Who Will Kristen Stewart Use to Make Robert Pattinson Jealous?


Amanda Seyfried and James Franco

It’s been reported at the Toronto Film Festival glum Kristen Stewart snapped out of her depressed stupor when she bumped into James FrancoSHOW TIME! The actress/opportunist took the time to chat with Franco, probably thinking he would be a perfect inde guy to get under the skin of Pattinson enough to give her another chance (God help RP if he falls for it). Franco, 34, called it quits with his gf of five years, Ahna O’Reilly in 2011 and has recently been linked to Amanda Seyfried who will be playing porn star Linda Lovelace in upcoming film ‘Lovelace‘ with Franco playing Hugh Hefner. But hey, Kristen doesn’t seem to consider the feelings of significant others…besides, she’s obsessed with Pattinson, and her agenda will include doing all she can, bar none, to dig her black fingernails back in.

When Rob and Kristen were on the outs in the past, she made a very PDA with On The Road co-star Garrett Hedlund at a sure to be seen hot spot – to insure Robert would hear about it. It worked. 

Too bad for KStew that Kirsten Dunst is now with Garrett, and probably unavailable to be the decoy. Now she has to find another good looking, cool actor or musician to fall all over in public, or leak to Pattinson in an attempt to melt his armor.

I figure, she’ll do one of two things – PDA’s with cute guys to make Rob green – or practically become a Nun to show Rob that she’ll always be there. Cuddled up with his toys, wearing his clothes and copying his mannerisms. Claiming she has learned her lesson and she’s changed. Blah, blah blah blah…Hopefully she moves on without games, lies or a pity party and does us all a huge favor.



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5 responses to “Who Will Kristen Stewart Use to Make Robert Pattinson Jealous?

  1. You nailed it the way I have been thinking but could not express as detailed and clear as you. Thank you for seeing Kristen Stewart the same as I do. I don’t hate her but she has some real serious issues that require professional help. I just hope Rob does not come out of this with bitterness toward all women. He seems to be a very loyal young man and sweet.

  2. Sue

    I cry for Rob when I read your blog. She will destroy him in the end, because he will take her back, thru manipulation. I wish he could be strong enough and take his heart and run….run as far as he can. I only wish he could read your blog, I wish you knew him. Who is advising this guy, you can’t tell me they haven’t seen all the things that we have all seen and what you have written throughout your site. Everything you have written has now been confirmed.
    The crazy thing is, if he takes her back, we know how it will end and it will not be good. I only hope and pray to god that he will escape unharmed, but I am afraid he will not the second time around:(:(
    I wish he could read the articles you have written, and the comments hear.
    From a very sad fan:(

  3. sj/samsammy

    Amen! On the last sentence. I hope it’s December now, so the BD2 press tour is way over and that’s that for the movie franchise. Robert will be back home to London and Stewart can PDA different men (and women because she could just go there to humiliate Robert more for not taking her back). And early next year, it’s Australia and Iraq, or anywhere else, so long as a whole transatlantic ocean is between him and the “$&@!

  4. guest

    Love your blog.

  5. Harry

    Hmm. I’m no fan of Kristen’s but I’m not sure about this one and not only because Gossip Cop says it’s completely fabricated by Hollywoodlife (believable on past form alone). The thing is, I agree with your analysis of the two weapons in her armoury but, if she really wants Rob back, her lack of credibility in his eyes is probably her biggest enemy just now. In which case, surely hooking up (or even just flirting) with another guy in public is the last thing she wants to be seen to be doing! If we accept that she’s good at manipulation then surely the “Nun” approach is the one that’s most likely to win him back and also seems to be what she’s been relentlessly pursuing to date (toys, clothes, jewellery etc). Thing is though, to be successful, she has to keep the Nun thing up consistently until he believes her. One chink in the “you’re-the-love-of-my-life” illusion and it shatters immediately, making her look even more devious and untrustworthy. So if I were her, the very last thing I’d want to see would be headlines suggesting that she can’t go away for 4 days on her own without being unfaithful. It might make Rob jealous but it’s also likely to be the last nail in the coffin of any hope she might have that he’ll ever trust her again. Of course she may be having some kind of breakdown, in which case all bets are off, but the flip side of that is that her manipulative skills aren’t likely to work well either.

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