Kristen Stewart’s Dysfunction Wins Robert Pattinson!

The moral of this nightmare romance is ‘if you’re messed up enough, you could snag the man of everyone’s dreams’.

Chances are if Ms. Stewart wasn’t such a trainwreck, Robert could have moved on as most were hoping he would. As I’ve mentioned in blogs past, I said it was a given that depressed and depressing KSneak would grovel in despair, pull out all the stops, ask everyone to talk to Rob including her family – who relayed something like ‘they’ve never seen her like this (she’s like 20, and by the way, girls get like that all the time in break ups), that the little freak starlette is on a hunger strike and might do something drastic! OH NO!’ God forbid if anything ever happened to the self proclaimed ‘miserable c*nt’.

It was reported they saw a top notch  ‘therapist’, I’m betting it was someone chosen by Kristen’s meddling mother, or someone in her camp who had an agenda, it was also reported Kristen paid for it. Robert was set up AGAIN. He wouldn’t be able to see through the biased conspiracy, thinking they were ‘professional’ and neutral. This ‘therapist’ could not possibly know how offensive Kristen has been in the past, flipping the bird at everyone, embarrassing Rob and acting condescending toward him in interviews, cozying up to guys to make him jealous.  Which is why his fans were hoping he would refuse to speak to her outside of a professional relationship. He’s far too trusting, and she is far too cunning and calculating.

I could just hear how the session went “Do you love each other”, the answer is yes, but that’s not the point! A woman can love a man who beats her, and he can love her, but that doesn’t mean that they belong together does it. Perhaps if they were more knowledgable about the lives in the balance of their opinion, and Rob’s people paid the bills, they read the following article…they would have suggested Kristen work on herself… WHY PEOPLE DISLIKE KRISTEN STEWART – GET EDUCATED


So, as many of us suspected, Kristen would weasel her way back into Robert’s heart and pose as a mental patient (or just reveal it) so the big hearted hunk wouldn’t feel guilty for her downfall. So he would  once again feel like to protect the cunning shrew – from herself. Their nightmare now becomes everyone else’s who cared about Robert – knowing that he actually is taking her back. I keep pinching myself because I cannot believe it. Congratulations Robert, you got this girl who was always beneath your dignity to finally admit that she worships you like everyone else. Major accomplishment. Pattinson went from dignified bloke to a joke.

Many consider his taking her back the downfall of Robert Pattinson. When people get ultra famous, their friends become less friends and more yes people, unwilling to be honest and stand firm against their bad decisions to risk falling out of favor. Kristen has a way of doing Rob’s friends ‘favors’ to win their ‘favor’ (i.e. getting Tom Sturridge a part in On The Road…when she lost that close connection, she turned to Marcus Foster, appearing in a video for him in September. Ulterior motives, ya think? Et Tu Marcus? The low spoken cool one falls prey to Stewart antics to snare Pattinson and get his friends to support her. The little trickster did it AGAIN, as Marcus Foster accompanied Kristen Stewart to Katy Perry’s birthday part on October 19, while Rob flew off to Australia. Rob’s helping and enlisting his ‘friends’ to shield KScrew from people berating her in public. Helping her ease her way back into public life, after she deceived and humiliated him. Robert is a glutton for punishment like his girlfriend, and I didn’t realize it til now that they probably DO belong together. That is not a compliment. Shame on you Katy Perry!! She should have said, no Rob, I don’t want Kristen at my party, sorry – no can do. Now they’re all joining the pity party. Will Tom Sturrdige fold too? He has to, Rob has drank the Koolaid. Non of these ‘friends’ have the gut to say what they really feel, or what would be best for Robert. They just do his bidding without concern for his soul or his future. This is how superstars destroy themselves – it’s tragic. Robert was a rare gem but succumbed to an addiction he could not break, which is dulling his shine. He will live to regret this decision. Foolish young lad.

It looks like Kristen castrated Robert, to keep him devoted to her. The guy already had insecurity issues and is vulnerable to others opinions. KSpew fed into them by telling him a bunch of crap like ‘no one else would understand our lives’, “people love the character Edward, not him’ ‘we’ve been together and shot up to fame together (how special)’, ‘I don’t know how to live without you’ ‘We are soul mates just like Edward and Bella.’ A load of crap when you look at the history of the two, how they conduct themselves and how she has treated him. I don’t care if she walks behind him and throws rose pedals before his feet when he walks – the girl has displayed such despicable self serving behavior, to win the heart of the worlds hunkiest dude is just sending a bad message to girls everywhere. Nice one Rob. Not only did she ruin her directors marriage and screw up his kids, go behind the backs of her castmates including his wife, lie to you and deceive you – now she’s caused psychiatric havoc to teenage girls all over the globe.

Below is a lovely picture of Kristen giving Karl Lagerfeld, the designer who’s clothes she wore for the shoot in Vanity Fair the famous KStew salute. The girl is ungrateful beyond words…

The message is,  if you do something beyond offensive and deceitful, if you say you are sorry all is forgiven. Let me tell you, if I’m in a restaurant and KScrew is there with or without Robert, I’d be hard pressed not to throw my drink in her face. Now that Robert has lost my respect and support, now that I realize the guy is a wimp of gargantuan proportions, a hedonist who can’t bear the pain of distancing himself from the noose around his neck so makes the worst romantic decision of the 21st century – I don’t give a squak. I feel sorry for his family who now has to continue to endure this ingrate and the trouble she causes whenever she opens her mouth. Mostly, I feel sorry for the children they will most probably spawn, born of a toxic addiction.

Kristen Stewart contains the worst qualities of a female all rolled into one desperate, obsessively driven girl. But aw heck Rob, ya love her – so leave a vast sea of casualties in your path. I’ve stopped paying attention to you because it’s like a freight train is coming and you’re tied to the tracks – but refuse to be cut loose. It’s just too upsetting, you’re such a nice guy, but darkness is always drawn to the light to in order to destroy it. I have written since 2010 that Kristen was not of your moral character and she proved it. The universe gave you a huge reprieve to get away, and ya blew it.

Rob, I say what many are thinking – You’re nothing but a doormat. RPatsy. A real SUCKER.



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12 responses to “Kristen Stewart’s Dysfunction Wins Robert Pattinson!

  1. court jester

    It must be hard to perfect ones talents in the arts when you have a starstruck teenager hanging onto your coat tails.

  2. court jester

    stewart is indeed a mess. In more ways than one. She cant act hence she clings onto any thing or body that can help her career.. Patterson appears to have the situation in hand.. He has signed up for a few out of town films. Leting her down easy? Let us certainly hope so. The thought of being tied to that leech for the rest of ones life is beyond horrible! It is a nightmare that no normal person would want.

  3. Sue

    I so miss your comments.

  4. Willow

    Just noticing you’ve not posted a new article for a while. Have you given up? I always found your viewpoint interesting and wonder what you think about current developments. Is Rob really together with Kristen or just refusing to confirm that he isn’t? They certainly don’t seem to be spending much time together for a real couple.

  5. Jess

    agreed!! I won’t go see any more of their movies; I’ve lost all respect for him!!

  6. Sue

    I keep asking myself why? Why would he take her back? Something does make sense to me? I feel like I am missing something?

  7. Mindreader

    I couldnt agree more! Well said. However, I do hope he wise up before they end up with kids!

  8. saelynne

    I am so annoyed with Rob that he took her back. Anyone could see that she would break his heart time and again. I will still watch his movies but I have lost respect for him. God, help Robert and save him from this real-life succubus.

  9. I don’t know what’s worse, if all their “romance” was fake since the beginning, then he’s a liar and a cynical or if he got her back coz he’s a spineless wimp….in both cases he lost a fan, he doesn’t interest me anymore, he can go f* himself.

  10. This may be wishful thinking on my part, but I am still not convinced that they are back together as a couple. She is obviously “messed up in the head,” so maybe he has simply stuck around as a friend. If that is the case, then I have to admire him a little more and dislike here EVEN more because she’s letting him take the punches (doormat/sucker).

    Now, if and when I find out that they are indeed in a romantic relationship, I’ll have to let my Rob ship sail away because I cannot stomach them together any more. She’s always treated him like crap, and no matter what their relationship, I doubt that will EVER change.

  11. Hey hey, let’s take it easy on Rob, this isn”t over yet. He’s a smart man, & he knows what he’s doing, so back off! Nobody knows the whole story, including you for sure, and it is his life & decision. “Never mistake kindness for weakness or silence for stupidity”. He’s still the same good guy. Fair weather fans can just go away..

  12. CB

    I’ve agreed with your posts on this subject up until now. TBH, I totally understand your rage at Rob…I felt it for about 24 hours. Then I decided that it IS his “good guy” side that draws me and it is still possible that he took the easier path to get through the BD2 promo season. He HAS been with the girl for over 3 years and I can see the pressure he’d be feeling as she pretends to be devastated to the point of mental illness. You made the point in another post that he has been taught to see himself as Edward to Kristen’s Bella (a very valid point) and he is still Edward for a couple of months. Once BD2 promo is over and Kristen is again looking for her next project, (and Rob is off in other countries making the several movies he has lined up), this relationship may well go away for good. I hope so. I don’t think he ruins his career with this move but I could see temporarily hindering it because he’s ready to grow up and the girl he’s with (for now) is still a child. Probably always will be. I will say this: If Kristen continues her attempts to make Rob look stupid and whipped in the upcoming promo appearances, then he may be dumber than I think. And if she gets pregnant, then he’s an idiot.

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