How Kristen Stewart Keeps Rob Coming Around…

How does KGlue do it, many of you wonder. It’s quite simple, she knows what Rob likes and will respond to, arranges a situation which includes it – and then invites him to take part. 

For instance, the other day he was seen palling around Los Feliz with ‘friends’…they were Isabella from Florence and the Machine and her buddy, someone else as well. Isabella is English. Evidently, Kristen’s been busy ‘making friends’ while Rob was away, and they seem to be people he would be interested in – they are either English, or friends of his friends.  I suspect she arranged for them to meet up. Poor Rob, the girl moved so close to him he cannot get a break. When they broke up and Rob was selling his home, Kristen was looking for a home in MALIBU – the place where Rob would be because his AGENT LIVES THERE, and he was known to hang out at her house when he didn’t have his own home in LA. Then Rob didn’t sell him home, and Kristen bought one near his in Los Feliz. AND one for her mom…in Malibu. KSlick covered all her bases. She is everywhere he is…or will be…so she can be where she needs to be, to arrange a convenient get together. Agh.

Rob really wants to do his music, he can be shy, so Kristen is attempting to be his end all  by drumming up associations with those he would want to hang with, which insures, they hang. She entices him with people and situations – to keep his interest and has done this since the early days when she pretended she wasn’t head over heals and everyone knew she was. Back in the days when Rob was luke warm about having a ‘relationship’ with her (regardless of what has been said, we all saw him claiming to be single and she having fits when he did). I have to wonder, with all the time she spends trying to line things up so Rob will want to take part, how does she have any time to do anything for herself. She doesn’t, it’s all about Robert- she is obsessed and he is constantly being baited. His karma for being such a lug has already taken shape, in the form of Kristen Stewart. 

She not only makes friends with all his friends, but she ‘does them favors’…for instance…she got Tom Sturridge a part in On The Road, and she appeared in a video for Marcus Foster. Question, does she HAVE any of her own friends? Or did she just glom onto Rob’s to be instant cool. If she wasn’t with Rob, none of these people would have ever been interested in her. Ever hear her talk, she’s not that interesting and overcompensates with these mumbled explanations of what she thinks is interesting. While the rest of us are rolling our eyes and waiting for her to stop talking. She used their dog BEAR to keep Rob close, insisting she had a bond with the dog when she was away filming for most of last year and Rob was seen walking Bear – until they broke up, then Kristen started showing the world that Bear was hers also. Except in an interview Rob explained that he went to the shelter to adopt a dog, ‘luckily Kristen was there or I would have adopted all of them’. Unfortunately Kristen was there. Had Rob adopted all of them, they could have all found great homes given Rob is Rob – he could have saved many dogs. Instead, many probably died. Thanks Kristen.

Why his manager, agent, friends and family don’t take the reigns and allow Kristen to be the facilitator for Rob’s interests is beyond me. If more people in his life took the lead, instead of allowing Kristen to run the show, he’d be far better off…he wants to do his music, can any of his people help the guy out or what? People have approached his management to help Rob with stress, yoga, music – unfortunately, his management keeps him away from those who can help him – and allow Kristen full access. Bright people! I believe Robert’s management, friends and family have failed him – and now he is in grave danger of ruining his life staying attached to someone so…desperate to keep him intact.

The monikers KGlue and RPatsy seem the most appropriate. I abhor her traps and his weakness – and anyone who says these two belong together.  This is one of the most unfortunate and toxic pairings I have ever seen.



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2 responses to “How Kristen Stewart Keeps Rob Coming Around…

  1. mylittleponygrrl

    Gotta protect that investment: You keep feeding the goose and make sure it’s happy, and it’ll keep laying those golden eggs.

    As a movie-goer, I truly believe that without Robert Pattinson, KScrew wouldn’t have a career. (Even though everyone keeps claiming it’s the other way around – and that MAY have been true for ONE film – but his popularity and draw he got all on his own.)

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