Robert Pattinson’s Light vs. Kristen Stewart’s Darkness

Seems dear Robert may have made the age old mistake of thinking the partner in his destructive relationship is
the source of his joy. And when he is separated from this girl who has become an ‘addiction’, he cannot stand the pain and is unhappy. The secret is, the painful unhappiness and yearning is unavoidable withdrawal, you have to grieve to move on. You have to ride through the grief like you are traveling through a dark valley on a mission, out of respect for your own soul. Come what may you keep going, you DO NOT retreat from where you came. It is not an option, imagine you are escaping from a burning fire. 

It’s even more difficult to do this when you are in the midst of missing someone, and they are dressing up pretty to entice you through the media, and flirting with others to make you jealous. Robert has fallen for so many games that Kristen has played, while those of us who could see it cringed and motioned our arms in vein…”NO ROB NO, don’t fall for it, ignore her, move on for the love of God and all that is good, move on!!” This was his biggest challenge, and given the latest news, he may have failed – and that’s bad news for him, his friends and his family. The only person it serves for him to communicate with with Kristen on anything but a professional level,  is Kristen. She has made apparent, she’s the only one she really cares about. Oh, and Summit, the film studio benefits because they don’t have to pay for separate rooms, flights, etc. Almost makes me detest the entire Twilight Saga for what this sweet souled Brit has been sucked into.

If she really cared about Rob, she would never have done what she did. Now what I am about to say is key: SHE HASN’T SHOWN THE CAPACITY TO TRULY LOVE. Her emotional detachment and stand offish nature seems to have worked for her with Rob. Seems like he believes that since she treats him like crap in public and acts so aloof that he doesn’t measure up in her eyes. While others dropped at his feet, she seemed different, more of a challenge. If only someone could have told him that her personality lacks core elements that he would need to have a loving relationship.

Robert, clearly she does not have the capacity, compassion and soul to love as you do.  Lust, obsessing and breakdown when she doesn’t get what she wants YES!  To be and live in the whole sense of love, no, too many instances of her behaving otherwise. YOU HAVE TO BE CONSISTENT WITH BEING A GOOD PERSON, AT LEAST HAVE A GOOD TRACK RECROD, OR  IT DOESN’T COUNT!  Robert has been consistent, and that is why he is so respected.  He should not take her incapacity for emotional and spiritual depth personal! She has pretended to be mature enough to be with Rob and keeps showing she really is not. Gallant try tho, good Chess player.

Forget about couples therapy, this girl needs an Exorcist!’  ‘She devils’ are always depicted as beautiful women who are seductive – through the ages men have fallen prey to them, their power taken away and rendered defenseless – as seen in this very pertinent picture I found to the right. Their  temptation is excruciatingly hard to resist. Robert did say Kristen made the most convincing vampire of all of them, I recall thinking, ‘that makes sense, she can pull from her own darkness, and shares similar qualities’.  They mold them selves into whatever form they have to, to get what they want at any given time. It’s second nature for them to pretend, scheme and capture their desires – by any means necessary. They pray on those who are vulnerable, and don’t let too many people close, in fear they will be seen for what they are, and are not.

Selfishness, seduction, manipulation, deception, jealousy, anger, apathy toward others…these are all indications of dark energy, and Kristen has displayed them all, in spades. 

The fact that she has an innocent, pretty face and operates the way she does, makes her especially dangerous. It’s like the deceptively beautiful purple flowered Morning Glory vine that grows wild in Southern California. People don’t cut it because they think it’s so pretty. But its a predator with one goal in mind, to twist around it’s host, and by doing so, often kills it, if it is not strong and resilient enough.  You have to be strong and solid to avoid falling victim to it. Do you hear me ROB?

When this last supposed ‘momentary indiscretion (eyes rolling)’ happened, so many of us were relieved. KPoo finally did something after a long list of indiscretions, that was so contemptuous, so scandalous and heartless (involving her friendship with Rupert’s wife and his kids) LINK –  that Robert would see the light, realizing she wasn’t of his kind.

We were proud of Robert refusing to meet with her and wanting to fly separate. FINALLY, he got it, or so we thought. However, knowing the dynamics of the two –  how big hearted Rob is, how he always seeks advice of others, how Kristen has barracuda like determination and would use every trick in the book and everyone she could to talk him into ‘hearing her out’ in a private talk – we feared. We knew if they met to talk about it, he would be coerced into keeping in touch with her. That she would cry and scream and grovel and say she can’t live without him – and Rob could cave. She would say anything…like, ‘let’s just be friends, I can’t stand you not in my life, it’s like losing an arm or something’. ‘My parents are getting divorced, my whole life is falling apart and you’re my best friend, I’ve go no one!!’ and  ‘since we have to do the promotion together, may as well make the best of it”. WE ALL KNOW ANYTHING SHE WOULD SAY IS AN AGENDA TO RE-SNAG ROB.  She seems to contradict just about everything that comes out of her yap, and has conflicting agendas. Rob just hanging out with her casually, is like giving a recovering alcoholic just one drink. The programming kicks in, and they get re-addicted. There is no doubt in my mind, Kristen is counting on that happening.

The latest news that they are in fact getting back together or trying to work things out – is as equal blow to Rob’s fans, as Kristen’s cheating was to Rob. It’s almost as though WE feel betrayed.

Her next step to keep Rob close could be a fake mistake pregnancy, because her methodology doesn’t seem to consider integrity, but relies on trickery. Then he won’t be able to escape and  will truly have ruined the best years of his life. More than likely his kids will be victims of a dysfunctional and turbulent union, and will end up in a broken home. His life will be the cliche he never wanted, that Kristen convinced him being with her he could avoid. What a tragic Shakespearean plot this is. Kristen warned Rob against the bullshit and bullshitters of Hollywood, and she turned out to be a worst care scenario, masquerading as something ‘different’. She’s different all right.

Anyone who cares about Robert Pattinson…Picture him surrounded by white light, a shield of protection against Kristen’s powerful ‘spell’ on him and the addiction he feels due to their longtime filming experience together. Sounds stupid and cheesy but just DO IT. Close your eyes, imagine Robert standing in front of her. Imagine light shining out from him, radiating outward, pushing her AWAY. Now make it brighter, and brighter and imagine her falling backward, then Rob turning around and walking into his bright future with a smile on his face.  The light can make shadows disappear, and she is a shadow. Cast her OUT. Do this whenever you feel the urge to help Robert. Perhaps we can save him yet. Godspeed my friends.




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14 responses to “Robert Pattinson’s Light vs. Kristen Stewart’s Darkness

  1. I am going to visualize them breaking up and Rob finally realizing that she is not the person he thinks her to be. This too shall pass and she won’t have her chains around her for long. God bless Rob.

  2. notafan

    I don’t know if Kristen is that bad, but I do believe she isn’t a lovely person. If she let Rob go after what she did, then maybe I would have thought its okay, but she’s desperately trying to win him back, she’s a selfish person.

    • The biggest problem with Kslut is that she’s an asshole, as a person. Some people say it’s that she’s expressionless and can’t act, much. Some people point out how she is to the public with the middle finger and those kinds of mannerisms. I think those are just the symptoms.

      I think all of that “unpretentiousness” of hers is the real clue. She’s the classic phoney projecting a lot of fake alienation, always pretending that she’s too good for her own fame. But, she’s really just another privileged kid, slumming.

      Why does she do this? Maybe, because of her privilege, growing up. Maybe, she found herself rejected by a lot of her peers, because she had it better. Therefore, she learned alienation with all of the bad attitude and being “real”.

      One reason I think it’s that and not just playing up to her teenage image is the bad acting. Even in the very first Twilight, she is lacking in any kind of grace and charm – the complete opposite of Alice Cullen (Ashley Greene). It’s ironic that they try to portray her father as being the boring one with no personality; but, that’s just a stereotype. They’re really two peas in a pod.

      In public, she always seems to behave the same way, even when being nice to people (for her). She has this great fear/dislike of seeming pretentious, to the point that – apart from her face – she always comes off as some dumb factory laborer, out of the past, who never went past eighth grade, and, harbors hostility to everyone “from the other side of the tracks”.

      Pattinson, on the other hand, evinces sophistication and cultivation. Kscum is attracted to that – if only to how it complements his youthful fame – whether she wants to admit to it, or not. She’s the one who needs to change in this relationship, not him. I predicted this, earlier, and was disgusted when I read, yesterday, that they were “both” attending counseling, after *she* cheated. She’s another spoiled feminist who couldn’t stand to marry a Man who she had to respect by treating like an adult with any kind of thoughts, feelings or presence above that of a child. I do have mixed feelings about their being back together, but, whatever her background, this skank has the soul of a low-rent tramp who wants it all for herself. The best thing that he can probably do is to finish ditching her.

  3. You know every time I think how Kristen Stewart portrayed this shy bashful quit young girl on the Optah Winfrey show I feel sick. She has made so many people dislike her and her bad attitude and her blaten disregard for the feelings of her boyfriend Rob or Liberty Ross and her children. I cant wait until all of the Twilight hype is over and someone like Anna Kindricks, Nikki Reed write a tell all book about the real KS up close and personal. I feel so sorry for Rob or any’s future relationships in KS life. Taylor Lautner please keep your distance. I am also wondering way she got so much more praise from the New Moon director. I thought all of the actors did equally as well in some cases better.

  4. Bibi

    OMG! I will lose all respet for him if he takes her back!

  5. Lmao @ “this girl needs an Exorcist!”

  6. An Observer

    Your advice about picturing Rob surrounded by white light is absolutely spot on.

    People have no idea how powerful collective energy raising is when it is done from a point of love. Instead of imagining the worst for Kristen, just imagine the best for Rob.

    If the thousands of “active” Robert Pattinson fans were to do this, the miracle of liberation we are all praying for this lovely man could come to pass.


    White light around Rob, see him resisting Kristen, and also see her going on to a future filled with joy somewhere AWAY from Rob. If we do this, really do this, in the spirit of kindness and love — it stands a good chance of working.


  7. sj/samsammy

    What I did (the day the cheating stories came out) was I “sent” Robert the most positive energy I could summon, to hopefully help him attain clarity and self-knowledge. He already has self-knowledge but there’s too much emotions (anger, doubt, disappointments, loss) to see clearly and realize that the cheating and ensuing breakup is the best thing that happened to him, that the universe has just given him a boon.

    For three or four long years we (and by “we” I mean the Robert Pattinson supporters) are the silent majority and some of us have started to speak out now because really, that’s enough Stewart!

    Rob’s supporters and even people who are not fans but have been brought into it because it’s in the news — those of us who have stayed quiet out of respect for Rob because he did choose the girl, aren’t passives anymore. The “bright light protection”, as New Agey as it sounds, that works especially if done sincerely and with the best of intentions, no malice or malignant thoughts (no death wish for Kristen, for example).

    It’s called good wishes, a prayer of protection sent out to those we sympathize with and want to help. Thought prayers are good, visualization will make good wishes become stronger.

    And lastly, Trish, I’d like to send you a positive energy now. You like Rob, obviously, and now I will ask you to have more confidence in him.

    Trish, Rob is not going back with Kristen. He is not. Not ever. I think he is talking to her again but that’s because he is more calmer now, thinking about how to move on from this with as much dignity as he could muster.

    I believe Rob knows what he is doing. He is going to play around Hollywood rules, beat this game and come out intact. Give it three months — and that’s three months of fabricated stories about reunions, secret dates, maybe a new love nest, possibly even a secret wedding. All BS.

    In the meantime, read the fake news if we must, laugh at some of the really outrageous ones, and grit our teeth with more drama queen papparazzi pics of Kristen wearing Rob’s hats or tshirts (and how dare she speaks for Rob when she said “we’re going to be fine”!). Remember who between them has a publicist and a battery of crisis PRs (as far as I know Rob has not hired a publicist yet, he is he’s own best publicist). Did we really think we will not be inundated with reunion stories weeks after the cheating scandal? I expected this and there will be more interesting stories that will come out, I am sure. Kristen is worth millions and the Twilight franchise is worth more than $3 billion by the time the last film is out. So, with that much money at stake, expect the worst possible spin ahead of the movie release in November (worst for us, Rob fans).

    Positive energy, Trish. Robert Pattinson will walk away from all of this BS and he’ll be fine, more than fine.

    • hollywoodsauce

      I hope you are right Sam, he can be his own worst enemy by being too nice. And she does have dark energy, and it’s strong. I believe he can beat it, but want to put it out there in context what she’s done, and could do to snare him. How much I wish I was a sister of his or a friend. He’s a smart guy, he just needs to hear the truth and be protected from making mistakes out of guilt and feelings of loss.
      Will be sending him light, hope many do.

      • sj/samsammy

        Trish, I don’t know about you but (and I feel at home in your blog so I will say it here) I am strangely not feeling disappointment about recent reunion stories and the photos and the videos of Robert and Stewart together. I did take a looooong and hard look at myself because denial and delusions are masked by a thousand more emotions including false optimism or just plain stubborness.

        I can’t wait to hear your views on this and you express these things better than any Rob-related bloggers, but honestly and weirdly, I am calm. I don’t feel disappointment. I don’t think there was a reunion, I don’t think they are together. What I think is that maybe Robert has decided that well, he has to be seen in public with her, might as well kill several birds in one big, big stone.

        To move on, he has to forgive. And he has to give himself this time, take advantage of this time (contractual obligations) to see if even if the trust has been destroyed, if love will be enough. Could he love but not trust fully? Is love enough even if you don’t have peace of mind?

        I think he already knows that he can’t. Love without trust or the confidence that he has his girl’s loyalty and fidelity, is not enough. He’s not happy. Clearly, he is fed up. But biding his time. He is giving himself the next weeks to see how far he can delude himself into thinking there is still a chance for them, him and Stewart, to get past the betrayal.

        In the meantime, his forgiveness is helping her career (she has said lots of times that acting is not her job, it is her life), and her public image because really he is the only one that can do that, stop the mud slinging. It won’t hurt his own career and public image either because when the sightings stop and rumors of another breakup makes the round of headlines, people (me included) will think well, he did gave her another chance.

        I don’t think he can save her from herself, no one can. And you are right, Robert’s worst enemy is himself but since I am a supportive fan, I am going to have to give him the benefit of the doubt because I don’t want to be wrong about him. And, I am not. As I said, give it three months.

  8. I admit Kristen is someone that I want to meet in person, she always seems to make besties with her co-stars, but it doesn’t seem to last, makes me think she must really “turn it on” around people she deems worthy, it seems the only people who stay her “friends” are sycophants. Her & Rob, starting hanging out together in either her hotel room or his, freezing out all the others including Nikki Reed, who until that point had been besties with Kristen and going out with Rob, even though it seems most of the Twi-hards don’t want to face it, even though there are photos. Nikki used to gush about both of them before that time, much like Charlize Theron would during SWATH. Nikki’s interviews changed during the 2nd movie, and suddenly she wasn’t dling k-11 anymore, the movie taht Kristen’s mom was directing. I remember Bill Comdom saying in an interview that she takes care of him. I think Kristen isolates him, with working together on a long series of movies, then the promo work. She seems to feed is insecurity about no really wanting the REAL him and that she’s the only one who understands what it’s all like, “Them against the world”. I was always hearing things about his best friend, Tom Sturidge not liking her & his sisters not liking her. It was not a momentary indiscretion with the director, it went on for months during production, then again during the promo, Kristen is an adult, she knew what she was doing, she grew up in this business, this was by far NOT her first movie. I am sick of all the excuses Twi-hards make for her, and she continues to insult them. I think Rob needs to have a clean break from her & LA, probably go back to London for a while, be with his family & real friends.

  9. Pam

    I am just truly sad if these rumors are true. Rob is a smart guy, I just can’t believe him falling for anything she has to say. The pics were so humiliating that I can’t see why he would go back and so quickly? I just don’t understand this guy?

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