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Why Bonnie Fuller and Hollywood Life are Full of Poo

It just goes to show, if you do enough self promo and bait the internet with endless stories about a controversial private couple,  you’ll get enough hits to make a career out of talking in circles and writing hearsay. Is there anything more boring than that?

Bonnie wearing FUR...need I say more?

Bonnie wearing FUR…need I say more?

This woman makes me gag. She has exploited Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewarts relationship at every turn. The worst part is, she obviously has no clue about their tumultuous past and just jumped on the bandwagon to get people to read her vapid blog. Even after I sent her stories showing what a sneaky little monster KStewpid is, articles of her berating Pattinson in public, giving the finger to the cameras continually – while her audience is pre-teen and young impressionable teenagers, clueless…

my fans are pre-teen and so impressionable, so what, I don't care, I do what I want so everyone will look and talk about me...but I don't like attention.

my fans are pre-teen and so impressionable, so what, I don’t care, I do what I want so everyone will look and talk about me…but I don’t like attention, leave me alone.

Showing up for events wearing clothing that leaves little to the imagination… her pre-teen audience clamors to emulate her, their poor parents…on and on, Fuller still cannot help to defend Stewart. It has led me to believe this woman either has no conscience, no common sense, or knows Kristen’s mother or publicist. Is she getting paid?

Bonnie the kiss up Queen  always routes for Stewart. No matter what the little brooding Hollywood femme fatale does – there’s Bonnie, waving her little Kristen flag,  claiming that KBrat is justified, she’s young, she’s going through a breakup, blah, blah, SHUT UP!  Check it out for yourself – LINK

Women like Bonnie Fuller think they are feminists, but instead are enablers. Basically she seems to feel it’s ok for a girl to cheat, lie, be rude and deceitful – as long as you can think up a good excuse for it and apologize. Whew hew! Go for it girls!  She actually wrote about Robert not giving Kristen a chance and tried to give him advice that he should be nicer to Kristen, buy her gifts, take her back…I wanted to reach into my computer and mangle her cheesy site. I mean – ?

For those of you who haven’t followed the relationship dysfunction, take a look at a past blog that gives a good summary: LINK

Robert Pattinson was always nobler, a better actor, more charismatic, more popular, happier, kinder person – who gave Kristen 20 more chances more than he should have, because he’s too nice and too forgiving.

KCheatingThe fact that Pattinson even spoke to KScrew again, never mind taking her back after the cheating was a testament to his big heart or small balls…we’re not really sure which, but he did it.

That wasn’t enough for Bonnie Fuller and the B Team. She said Robert for stringing KGlue along – he tried to get rid of her, she got depressed and probably suicidal, she wouldn’t leave him alone, her parents called him – he couldn’t just walk out – she wouldn’t let him go. So he tried, against his better judgment, against the wishes of his closest friends and family to be with her. But he had grown and she didn’t. She didn’t change, remaining the same disagreeable, self serving brat that most of us with functioning brain cells knew she was and is – even though now she manages to muster a smile for the cameras as Robert taught her how to be civil. She learned a fraction of grace from Pattinson, and he wasted far too much of his time trying to tame this ungrateful shrew.

Now Fuller and her ilk will blame Robert for breaking her heart. According to their flawed ideology, a couple that merges through entertainment, in their late teens and early twenties, should stay together forever. Never mind that they won’t have the life experience to be with others and discover who they truly are before settling down…once you’re with someone for a couple years, darn it, you need to stay together. What planet are these people on?? Who ever stays together from their early 20’s forever. Very rare, and in Hollywood, never ever.

We've shared such a bond, coming up together in show business, we should always stay together...

We’ve shared such a bond, coming up together in show business, we should always stay together…

That’s like saying Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears should have stayed together forever, after all, they were both mousekateers! Surely they were bonded for eternity.

No, Hollywood blog pundits, you were on the wrong team. By wishing Robert take Kristen back, by agreeing with the tailor made ‘momentary indiscretion’ excuse (as if), you may as well had been saying the following. “Robert may be the nicest guy on the planet, worthy of the very best – but I prefer he suffer and be incarcerated and humiliated by his co-star who became an addiction – and has proven over and over she’s not worth 5 minutes of his time. It’s just that they look so good together. “ How out of touch and superficial.  Those who wanted them to get back together may as well have given Robert Pattinson a death sentence.

Bonnie Fuller, perhaps you should take up writing romance novels, anything fictional. That seems to be where you shine, outside the realm of reality .



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How Kristen Stewart Keeps Rob Coming Around…

How does KGlue do it, many of you wonder. It’s quite simple, she knows what Rob likes and will respond to, arranges a situation which includes it – and then invites him to take part. 

For instance, the other day he was seen palling around Los Feliz with ‘friends’…they were Isabella from Florence and the Machine and her buddy, someone else as well. Isabella is English. Evidently, Kristen’s been busy ‘making friends’ while Rob was away, and they seem to be people he would be interested in – they are either English, or friends of his friends.  I suspect she arranged for them to meet up. Poor Rob, the girl moved so close to him he cannot get a break. When they broke up and Rob was selling his home, Kristen was looking for a home in MALIBU – the place where Rob would be because his AGENT LIVES THERE, and he was known to hang out at her house when he didn’t have his own home in LA. Then Rob didn’t sell him home, and Kristen bought one near his in Los Feliz. AND one for her mom…in Malibu. KSlick covered all her bases. She is everywhere he is…or will be…so she can be where she needs to be, to arrange a convenient get together. Agh.

Rob really wants to do his music, he can be shy, so Kristen is attempting to be his end all  by drumming up associations with those he would want to hang with, which insures, they hang. She entices him with people and situations – to keep his interest and has done this since the early days when she pretended she wasn’t head over heals and everyone knew she was. Back in the days when Rob was luke warm about having a ‘relationship’ with her (regardless of what has been said, we all saw him claiming to be single and she having fits when he did). I have to wonder, with all the time she spends trying to line things up so Rob will want to take part, how does she have any time to do anything for herself. She doesn’t, it’s all about Robert- she is obsessed and he is constantly being baited. His karma for being such a lug has already taken shape, in the form of Kristen Stewart. 

She not only makes friends with all his friends, but she ‘does them favors’…for instance…she got Tom Sturridge a part in On The Road, and she appeared in a video for Marcus Foster. Question, does she HAVE any of her own friends? Or did she just glom onto Rob’s to be instant cool. If she wasn’t with Rob, none of these people would have ever been interested in her. Ever hear her talk, she’s not that interesting and overcompensates with these mumbled explanations of what she thinks is interesting. While the rest of us are rolling our eyes and waiting for her to stop talking. She used their dog BEAR to keep Rob close, insisting she had a bond with the dog when she was away filming for most of last year and Rob was seen walking Bear – until they broke up, then Kristen started showing the world that Bear was hers also. Except in an interview Rob explained that he went to the shelter to adopt a dog, ‘luckily Kristen was there or I would have adopted all of them’. Unfortunately Kristen was there. Had Rob adopted all of them, they could have all found great homes given Rob is Rob – he could have saved many dogs. Instead, many probably died. Thanks Kristen.

Why his manager, agent, friends and family don’t take the reigns and allow Kristen to be the facilitator for Rob’s interests is beyond me. If more people in his life took the lead, instead of allowing Kristen to run the show, he’d be far better off…he wants to do his music, can any of his people help the guy out or what? People have approached his management to help Rob with stress, yoga, music – unfortunately, his management keeps him away from those who can help him – and allow Kristen full access. Bright people! I believe Robert’s management, friends and family have failed him – and now he is in grave danger of ruining his life staying attached to someone so…desperate to keep him intact.

The monikers KGlue and RPatsy seem the most appropriate. I abhor her traps and his weakness – and anyone who says these two belong together.  This is one of the most unfortunate and toxic pairings I have ever seen.


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Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart – NOT a Love Story

This is not a love story, it’s a Greek tragedy.

robertpattinson300Robert Pattinson rose to fame by playing a Vampire, he has mischievously sexy good looks – yet has proven himself to be loyal, compassionate and genuine. His childlike nature, charm and love of fun gained him millions of fans worldwide. His steadfast grace in the face of adversity made the public’s affection grow all the more.

Adversely, his angelic looking co-star, Kristen Stewart’s behavior has proven to be obsessive, covert and controlling –  showing bad judgment, deception and selfishness. An excuse has been ‘her young age’…however, most of us, including Robert would not behave the way she does – at any age.


They were brought together by Hollywood…the notion of the mantra surrounding their characters in the Twilight Saga is ‘eternal love’ – played like a broken record. They, especially Kristusa, vowed to make it so. With her clandestine intentions and seductive talents – in play with Rob’s easy going and trusting nature, it was a match made in Hades.

Rob had barely begun his life as an adult, and this young ravenous actress stuck a flag in his skull and claimed him for all time. She stole him from his fans, his friends, family and the girls he was better suited to romance.

These two who could not be more different on a core level got thrown into a compromising marathon circumstance where the term ‘soul mate’ was used quite superficially. 

Kristen was raised in Hollywood and it sure seems like she is everything she claims she hates, disguised as ANTI. Actions speak so much louder than words. The trail to keeping Rob close to her either as a friend or lover – took alot of work – betrayal of friends, co-stars and Robert. The cheating wasn’t just a simple indiscretion, but another in a long history of indiscretions, done in a way that made those of us who pay attention wince.  She’d given Rob the third degree when she saw a picture of he with a group of people in a car… as she pranced around the globe with Rupert…being  flirtatious at the very least.  Liberty’s brother said, ” it was going on for months”.  Rupert’s wife

lily-cole-in-alexander-mcqueen-swath-london_002 Liberty played KStews mother in Snow White and the Huntsman. Here is a pic of KSlick smiling at Liberty – this premiere was just before the scandal broke. What kind of person do you have to be to do this??

KSneak was taking Rupert and Liberty’s children out for ice cream, then slithering all over their dad. She was a big part of why the kids she made friends with, who surely idolized her,  now have a broken home. Yet she walks around with a big happy smile cuz she got Rob back in her life. I wonder if she’ll pay for THE KID’S THERAPY?? 

When she got caught, she threw Rupert under the bus – claiming it was all his fault and got him fired from the next Snow White and the Huntsman sequel. She sure did look like a willing participant in the pictures I saw. Her cheating and betrayal was corrupt on so many levels and told the story of her own soul –  not a pretty one. She lacks common sense and true compassion, these are things you cannot learn. Rob is one of the most gracious, compassionate and talented artists to come around in a very long time – like a natural resource that should be protected. Not monopolized by an overly competitive, disingenuous, unappreciative young girl who poses her way through every situation with a cloak and dagger.

The fact is – if Robert Pattinson were a little less nice, loyal and gullible – and Kristen Stewart less conniving and not a train wreck emotionally, would they still be together? Reading the circumstances and how they played out- no, they would not. When he dumped her, he got suckered back in by her ‘falling apart’ without him, her deep dark despair and coercion.  Had there only been 1 Twilight film and not years worth of being thrown and sequestered together…Rob would have been long gone, and probably in a far better place emotionally. He could have found a girl who had his sensibilities and was an adult. Kristen wouldn’t have had the time to become friends with his friends and weave her way into every aspect of his life.

There is nothing organic or natural about Rob being with Kristen. They shared a long HOLLYWOOD experience together, and rather than allow fate to unfold, Kristen attempts to create the scenarios to keep him intact.  He kept prolonging his freedom not to hurt her feelings, and it ended up becoming an addiction and all he knew. How sad!! What if one of the other girls had played Bella…I wonder…I have a feeling any two good looking, indie people in that situation would have grown very close…Robert has had the same friends for ages, he’s loyal and steadfast.

With the good, comes the naive, he is unsuspecting. Robert doesn’t think about trapping people, he doesn’t have to and it’s not in his character –  so doesn’t recognize it in Kristen. Many of us watched her reeling him in like a horror film… a monster closing in on an innocent victim.  Rob is earnest and a straight shooter – she tries to pretend to be, but keeps showing other actions which defy it. 

Case and point... Kristen CLAIMS SHE HATES ATTENTION… buuuut AT 


If only Rob were a little more judgmental, it would serve him well to notice these hypocracies at every turn with her. What she says and what she does often don’t seem to match. Even after her very publicized betrayal and cheating, she came out with even more revealing clothing to rival a k-1Vegas act. All that was missing was a huge feather head dress.

I have to wonder if there was a statement she was trying to make – she always has an excuse disguised as a statement. “Hi, I know I just did something really sexually wrong – and I deceived alot of people by doing it. I’m sorry to all the young pre-teen and teen girls who are my audience – so let me just wear some really revealing gear that will confirm I’m shameless .”   Young girls worship and emulate her after playing the sweet, courageous Bella.

Let’s not forget all the times she’s given the finger to the cameras. Screw everyone else, she’s going to do exactly what she wants, when she wants!  She wears her shamelessness and bad character like a badge, trying to disguise her lack of good judgment, grace, common courtesy and common sense as some Anti statement.

KPoo talks about being real – real what?  A real phony? Her excuses wore thin long ago… This parody is funny

Their individual dysfunctions and addictions are the glue that keeps them ‘in touch’. Their ‘relationship’ played out on the public stage and certain things became clear. Rob has a solid moral conscience, she clearly, does not. He can be a push-over, she takes advantage of weakness. He’s too darn nice for his own good, and she knows it. She knows he is too kind to allow anyone to hurt because of him, and she is too attached to him to NOT fall apart if he leaves her – there is no way out, if he continues his pity party.

Rob had to come back to save her from the turmoil of losing him because of her betrayal!!! His presence helped deflect the negativity that surely would come her way because of her actions – against him. What twisted webs are these? Pure Shakespeare…

Does she guard the dark crystal or something?? Damn Twilight. Damn it to hell. If Robert were with someone of his own kind, I cannot imagine the good life he could be living, and the meaningful things they would be doing. Now he has to spend all his time working on his ‘addiction’ to Kristen Stewart and her menacing behavior.

Prone to sulk and not be satisfied…we’ve watched her severe mood swings.  Rob is a tormented artist, but Kristen is a tormented soul – huge difference. Now Rob became responsible for Kristen’s happiness – he became her personal prozac and she has displayed deep rooted unhappiness. That is a HUGE responsibility.

on-the-road-kristen-stewart_510x838Kristen talks a good game- but after awhile, her words became baseless and only mimicking Rob’s point of view. For instance, does anyone recall her interview prior to the cheating scandal where she said “I don’t understand how people can cheat”. Really Kristen? Those are Rob’s words, and he meant it.

From what I can tell he’s, trying to let her down easy, not that she deserves it, but her mental instability is forcing him to go this route.  When they first started ‘hanging out’, those of us who saw the writing on the wall said “she will never let him go” – he’s so kind and she’s relentless with a Barracuda like velocity that she disguises well – to the untrained eye!  When you know what’s up, it’s quite obvious. Give the girl an inch, and she wants the whole football field…

For instance, recently she brought all his friends together to welcome him back from Australia…was that for Rob…or Kristen. To show Rob how she’s now part of his extended family, how can he possibly avoid her now? He’s close with Katy Perry, she’s become besties with her assistant?!  KSnake has woven herself so close with many of his friends he couldn’t avoid her if he tried. Coincidence that she got close with all of his friends?? He’s in a tough spot – and while he tries to gracefully slow down their relationship – she keeps pushing for more. She’s been taking Rob to very public places since his return…which insures they get photographed together. When a fan asked for a picture at the Los Feliz bar, Rob didn’t want it taken, Kristen told him not to be an A$$hole. Was this for that fan? Is Kristen really that considerate? Or was it to show the world she still has a grip on the beloved Robert.

In a strange way I feel like I am watching the battle of good vs. evil through Rob and Kristen. He has displayed consistent qualities of extreme light – and she, of extreme darkness. What has transpired is a twisted road of seduction and betrayal – with everyone’s favorite guy in a forced prison of her design.

His is a heart of gold with a serpent wrapped around it. What will become of dear Robert?  Will he ever get out of her tight, sticky grip? I’m just praying he breaks free before she stages a mistake pregnancy. If only his friends and family had more balls. If I were one of the two, I’d fling her across the room with a vampires strength if she came anywhere near him. It is always the downfall of mega stars, their friends and family become yes people – and don’t want to rock the boat. That boat should be rocking and tipping over.

The dark side often comes as things we cannot resist – things we think we need really bad, but they are no good for us – that’s it’s trick. The temptation and urges must be overcome- emotions mastered, wisdom and strength procured to break addiction. To release toxic people from our lives to get to a better place.  This builds character and better life, which you cannot see while addicted. Kristen is Rob’s Heroin. May he kick that bad habit for good – regardless of how many tears she cries, how many excuses she says, how much she grovels and gets all their ‘now mutual friends’ to talk to him for her. It’s HER journey, let her hit bottom, she needs it. And he needs to get clean.

and finally, to sum it up, a song.  06 Season of the Witch


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Kristen Stewart’s Dysfunction Wins Robert Pattinson!

The moral of this nightmare romance is ‘if you’re messed up enough, you could snag the man of everyone’s dreams’.

Chances are if Ms. Stewart wasn’t such a trainwreck, Robert could have moved on as most were hoping he would. As I’ve mentioned in blogs past, I said it was a given that depressed and depressing KSneak would grovel in despair, pull out all the stops, ask everyone to talk to Rob including her family – who relayed something like ‘they’ve never seen her like this (she’s like 20, and by the way, girls get like that all the time in break ups), that the little freak starlette is on a hunger strike and might do something drastic! OH NO!’ God forbid if anything ever happened to the self proclaimed ‘miserable c*nt’.

It was reported they saw a top notch  ‘therapist’, I’m betting it was someone chosen by Kristen’s meddling mother, or someone in her camp who had an agenda, it was also reported Kristen paid for it. Robert was set up AGAIN. He wouldn’t be able to see through the biased conspiracy, thinking they were ‘professional’ and neutral. This ‘therapist’ could not possibly know how offensive Kristen has been in the past, flipping the bird at everyone, embarrassing Rob and acting condescending toward him in interviews, cozying up to guys to make him jealous.  Which is why his fans were hoping he would refuse to speak to her outside of a professional relationship. He’s far too trusting, and she is far too cunning and calculating.

I could just hear how the session went “Do you love each other”, the answer is yes, but that’s not the point! A woman can love a man who beats her, and he can love her, but that doesn’t mean that they belong together does it. Perhaps if they were more knowledgable about the lives in the balance of their opinion, and Rob’s people paid the bills, they read the following article…they would have suggested Kristen work on herself… WHY PEOPLE DISLIKE KRISTEN STEWART – GET EDUCATED


So, as many of us suspected, Kristen would weasel her way back into Robert’s heart and pose as a mental patient (or just reveal it) so the big hearted hunk wouldn’t feel guilty for her downfall. So he would  once again feel like to protect the cunning shrew – from herself. Their nightmare now becomes everyone else’s who cared about Robert – knowing that he actually is taking her back. I keep pinching myself because I cannot believe it. Congratulations Robert, you got this girl who was always beneath your dignity to finally admit that she worships you like everyone else. Major accomplishment. Pattinson went from dignified bloke to a joke.

Many consider his taking her back the downfall of Robert Pattinson. When people get ultra famous, their friends become less friends and more yes people, unwilling to be honest and stand firm against their bad decisions to risk falling out of favor. Kristen has a way of doing Rob’s friends ‘favors’ to win their ‘favor’ (i.e. getting Tom Sturridge a part in On The Road…when she lost that close connection, she turned to Marcus Foster, appearing in a video for him in September. Ulterior motives, ya think? Et Tu Marcus? The low spoken cool one falls prey to Stewart antics to snare Pattinson and get his friends to support her. The little trickster did it AGAIN, as Marcus Foster accompanied Kristen Stewart to Katy Perry’s birthday part on October 19, while Rob flew off to Australia. Rob’s helping and enlisting his ‘friends’ to shield KScrew from people berating her in public. Helping her ease her way back into public life, after she deceived and humiliated him. Robert is a glutton for punishment like his girlfriend, and I didn’t realize it til now that they probably DO belong together. That is not a compliment. Shame on you Katy Perry!! She should have said, no Rob, I don’t want Kristen at my party, sorry – no can do. Now they’re all joining the pity party. Will Tom Sturrdige fold too? He has to, Rob has drank the Koolaid. Non of these ‘friends’ have the gut to say what they really feel, or what would be best for Robert. They just do his bidding without concern for his soul or his future. This is how superstars destroy themselves – it’s tragic. Robert was a rare gem but succumbed to an addiction he could not break, which is dulling his shine. He will live to regret this decision. Foolish young lad.

It looks like Kristen castrated Robert, to keep him devoted to her. The guy already had insecurity issues and is vulnerable to others opinions. KSpew fed into them by telling him a bunch of crap like ‘no one else would understand our lives’, “people love the character Edward, not him’ ‘we’ve been together and shot up to fame together (how special)’, ‘I don’t know how to live without you’ ‘We are soul mates just like Edward and Bella.’ A load of crap when you look at the history of the two, how they conduct themselves and how she has treated him. I don’t care if she walks behind him and throws rose pedals before his feet when he walks – the girl has displayed such despicable self serving behavior, to win the heart of the worlds hunkiest dude is just sending a bad message to girls everywhere. Nice one Rob. Not only did she ruin her directors marriage and screw up his kids, go behind the backs of her castmates including his wife, lie to you and deceive you – now she’s caused psychiatric havoc to teenage girls all over the globe.

Below is a lovely picture of Kristen giving Karl Lagerfeld, the designer who’s clothes she wore for the shoot in Vanity Fair the famous KStew salute. The girl is ungrateful beyond words…

The message is,  if you do something beyond offensive and deceitful, if you say you are sorry all is forgiven. Let me tell you, if I’m in a restaurant and KScrew is there with or without Robert, I’d be hard pressed not to throw my drink in her face. Now that Robert has lost my respect and support, now that I realize the guy is a wimp of gargantuan proportions, a hedonist who can’t bear the pain of distancing himself from the noose around his neck so makes the worst romantic decision of the 21st century – I don’t give a squak. I feel sorry for his family who now has to continue to endure this ingrate and the trouble she causes whenever she opens her mouth. Mostly, I feel sorry for the children they will most probably spawn, born of a toxic addiction.

Kristen Stewart contains the worst qualities of a female all rolled into one desperate, obsessively driven girl. But aw heck Rob, ya love her – so leave a vast sea of casualties in your path. I’ve stopped paying attention to you because it’s like a freight train is coming and you’re tied to the tracks – but refuse to be cut loose. It’s just too upsetting, you’re such a nice guy, but darkness is always drawn to the light to in order to destroy it. I have written since 2010 that Kristen was not of your moral character and she proved it. The universe gave you a huge reprieve to get away, and ya blew it.

Rob, I say what many are thinking – You’re nothing but a doormat. RPatsy. A real SUCKER.


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Robert Pattinson’s Light vs. Kristen Stewart’s Darkness

Seems dear Robert may have made the age old mistake of thinking the partner in his destructive relationship is
the source of his joy. And when he is separated from this girl who has become an ‘addiction’, he cannot stand the pain and is unhappy. The secret is, the painful unhappiness and yearning is unavoidable withdrawal, you have to grieve to move on. You have to ride through the grief like you are traveling through a dark valley on a mission, out of respect for your own soul. Come what may you keep going, you DO NOT retreat from where you came. It is not an option, imagine you are escaping from a burning fire. 

It’s even more difficult to do this when you are in the midst of missing someone, and they are dressing up pretty to entice you through the media, and flirting with others to make you jealous. Robert has fallen for so many games that Kristen has played, while those of us who could see it cringed and motioned our arms in vein…”NO ROB NO, don’t fall for it, ignore her, move on for the love of God and all that is good, move on!!” This was his biggest challenge, and given the latest news, he may have failed – and that’s bad news for him, his friends and his family. The only person it serves for him to communicate with with Kristen on anything but a professional level,  is Kristen. She has made apparent, she’s the only one she really cares about. Oh, and Summit, the film studio benefits because they don’t have to pay for separate rooms, flights, etc. Almost makes me detest the entire Twilight Saga for what this sweet souled Brit has been sucked into.

If she really cared about Rob, she would never have done what she did. Now what I am about to say is key: SHE HASN’T SHOWN THE CAPACITY TO TRULY LOVE. Her emotional detachment and stand offish nature seems to have worked for her with Rob. Seems like he believes that since she treats him like crap in public and acts so aloof that he doesn’t measure up in her eyes. While others dropped at his feet, she seemed different, more of a challenge. If only someone could have told him that her personality lacks core elements that he would need to have a loving relationship.

Robert, clearly she does not have the capacity, compassion and soul to love as you do.  Lust, obsessing and breakdown when she doesn’t get what she wants YES!  To be and live in the whole sense of love, no, too many instances of her behaving otherwise. YOU HAVE TO BE CONSISTENT WITH BEING A GOOD PERSON, AT LEAST HAVE A GOOD TRACK RECROD, OR  IT DOESN’T COUNT!  Robert has been consistent, and that is why he is so respected.  He should not take her incapacity for emotional and spiritual depth personal! She has pretended to be mature enough to be with Rob and keeps showing she really is not. Gallant try tho, good Chess player.

Forget about couples therapy, this girl needs an Exorcist!’  ‘She devils’ are always depicted as beautiful women who are seductive – through the ages men have fallen prey to them, their power taken away and rendered defenseless – as seen in this very pertinent picture I found to the right. Their  temptation is excruciatingly hard to resist. Robert did say Kristen made the most convincing vampire of all of them, I recall thinking, ‘that makes sense, she can pull from her own darkness, and shares similar qualities’.  They mold them selves into whatever form they have to, to get what they want at any given time. It’s second nature for them to pretend, scheme and capture their desires – by any means necessary. They pray on those who are vulnerable, and don’t let too many people close, in fear they will be seen for what they are, and are not.

Selfishness, seduction, manipulation, deception, jealousy, anger, apathy toward others…these are all indications of dark energy, and Kristen has displayed them all, in spades. 

The fact that she has an innocent, pretty face and operates the way she does, makes her especially dangerous. It’s like the deceptively beautiful purple flowered Morning Glory vine that grows wild in Southern California. People don’t cut it because they think it’s so pretty. But its a predator with one goal in mind, to twist around it’s host, and by doing so, often kills it, if it is not strong and resilient enough.  You have to be strong and solid to avoid falling victim to it. Do you hear me ROB?

When this last supposed ‘momentary indiscretion (eyes rolling)’ happened, so many of us were relieved. KPoo finally did something after a long list of indiscretions, that was so contemptuous, so scandalous and heartless (involving her friendship with Rupert’s wife and his kids) LINK –  that Robert would see the light, realizing she wasn’t of his kind.

We were proud of Robert refusing to meet with her and wanting to fly separate. FINALLY, he got it, or so we thought. However, knowing the dynamics of the two –  how big hearted Rob is, how he always seeks advice of others, how Kristen has barracuda like determination and would use every trick in the book and everyone she could to talk him into ‘hearing her out’ in a private talk – we feared. We knew if they met to talk about it, he would be coerced into keeping in touch with her. That she would cry and scream and grovel and say she can’t live without him – and Rob could cave. She would say anything…like, ‘let’s just be friends, I can’t stand you not in my life, it’s like losing an arm or something’. ‘My parents are getting divorced, my whole life is falling apart and you’re my best friend, I’ve go no one!!’ and  ‘since we have to do the promotion together, may as well make the best of it”. WE ALL KNOW ANYTHING SHE WOULD SAY IS AN AGENDA TO RE-SNAG ROB.  She seems to contradict just about everything that comes out of her yap, and has conflicting agendas. Rob just hanging out with her casually, is like giving a recovering alcoholic just one drink. The programming kicks in, and they get re-addicted. There is no doubt in my mind, Kristen is counting on that happening.

The latest news that they are in fact getting back together or trying to work things out – is as equal blow to Rob’s fans, as Kristen’s cheating was to Rob. It’s almost as though WE feel betrayed.

Her next step to keep Rob close could be a fake mistake pregnancy, because her methodology doesn’t seem to consider integrity, but relies on trickery. Then he won’t be able to escape and  will truly have ruined the best years of his life. More than likely his kids will be victims of a dysfunctional and turbulent union, and will end up in a broken home. His life will be the cliche he never wanted, that Kristen convinced him being with her he could avoid. What a tragic Shakespearean plot this is. Kristen warned Rob against the bullshit and bullshitters of Hollywood, and she turned out to be a worst care scenario, masquerading as something ‘different’. She’s different all right.

Anyone who cares about Robert Pattinson…Picture him surrounded by white light, a shield of protection against Kristen’s powerful ‘spell’ on him and the addiction he feels due to their longtime filming experience together. Sounds stupid and cheesy but just DO IT. Close your eyes, imagine Robert standing in front of her. Imagine light shining out from him, radiating outward, pushing her AWAY. Now make it brighter, and brighter and imagine her falling backward, then Rob turning around and walking into his bright future with a smile on his face.  The light can make shadows disappear, and she is a shadow. Cast her OUT. Do this whenever you feel the urge to help Robert. Perhaps we can save him yet. Godspeed my friends.



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Who Will Kristen Stewart Use to Make Robert Pattinson Jealous?


Amanda Seyfried and James Franco

It’s been reported at the Toronto Film Festival glum Kristen Stewart snapped out of her depressed stupor when she bumped into James FrancoSHOW TIME! The actress/opportunist took the time to chat with Franco, probably thinking he would be a perfect inde guy to get under the skin of Pattinson enough to give her another chance (God help RP if he falls for it). Franco, 34, called it quits with his gf of five years, Ahna O’Reilly in 2011 and has recently been linked to Amanda Seyfried who will be playing porn star Linda Lovelace in upcoming film ‘Lovelace‘ with Franco playing Hugh Hefner. But hey, Kristen doesn’t seem to consider the feelings of significant others…besides, she’s obsessed with Pattinson, and her agenda will include doing all she can, bar none, to dig her black fingernails back in.

When Rob and Kristen were on the outs in the past, she made a very PDA with On The Road co-star Garrett Hedlund at a sure to be seen hot spot – to insure Robert would hear about it. It worked. 

Too bad for KStew that Kirsten Dunst is now with Garrett, and probably unavailable to be the decoy. Now she has to find another good looking, cool actor or musician to fall all over in public, or leak to Pattinson in an attempt to melt his armor.

I figure, she’ll do one of two things – PDA’s with cute guys to make Rob green – or practically become a Nun to show Rob that she’ll always be there. Cuddled up with his toys, wearing his clothes and copying his mannerisms. Claiming she has learned her lesson and she’s changed. Blah, blah blah blah…Hopefully she moves on without games, lies or a pity party and does us all a huge favor.


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Kristen Stewart Screams Obscenity at Bodyguard in Toronto – Shocker.


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