to BE COOL, she’s merely a poser. Kristen said she never wanted to be an actress but did 16 commercial films by the age of 19…I could go on and on…but you get the picture. KStew is full of poop soup. 

I’ll protect you, support you, adore you…the only thing I ask is for your loyalty.

Robert Pattinson was contractually committed to never ending film making with her & felt obliged to the series and his co-star. Call it Method Acting, but Rob began taking on the role of Edward from Twilight protecting Bella,  defending KScrewLoose’s thoughtless comments and selfish actions. He ended up getting addicted and eventually crotch locked.

To follow is a very short list of what RPatz fans have been seeing, hearing and reading for some time – besides watching her on talk shows, interviews, awards shows:

Lovely vulgar interview: http://www.mooolf.com/2012/06/kristen-stewarts-expletive-filled.html

Typical Stewart Double Standards – http://www.showbizspy.com/article/208629/robert-pattinson-kristen-stewart-makes-me-uncomfortable.html

Common Stewart Treatment of Rob in public: http://hollywoodlife.com/pics/kristen-stewart-ignores-robert-pattinson-hugs-taylor-lautner-peoples-choice-awards-photos-twilight-winners/

Rob likes to have fun, Kristen is a downer: http://www.entertainmentwise.com/news/60484/Kristen-Stewart-Angry-With-Robert-Pattinson-Over-Awards-Snub

This is how it was early on: http://www.showbizspy.com/article/205941/kristen-stewart-infuriates-robert-pattinson-with-her-stupid-comments-sources-say.html

She says  sick things and thinks it’s funny http://www.novafm.com.au/article/kristen-stewart-gives-babies-finger

In her latest interview for British Vogue, without thinking that her then boyfriends parents, living in England would be reading it, she talks about Rob loving to lick her armpits. I mean…?  She was a HUGE liability to Robert, many  wonder about his lack of judgement even considering this girl being the mother of his children! Love certainly can be blinding. 

Somehow she got away with being a spoiled, self serving brat for many years, much to the frustration of Pattinson fans. Myself included. Prior to her nuclear mistake, many had bit their tongues and tried to accept her because Rob cared for her. When she finally did something so vehemently contemptuous…it unleashed a wave of suppressed anger and vindication.  Voila. 

Kristen smiling at Rupert’s wife Liberty (in blue) as she was stabbing her in the back…

Once she hurt him in such a deceitful way, knowing her lover/directors wife and kids, it was like she hit a hornets nest. LINK  Since she’s been exposed for who she is and has been for years, she’s putting on a new nicey face for journalists, like those at the Huffington Post who have gushed about how sweet she is because she said ‘hi and thank you.’ The clueless write ‘I don’t know what people are talking about, she was nice to me’. DUH-UH…

Now I’m hearing that mass public disapproval is because she’s a girl, and her bad press is due to race discrimination. Whaaat? Why is Rupert not dragged through the coals? No one gives a damn about Rupert Sanders, but everyone loves Robert Pattinson. By the way, he’s more popular than she is, and never has flipped off the cameras. Neither has Taylor Lautner (who, again,  is 2 years YOUNGER than Kristen, and has been nothing but nice).  She is the one who has been difficult, crude, belittling, snobby, condescending to the public, her fans, but most of all, to a guy who deserves far better. Robert has forgiven this ingrate more times than his fans have thought he should for offenses many of us would not have put up with.  He’s been too nice for his own good, and Kristen knows that – took advantage of it, and is counting on it to win him back. She’s also counting on those of you who do not have a clue about the whole picture, like the Huffington Post pundits to feel sorry for her and support her, as they have been. By backing up someone so innately morally challenged, it puts them in that category –                              

Perhaps Kristen should have played the Wicked Witch?

Ba-Bye now!



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Kristen Stewart – ‘On The Road’ to WOW Robert Pattinson

Aaaaand she’s off! Did anyone doubt that KStew wouldn’t look good for her first appearance out in the world after being caught canoodling with her married with children Snow White Director? What I didn’t expect, was an evening dress. ON THE ROAD Premiered at the Toronto Film Festival on Sept 6th, it is  an Indie film about underground rebel poets, so you’d think the dress would be…casual-ish? Me thinks KStew has, yet, another agenda.

“Can’t wait for Rob to see me in this dress…now…for the poses”

Feast your eyes on THIS Robert! Mwwwaaahaahaaaaa

Knowing her picture would be plastered everywhere and always trying to upstage,  compete with and ultimately entice Robert Pattinson since the very first Twilight film and his megga popularity – Stewart chose an ornate, eye grabbing, glittering floral dress, with her signature peek-a-boo fabric and f*ck me pumps. Think Madonna in Evita… Ooookey. She hates publicity you see, says she. Chances are if she wasn’t caught cheating, she’d be showing off her new set of boobs, like she was doing just prior to the cheating scandal.

Her facial expressions went from glum to insincere and back to glum. Ho-hum, something we have grown accustomed to. Her fans were out in full array, supporting the femme fatale and assuring her that if you get caught cheating and lying and then apologize…all is forgiven.  It’s more important that someone is pretty. Really?

We can all bet that KStew will be trying every trick in the book to gain Robert’s 
attention, libido and sympathy…and we hope he is as resilient to temptation as he is kind and soulful. Remember the lessons of the great texts dear Robert…the

Kristen smiling at Rupert’s wife Liberty (in blue) as she was stabbing her in the back…

Sirens sung songs irresistible to the sailors, and when they listened they were destroyed. They were told to BLOCK THEIR EARS. So using that wisdom, CLOSE YOUR EYES, and keep moving in the direction you are going, away from this girl. Beauty is often a trap for the superficial, it does not bring happiness. You deserve not only beauty on the outside, but inside as well. This girl has proven she does not possess true beauty in both spheres, and so you are right to stay clear. Let her fans with no true moral values bow to her feet. Always remember how she blatantly deceptive she was to you, to Rupert’s wife Liberty, and to his children. Forgive in your heart for your own sake, forget never. Move on and find a REAL Snow White with the virtues you have that we all adore.


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Kristen Stewart’s Long History of Deception

After the first Twilight, before Rob and Kristen were exclusive, there was so much fighting between them no one knew what was going on. Kristen had fallen for Rob very early on, it was obvious, but being the little player that she is, pretended to be luke-warm. I recall seeing video of a photo shoot they did shortly after the first Twilight film, when she was still with her BF.  Kristen was laying on top of Rob and seductively gliding her fingers up and down his arms…the look on his face said   ‘THIS IS SO NOT FAIR’! His arms practically glued to his side, being respectable.

She was flirting with and seducing Robert before her relationship with her other co-star actor was over. When I saw that I knew she was not ‘right’.

It is pure trash that he was always after her. Everyone was in love with Rob, it served her purpose to treat him poorly, and act as if she really didn’t care. It made her ‘different’, and she had the luxury of being around him constantly to create whatever illusion she wanted. The difference was, Rob was always honest about his feelings – and shocker, Kristen was not. Who wouldn’t be in love with Robert, seriously. The guy is sweet, loving, gorgeous, sexy, talented…the list goes on. Kristen has to try hard to posses the magic that Rob has naturally. 

Her playing hard to get proved successful, but when he would get tired of her condescending blasé attitude and belittling him, and spent time with anyone of the female persuasion, KScowl would go ballistic. She’d refuse to talk to Rob and he being the more professional and compassionate of the two, would be forced to pursue her. AFter all, they’d be in the middle of filming, and when they weren’t, she could count on the fact that he was used to her in his life, and would miss her when she would shut him out. The girl is cold hearted – and it worked for her, until she got caught.

I recall Rob’s friends being quoted as saying ‘She says she wants to keep it light, but then he talks to a girl and she goes crazy!’  Ah yes, Rob had a Cybil on his hands, and he rode the waves with  grace. If I were he, I would have thrown her off the boat, but he was stuck in a film contract – and has the personality of a saint. Lucky for KS, who else would have put up with that mopey little monster for so long?? 

This girl is a game player of mammoth proportions, and poor Robert is authentic and had no idea. She would always use the excuse that she is so young and gets confused. No matter what she did – giving the finger again and again, embarrassing Rob in interviews, treating him like a ‘less than’, acting like the spoiled brat that she is, it all seemed to work in her favor. She was jealous of Rob’s popularity and everyone knew it. When people criticized her, Rob would defend her. Of course, she stood up for Rob early on and gained his allegiance. That’s what players do. Think  ‘Kristen getting

Rob’s BF  Tom Sturridge a part in ‘On The Road’…do people favors and ‘help them’ so they in turn felt indebted. It’s a trick as old as the hills, done by those who’s energy does not have enough light to gain people’s allegiance without manipulation.Many of us noticed Kristen would be extra touchy feely with guys when Rob was around, and not so much when he wasn’t. Of course, I’m referring to in pictures, not when the cameras are off. Or she thinks they are =*

                                                                                                                                                                                           We noticed her copying the way Rob touches his hair, and even the way he dressed.

Kristen was as enamored with Robert as everyone else, the difference is, 
it didn’t serve her agenda to express it. She gained more of his attention by making him squirm. So much of what she did and said was a crock, just angling to get what she wanted.

Poor Robert got tricked into thinking that by having her all to himself, he finally won the prize. But it was far from winning a prize, she won the prize – and didn’t deserve it. So fate had to step in and ring the bell LOUD. i.e. her cheating scandal. How long would it have gone on had she not been caught?  No one will ever know.

Is she to be trusted? Chances are a resounding, united NO. No matter what she says, they are words, and she has proven that her words do not match her actions. Period. If Rob believes her at this point, he will be seen as a complete wimp. Those are the words of my 70 year old mother. 

Here KSneak is smiling at Rupert’s wife Liberty (in blue) while she betrayed her…YICK

Not only did she lie to Robert when he confronted Kristen about Rupert, she took her directors kid out for ice cream. She was close with his family, including his wife Liberty, who played HER MOTHER in Snow White. Does anyone understand how underhanded you have to be to do something like this? I saw the picture of she and Sanders having lunch in May, there was flirtation going on, just like Liberty’s brother said. ‘It’, and we’ll never really know the extent of ‘it’, had been going on for awhile.

The amount of deception Stewart pulled shows a twisted morality and a very selfish propensity that does not begin or end with one mistake.

How utterly apropos that her first interview to come out after her cheating was in a magazine called LITTLE WHITE LIES. Except her lies are BLATANT DECEPTION. Robert has the biggest test of his life ahead of him. The vixen is on his tail  and he is being coaxed, yet once again to be in her presence when he really is better off without it. Yet he has Summit, his people (managers, agents), mutual friends she’s coerced to talk to him, and Kristen herself begging him to forgive her. Besides the backlash Kristen faces from the public, now her parents are getting divorced. Robert being the big softy that Kristen knows he is, she just needs to get her foot in the door. That’s why she has begged to see him, she knows how easily he can be won over. He should heed his own words, “she is an actress, that’s what she is”. Show everyone Rob, that you can stand strong. We can only pray that fate will keep his eyes open wide, even as she tempts and pleads with him to take her back. I hope for the best, but fear the worst.

Perhaps he’ll proves me wrong, waiting with baited breath, knowing she may have already enticed her way in. Stay strong Robert. Do not cave.

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Robert Pattinson Forced to Be with Kristen Stewart – Bad idea

As mentioned in blogs of days past, Pattinson is a product of conditioning and his relationship with Stewart was long lasting due to geography, her antics and the urging of those around them. Of course, Stewart being the little sneaky minx that she is, sets up their mutual friends to be pro their ‘relationship’. ie, how much money should we bet there have been Kristen induced phone calls to Robert from their first director who prides herself on casting them together, who Rob attributes to helping him get his big break? Kristen was close to the director before Rob came into the picture.    Or a host of others who KWeasel has pushed to sway the British hunk, who seems to rely on others advice.

Now the studio has a vested interest in the two being cozy, at least for the premieres, it is highly probable through their managers and agents Rob has been talked to about being civil to Stewart. Being professional. Meeting with her. We all know that Stewart would welcome such a thing in order to win Robert back. She will say anything, pretend anything. If her cries for reconciliation are not answered, she’ll say it’s for professional reasons.  Then wear see through shirts and dresses up to her butt, touch his arm and do what she does to entice. The timing is too close to the wound, he needs more distance to heal and his feelings for her to subside. That is EXACTLY why she so desperately wants to meet with him, to stop that from happening. The girl cannot be trusted, her words are like webs – yet she’s got the studio and coerced mutual friends on her side. Stewart has gotten more leeway and second, third, fourth, fifty chances than anyone in the modern world- yet still manages to screw things up.

People are justified to dislike her, and it goes far beyond the cheating. It is not Roberts problem she is SO unlikable. By the cast of Twilight, by those who pay attention. How twisted if Robert is drawn in by Stewart to protect her from the wave of disgust brought on by her cheating and rude personality.  Robert, this is NOT your problem . YOU were the victim, not she. Interesting how she’s turning the whole thing around.

I feel horribly sorry for Robert, he just starts to get on his feet and is thrown back into the Stewart inferno. It’s not fair to him. For the past 4 years he has been forced to put up with this menace of a girl, to be professional and when he would just have his fill, he’d have to make another film with her. He couldn’t date if he wanted to, she would have a coronary. He couldn’t get rid of her when he wanted to, and she became a fixture in his life.

As big as his heart is, and as loyal as he is – he became addicted to a fairytale that was a nightmare in disguise.

Being alone with Kristen at this time is a grave mistake. It will give her a chance to do what she is so good at…make excuses for her poor behavior, and pull Rob back into her control. He does not stand a chance at happiness or breaking free if he cannot keep space and distance between he and his addiction to this girl, who is far his inferior, in a multitude of ways.

She knows it is now or never to ‘win’ him back and will lay it on thick counting on his innate sympathy and big heart for the underdog. What a mess. Tom Sturridge is busy with newborn Mabel he had with Sienna Miller to be there for his pal and urge him to stay away from KScrew.

Now that Kristen was caught doing what many actresses do for favor with their directors, she is throwing Rupert under the bus saying she was seduced. Poor Robert, he cannot see how pathetic and self serving Stewart is. If he believes anything she says, you could sell him a rain making machine should he retreat back to London. This is a big test of what Robert stands for, and if he has what it takes to be a real man.

No one has heard from him for a couple days, since it has been reported he has agreed to see Kristen at Reese’s place in Ojai. If he did invite her there for a private talk, how will he ever get her to leave? She’ll crumple into a little ball on the ground and cry about how everyone hates her. How will Rob get her OUT??Just a bad idea all the way around. Perhaps Robert loves misery more than we all hoped.

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Kristen Stewart gives Robert Pattinson incredible gift

his freedom. After years of being emotionally imprisoned by the tantrum throwing, supposed ‘rebel’ Stewart, Kristen has done something so distasteful that even the always forgiving Robert could not get past.

For many years, Robert has been on hand to calm the young actress when she would ‘act up’ on set. There have been many accounts reported of Kristen’s notorious behavior on the set of Twilight, where Robert was the one sent to talk her down from her raging antics. Of course, many times Robert was the cause of her meltdown, but not always.

Robert, because of his professionalism and common sense, HAD to be a good boy, even when they weren’t a couple, fearing Kristen would explode and cause trouble for the Twilight series. It is safe to say, Rob has had to curtail his interest in other women since the early stages of Twilight, even when the two weren’t official, not to hurt Kristen’s feelings. Then when they did become a couple, she was insecure and jealous, many accounts of shouting matches and fights regarding his innate friendliness toward others.

If ever there was a mis-match, these two were it. Rob is friendly, it’s his nature, he is loving and lovable beyond measure. Kristen on the other hand is stand offish, friendly when it suits her and controlling.

Clearly it was geography and not chemistry that got these two attached, and the sad part is, Rob was in purgatory for the last few years, beyond the already confines of his fame.

Now, for the first time in God knows how long, the young dashing Brit can do what he pleases, with who he pleases without answering to his condescending co-star – and Team Robert is breathing a huge sigh of relief. Well, almost. We expect him to party it up with friends, and now that Leonardo has stepped into his limelight, he will be around models and clubs galore. We can only hope that he doesn’t step into the Hollywood shuffle too hard, which is quite vapid, and miss his secluded life with KTroll. The fact is, he can create that life with anyone who is not addicted to the party scene. Chances are if he dates someone who is NOT an actress, which Leo will school him on no doubt, his life will not be the circus that it was.

We all want Robert to have the very best, because quite frankly, he’s top notch. No doubt he will play the field for awhile and have his fill of lovelies, heck, there are millions who would gladly dry his tears. Our hope is that he finds a very special one, his indie Audrey Hepburn, who you just KNOW has his best interest at heart.

So we collectively want to thank Kristen Stewart for the wonderful gift she gave dear Robert, although it was unintended. Life works in mysterious ways and surely Roberts karma insured that the chain Kstew had around him would break, before he made the grave mistake of marrying the sneak and having a child.

We are warned again and again regarding things that should not be, and when we ignore the warnings, an experience that cannot be ignored will hit us like a ton of bricks to snap us out of our patterns and addictions. Case and point this scandal. Raise your glass to the wise universe, and Robert’s good heart – wishing him the absolute best life has to offer.

As far as Kristen goes, it’s hard for me to feel sorry for her. She monopolized Robert and enjoyed his company far longer than she deserved. She should consider herself a very lucky girl.


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Kristen Stewart’s Flaws & Rob’s Chivalry Could Reunite the Odd Couple

Those who adore Robert Pattinson are terrified KWeasel will slither her way back into his arms. They have good reason to be. Robert is loyal, true blue and sentimental. I’ve meant no disrespect in blogs referring to him as vulnerable and naive. He is. His friends would say it’s true, and so would he.

He is trusting like a child, and beloved for his innocent nature, which has turned out to be a double edged sword.

Rob became Kristen’s protector because she constantly does or says things that are questionable. He became her shield and slowly started to take on the role of Edward, defending her from criticism when she would do or say something inappropriate. The excuse ‘she’s young’ was a loophole for her bad behavior. People respect Rob, they were willing to put up with Kristen and her dark energy which he helped brighten. Although someone’s constitution and inclinations don’t change that easily, as we’ve recently seen.

The same things that are wrong with Kristen Stewart,  may help her in the end. The fact that she is dramatic (apparently more offstage than on), depressed and will go to all lengths to get what she wants – just may push Robert’s buttons. She has become quite proficient at this over the years…The more she suffers and shatters, the worse Robert will feel, and the more likely he is to ‘help’ her. Tragic isn’t it. But that is Rob’s loving heart. Even though she doesn’t deserve his attention, he may feel obliged. Argh.

In order to break the addiction, he has to battle  his own nature to be helpful and kind. What a confusing and strange position to be in.

God knows what she will do to get him back. She may funnel news of her demise to him through a friend, start driving motorcycles fast and crash…oh, wait a minute, that was in one of the Twilight movies. Could it be we will be seeing the suffering Bella get desperate in her attempts see Robert?  From what I’ve observed of her, she will do or say anything for effect. Robert cannot detect manipulation, as we’ve all been jumping up and down wishing we could take him aside and talk with him over the years – as he kept veering toward the waterfall.

So if she loses the role of Snow White because she humped the married Director, and the studio feels Snow White is a character with virtue and what Kscrew did represented the polar opposite…that will be a blow. (However, she did say she’s more comfortable in little indie films, so why entrench on another blockbuster series? Well, you know Kristen, what she says and does seem to be two different things.)  Rob’s fans haven’t even started their wrath…it’s not going to be pretty for the ‘fairest of them all’.

Question is, will Rob feel the need to console her out of
habit or some kind of twisted allegiance because things are going so sour for the femme fatale?

She doesn’t seem to have any female friends she can lean on, and if any of his friends are worth their weight in salt, they won’t have anything to do with her. Surely her Twilight castmates, who she never seemed to pay much attention to except for Robert & Taylor won’t be eager to sit at her lunch table.  Will Robert feel sorry for her because everyone has taken such distain to she and her actions?

It is encouraging that Robert’s Edward costume appears to be wearing off, keep your fingers crossed (those with functioning brain cells), that her antics fall flat and Robert turns down the invitations to her ‘pity party’. Oh dear, dear Robert, this is a test of your will – may you prevail with your freedom and self respect intact. There are millions of people surrounding you with love. Allow karma to take it’s course, Kristen’s pain no longer is your concern. Perhaps have your manager refer her to a good therapist and 5 years from now, get together for coffee. Bring your wife, of course, who will share your sense of honor.

Let’s all vision that for Robert. A woman who he adores, who deserves his love.


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Why Everyone Loves Robert Pattinson

A few years back, a 40 year old female graphic designer sat me down at a computer and said ‘Watch‘. It was because I told her that I didn’t know who Robert Pattinson was,  she was acting like she had a high school crush.  All I knew was people seemed to be noticing him – and he was in a vampire movie. I figured  ‘another good looking actor coming down the pike, yawn, ok (eyes rolling), let me check this out’. A bit jaded from many years in the heart of the entertainment industry both in LA and New York, with a stint in London,  I didn’t expect to be blown away.

She showed me interviews – Rob at the first Comic Con getting embarrassed and not being able to speak, shy Robert being auctioned by Harvey Weinstein for dinner and a kiss for charity, RPatz said the bidding starts at $5.oo as a humble joke, bewildered why anyone would pay a large amount of money to have dinner with him and a kiss. $40,000 was raised for charity.  Weinstein prefaced the auction by saying the day after his three young daughters went to see Twilight, there were signs on each of their bedroom doors, their first name followed by Pattinson. All 3 wanted to marry Robert.  As Weinstein told the story, Rob would put his head down and pace. I was hooked, I got it. His appeal is pretty much across the board.

Intrigued, I started paying attention to what he was up to, he was like nothing I’d ever seen. This breath of fresh air, ultra shy Brit was fun and funny, honest, witty, candid, sweet as figgy pudding, humble, infectiously happy  and just all around entertaining to watch. He didn’t take the whole fame thing seriously, in fact, he thought it was utterly ridiculous. I wanted to hug him and protect him, as his naked naivety and vulnerability were as endearing as they were a danger to him. He was a wide open spirit, who in the wrong hands, could be coerced. Enter Kristen Stewart.

There is a misconception that people love RP because he’s good looking or played the part of Edward Cullen. That only ‘Twihards’ adore him. Well, his gorgeous choir boy meets bad boy looks are not hard on the eyes, but there are many great looking guys in films.  And I don’t really like watching him in Twilight because his personality is so suppressed by playing a Vampire. I never read the Twilight books, don’t care all that much about the saga. Anyone who saw him in Remember ME or Water for Elephants knows, the guy can act.  Anyone who has heard him sing can feel his soul. He has a deep resonance that very few can reach. Even with his multi-talents, he may be more beloved for his imperfections. His quirkiness, pointed teeth (he confessed messing them up to look more like a Vampire when he auditioned for Twilight), disheveled hair and dress, admitting that his sisters used to dress him up like a girl and call him Claudia when he was young. Even when he admitted his Johnson is just a twig, it just made everyone say ‘awww’, that’s Rob, honest as the day is long.

We felt bad when he complained about not being able to date because of the Twilight popularity, and were consumed when he went to strip bars in Vancouver to get his fill. After rolling around with Stewart all day play acting – and not being able to date – the early 20’s dude needed to get his sexy on. Then we heard the stories that he flew his favorite stripper to New York. And we all smiled and feared. Go Rob, but be careful!

For those who kept up, he does things like walk into a music store, come out with a guitar, which he gives to a stranger who is playing a crappy guitar outside for spare change. Then drives away. He didn’t do it for attention, praise or credit, and if someone didn’t recognize him giving the guitar to the struggling artist, no one would have known. Rob  cried when the Elephant was leaving the set of Water for Elephants and adopted a pup from a shelter while on location. By the way, I remember Rob making a statement “I’m glad Kristen was with me, I would have taken all the dogs home, but she convinced me to be sensible”.  Clearly Bear is Rob’s dog who Kristen took care of while Rob was away.  Now she wants joint custody to keep the connection (she calls the dog her son, surprise!, another Kristen snare for Rob to overcome).  Case and point that opposites attract, as her core character traits seem polar opposite to his.

This wildly successful star has never miss-stepped, acted rude, disinterested or selfish. I’ve never seen a hint of it since I started paying attention some years ago. He’s always been a gentleman and wore his heart on his sleeve. Robert Pattinson is as sweet as they come, and has inspired a new generation about integrity, grace and authenticity. He is just a delight. Everyone who has met him or worked with him will attest he is a sweetheart.  Jimmy Kimmel said , ‘Rob is the nicest guy in the world’.   Perhaps TOO NICE. Robs kindness in forgiving Kristens’s many missteps and selfish acts (mistakenly attributed to her age) – cemented their never meant to be relationship. Everyone thought those who disliked her were jealous, mostly it was fear that she, without his caliber of integrity, would hurt him in the end.

The essence of Robert is humility, kindness, fun –  he is infectious  and truly beloved by millions.  We pray, this tragic upheaval of his faith and trust will not taint his light hearted spirit – and are horrified that this girl who fudged her way into his soul by acting like someone she is not  –  put a stake through his heart.

Why do you love Robert Pattinson – Sound off in comments!


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