Why Kristen Stewart is SO Disliked. Get Educated.

I can’t help but notice people sticking up for Kristen Stewart after her  ‘momentary’ indiscretion.

Parents dislike Kristen because of all her momentary indiscretions in photographs. Not just the paparazzi, here KRude strikes a pose for Interview Magazine photo shoot. Clueless, her fans are PRE-TEEN.

The problem is it was hardly a momentary indiscretion, but the culmination of a long history of indiscretions that left a bad taste in the mouths of fans, parents and those who paid attention.  Pattinson has a legendary following because of his authenticity and blatant honesty. People are drawn to him because of his integrity, compassion and candid demeanor. How ironic he would get railroaded into a relationship with his polar opposite pretending to be his soul-mate.

Pattinson fans dislike Stewart because she is profoundly less noble than he is. Lacking his ethics and conviction, many felt she would hurt him.  They watched her flip the bird instead of wave to cameras and belittle Robert in public constantly.   Robert attempted to tame the shrew, but it was like trying to paint a zebra to be a horse.

I’ve done 16 commercial films by the time I was 19 years old…but I really hate PR and how dare you take my picture.

Reports that Rob would confront her backstage after she’d  embarrassed him in talk show interviews or award shows became customary. She’d flirt with other guys when he was around to make him jealous, then explode when he’d be friendly to females, to the point he became motionless around girls. THEN she cheats on HIM!?

Team Robert watched in disbelief at Kristen criticizing him to appear ‘better than’ and basically flaunting her hold on him. One of her latest faux paus was at this past Comi-con when she told Robert straight-faced to “Shut the f*ck up”.  Then his admirers have had to endure excuse after banal excuse for her poor behavior ‘she’s shy, young, bi-polar, child of Satan- (Threw in the last one for effect, although it would explain alot)’. We’ve got something to say to Kristen…”Shut the f*ck up you b*tch!”

She’s got huge issues and they’re far deeper than ‘her being young’. Taylor Lautner is 2 YEARS YOUNGER, btw, and has never done anything he would have to use his age for as an excuse! Also, she didn’t grow up in Kansas – the girl grew up in Hollywood and did 17 films by the time she was 19…young and naive…really? Cut her slack because she’s young loses all credibility when you look at the reality.

Intelligent people dislike her because she appears hypocritical, contradictory, full of double standards and controlling. In her recent Vanity Fair interview done before the scandal, she talks about being honest. She forges an Indie ideology and wears Tshirts of bands who would think she was a complete sell out for doing Blockbuster films. She claims she hates publicity but does never ending big bucks Hollywood franchise films and magazine photoshoots, wears see through shirts and skirts up to her boney butt cheeks. Recently to the airport, one of Robs T-shirts with HUGE letters IRIE to insure PR and her connection to the unanimously adored Pattinson.  In a recent interview she alluded that if she were back in the Kerouac days, she’d be accepted by them – delusional. She does not have the artistic merit or depth and they would have laughed and sneered at the comment. She is a FAN of all that is cool, but because she tries so hard to BE COOL, she’s merely a poser. Kristen said she never wanted to be an actress but did 16 commercial films by the age of 19…I could go on and on…but you get the picture. KStew is full of poop soup. 

I’ll protect you, support you, adore you…the only thing I ask is for your loyalty.

Robert Pattinson was contractually committed to never ending film making with her & felt obliged to the series and his co-star. Call it Method Acting, but Rob began taking on the role of Edward from Twilight protecting Bella,  defending KScrewLoose’s thoughtless comments and selfish actions. He ended up getting addicted and eventually crotch locked.

To follow is a very short list of what RPatz fans have been seeing, hearing and reading for some time – besides watching her on talk shows, interviews, awards shows:

Lovely vulgar interview: http://www.mooolf.com/2012/06/kristen-stewarts-expletive-filled.html

Typical Stewart Double Standards – http://www.showbizspy.com/article/208629/robert-pattinson-kristen-stewart-makes-me-uncomfortable.html

Common Stewart Treatment of Rob in public: http://hollywoodlife.com/pics/kristen-stewart-ignores-robert-pattinson-hugs-taylor-lautner-peoples-choice-awards-photos-twilight-winners/

Rob likes to have fun, Kristen is a downer: http://www.entertainmentwise.com/news/60484/Kristen-Stewart-Angry-With-Robert-Pattinson-Over-Awards-Snub

This is how it was early on: http://www.showbizspy.com/article/205941/kristen-stewart-infuriates-robert-pattinson-with-her-stupid-comments-sources-say.html

She says  sick things and thinks it’s funny http://www.novafm.com.au/article/kristen-stewart-gives-babies-finger

In her latest interview for British Vogue, without thinking that her then boyfriends parents, living in England would be reading it, she talks about Rob loving to lick her armpits. I mean…?  She was a HUGE liability to Robert, many  wonder about his lack of judgement even considering this girl being the mother of his children! Love certainly can be blinding. 

Somehow she got away with being a spoiled, self serving brat for many years, much to the frustration of Pattinson fans. Myself included. Prior to her nuclear mistake, many had bit their tongues and tried to accept her because Rob cared for her. When she finally did something so vehemently contemptuous…it unleashed a wave of suppressed anger and vindication.  Voila. 

Kristen smiling at Rupert’s wife Liberty (in blue) as she was stabbing her in the back…

Once she hurt him in such a deceitful way, knowing her lover/directors wife and kids, it was like she hit a hornets nest. LINK  Since she’s been exposed for who she is and has been for years, she’s putting on a new nicey face for journalists, like those at the Huffington Post who have gushed about how sweet she is because she said ‘hi and thank you.’ The clueless write ‘I don’t know what people are talking about, she was nice to me’. DUH-UH…

Now I’m hearing that mass public disapproval is because she’s a girl, and her bad press is due to race discrimination. Whaaat? Why is Rupert not dragged through the coals? No one gives a damn about Rupert Sanders, but everyone loves Robert Pattinson. By the way, he’s more popular than she is, and never has flipped off the cameras. Neither has Taylor Lautner (who, again,  is 2 years YOUNGER than Kristen, and has been nothing but nice).  She is the one who has been difficult, crude, belittling, snobby, condescending to the public, her fans, but most of all, to a guy who deserves far better. Robert has forgiven this ingrate more times than his fans have thought he should for offenses many of us would not have put up with.  He’s been too nice for his own good, and Kristen knows that – took advantage of it, and is counting on it to win him back. She’s also counting on those of you who do not have a clue about the whole picture, like the Huffington Post pundits to feel sorry for her and support her, as they have been. By backing up someone so innately morally challenged, it puts them in that category –                              

Perhaps Kristen should have played the Wicked Witch?

Ba-Bye now!



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30 responses to “Why Kristen Stewart is SO Disliked. Get Educated.

  1. Sandy

    Wow this article left me speechless because it actually said everything on my mind! GOD BLESS YOU, and TAKE KRISTEN SCREW-LOOSE STRAIGHT TO HELL!

  2. Jack

    For a very long time I didn’t understand why people did not like K Stew. I never watched ANY of the twilight films mainly because they just looked stupid and uninteresting to me. I baby-sat my niece who was watching Cartoon Network and there was like infinite skits on some show called MAD about her not smiling and what not and I was thinking, “This is why people don’t like her? Because she doesn’t give out fake smiles for the press? That’s pretty lame.” During the summer I read that she had an affair of some sort and I thought that was pretty trashy. However, when I read all of this article it’s like, WOW. Appearance-wise I didn’t think she was unbelievably unattractive and monster-like like everyone was saying but when you put her horrible attitude and mannerisms with her average appearance it makes her seems 10X more unattractive than she actually is. If she had been more polite to the paparazzi (which I know is probably one of the most difficult things for any celebrity to do) and had not done any of the other things mentioned in this article I think she COULD have been a more likable person. She seems like she has some mental health problems that should really be worked out with a psychiatrist and therapist. In the end I think the person I feel most sorry for is Rob.

  3. I give people the middle finger allot…..But i’m not the role model to millions of fans … so…. wada wada

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  5. I agree with the remarks about Kristen Stewart. In the beginning it seems that she set out to make Rob act like her mean and arrogant. But apparently someone told him that he should be more gracious to his fans. He did and now people just love him. After the Twilight series is over I have decided not to go to any movies that Kstew is in. Its because her acting skills sucked. She is not believeable to me . I do not want to sit through her loud sighing or her opened mouth. It is so annoying. Her character is the same in all of her movies. I just hope Robert will finally realize what a sick Manic depressant this girl is. She needs. help. I hope that Rob will someday look at our comments and know how much he is admired. Good Luck Rob!

  6. sj/samsammy

    The only thing that I don’t like about Kristen is that she is a black cloud around Robert. It is an instinctive and intuitive reaction that I/we have because she is not good for and to Robert. It just brings all my protective instincts to the fore. Kristen needs help and I’d wish for her well being but right now, I am more concerned about Rob because he is being hounded by the obviously obsessive and destructive nature of the girl.

  7. patypatt

    I totally agree! Rob deserves BETTER ! RUN ROB RUN!

  8. An Observer

    Under no circumstances, do I agree with or condone the level of virulence Kristen Stewart has attracted over this, but having seen her in action I will say this:

    Kristen Stewart is not marriage material, girlfriend material or even friend material. Christ, this girl told her boyfriend to “shut the fuck up” in front of the entire world, she then kisses another man (likely slept with him, who knows and who cares it’s all infidelity), just before Rob is about to embark on major publicity for a film that was and is massively important to his career — as well as being something he was genuinely proud of.

    Any woman looking at those pictures knows Kristen slept with Rupert. So has there been any attempt to be honest and own that? No, instead drip-fed PR painted Sanders as a pedophile ( an insult to anyone who has ever been abused) and Kristen dressing up in Rob’s clothes at every opportunity while her friends posted taunting pictures on the web.

    This is why Hollywood now views Rob and Kristen as a joke. This nightmare scandal undermined Rob’s amazing work in Cosmopolis and to some extent Kristen’s in On The Road.

    There are literally no words to describe how little respect Kristen has for Rob. Again, I am sure she thinks she loves him and maybe she does. But love is also about honesty, integrity and kindness. if Rob settles for this travesty as a version of love he is prepared to accept – I am worried for him.

    If his friends or family are reading this, please talk to him. If you don’t, watch as the light and the joy gradually goes out of his eyes years from now and know you stood by and did nothing.


  9. Mi

    Good article.I’m not saying he’s walking ideal but his classy behaviour after this scandal only proove that he’s realy honest guy.He didn’t say any bad wards towards Kristen.He just took high road.I hope he can focus on his career now.

  10. Rain

    I agree with this 1000%. I cannot stand her and knew why but to see it written down so well is great.
    I am going to spread this one out as much as I can 😉

    Rob needs to read this and open his eyes damnit.

  11. andi

    Please get this to RP somehow! She is the devil and he can’t see it yet. How could he possiby want this as the mother of his kids? OMG I truly pray he gets smart real quick! Or better yet that all these rumors/gossip is just untrue.

  12. Tennessee Born

    You are so spot on!! This girl is using him because he is beloved and she is so disliked. She lacks skills, personality and maturity. A vulgar girl, not woman. Rob is a fool to reunite with this girl because, I assure you for her it is self edifying and not love. The way she treats him is embarrassing and gosh no one is expected to endure humiliation by you mate to keep a relationship going, especially when children are not in the picture. You have yet to see this gal in action. Just wait, the headlines will show her name again in another scandal of some sort.

  13. Ok. I just now read the article. Sad to say…but anyway….Its on point. First I have to admit I’m a little late reading all of the other articles you posted and didnt know Kristen said and did the things she did. I would like to know what in the blue hell makes Rob think that this girl is marriage material not to mention have his baby? lol. I can’t see her with Rob’s baby or anyone else child at this time. Having Rob’s baby should be least of all on Kristen mind, aleast right now. She is not stable, yet. And for Rob to actually think she worthy of marriage right now is beyond me. This girl is clearly not ready for a real long term serious relationship with anyone right now. And if it’s really true about Rob taking her back, then he needs to have his head examine. Marriage between these two……..can you say train reck in the making. Run Rob! Ruuuun Gotd@mmit!

  14. Ok. I just now read the article. Sad to say…but anyway….Its on point. First I have to admit I’m a little late reading all of the other articles you posted and didnt know Kristen said and did the things she did. I would like to know what in the blue hell makes Rob think that this girl is marriage material not to mention have his baby? lol. I can’t see her with Rob’s baby or anyone else child at this time. Having Rob’s baby should be least of all on Kristen mind, aleast right now. She is not stable, yet. And for Rob to actually think she worthy of marriage right now is beyond me. This girl is clearly not ready for a real long term serious relationship with anyone right now. And if it’s really true about Rob taking her back, then he needs to have his head examine. Marriage between these two……..can you say train reck in the making. Run Rob! Ruuuun Gotdammit!

  15. Best post EVER. Well said.

  16. Truer words were never spoken!
    I completely 100% agree with you.
    I haven’t liked her from the word go .. she can’t act her way out of a paper bag as far as I’m concerned and her behaviour has always been atrocious. .

  17. I think your POV on this whole situation is the best one yet. It’s what I’ve speculated for a long time. Thanks for putting it all out there like that. Great job.

  18. Rachie

    Thank you, dear precious genius, THANK YOU! I’m so freaking sick of the “they just KISSED ONCE” (regarding the cheating and her a*# up against his crotch in those pics say something different) and “she’s just a kid who made a mistake”…I could be sick. A mistake isn’t screwing a married man and since when is 22, the legal age for drinking, voting, driving a car, considered being a child? Clearly that’s just the TIP of the iceberg for this sorry excuse for a human being. Looking for support I’ve tried to find Twilight Forums and all I’ve found is the same stupid excuses for her from the same stupid people. OR threads will be shut down when people start talking negatively about K-Screw. Thank you, I LOVE YOU! You’ve made my YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m sharing this with EVERYONE I KNOW!

  19. I’ve written about these same things on my blog for over a year. I’m so over her being the victim. She makes choices, like the rest of us and in return people judge her. Guess what? That’s how life works.

    Thanks for putting this out there.

  20. Dang homegirl is fingering everybody.LOL Including Rob.LMAO!!!!!!

  21. Sue

    First time coming here. Love the comments.

  22. mae

    THANK YOU. I want the world to see this! 100 % True. She is a horrid, disgusting, selfish, classless, uneducated little tramp. She wanted something bad to happen? She got her wish. I hope she goes away now. I don’t want to see her open mouthed, inexplicably startled stuttering on film any more.

  23. Honestly, I’ve really only seen clips of their interviews together, but this past Comi-con when she told him straight-faced to “Shut the *&^^% up” … I really got a bad feeling.
    *Have only love for him and will support him come what may*
    You ladies have said it best*

  24. saelynne

    When they initially announced her as Bella I had my reservations since I was rooting for Alexis Bledel but she ‘seemed’ okay–although I have heard about rumors of her being rude to the fans. Anyhow, I dismissed that since I said I was a fan of the Saga and it was nice to see how she had good chemistry onscreen with Robert. However, it still didn’t mean that i LIKED her; I dunno why but there’s just something about her that I found “off” and disturbing—and this was even before I found out that she would flip on papz or would always be this unsmiling witch wherever she is. AND THEN, the cheating scandal broke…that finally gave me a reason why I didn’t really like her in the first place. You are SO RIGHT. I wish that blinded KStew fans would read it and see her for what she really is.

  25. RoseE

    I have to wholeheartedly agree with Ilovealion.Trish, you put everything I couldn’t convey into words (and pics). I find it baffling that so many people rush to Kristen Stewart’s defense. Who in their right mind tolerates being treated so poorly as her fans do? She doesn’t even LIKE them! What does that say about them?
    Next, she’s truly a HORRIBLE actress, so what does that say about the directors that keep casting her? She puts out, apparently, and that’s good enough for them. [To next director: Dude, I hope the rusty trombone she gives is worth your movie tanking. Expect only the morbidly curious to truly want to watch her films from now on. Sick.]
    Lastly, Robert Pattinson is a talented and well-respected man. If he liked her, then we were willing to overlook her classless, poorly-educated, ill-bred humor and attitude. Perhaps in private, one-on-one she behaved in a more generous and gracious manner… That didn’t mean we enjoyed watching her publicly humiliating treatment of him over the years. That was just embarrassing.
    I hope he listens to his close friends, family and fans and moves on. He has a brighter, healthier future and career without her holding him down.

  26. dee602

    Thank You It’s wonderful to feel VINDICATED!!!! While I hate to have been right about her I’m happy others who have seen it are speaking out finally!
    He hasn’t deserved any of this. No excuses.

  27. Thank for saying what so many of us have been trying to get across for years. I could never understand how so many people would constantly and so diligently defend her rude and classless behavior. I cannot count how many times I’ve had to bite my tongue on Rob fan blogs and face book groups as they tried to defend her belittling, humiliating and all around treating him badly in public. They always referred to her as being ‘real’ and ‘fierce’ when all she really was is a spoiled little brat who didn’t appreciate the position she had and the man that stood by her as she acted trashy and and childish while basking in the glow of the fandom’s support.

    That time is over and she’ll have to take ownership of everything she’s done while acting like the intelligent grown up she professes to be if she wants anyone to take her seriously as an actor.

  28. ilovealion

    Thank you thank you thank you. I have tried several times to explain this very concept in response to some to some of the ridiculous articles about the shrew (huffington post included). I usually ended up just deleting my comments because I just couldn’t get my point across. You put everything I have been feeling into words and I thank you. The idiots who write these articles don’t realize that many of us have never liked her because she acted so trashy… This scandal was just the final straw. We had to write her off for good. She had no redeeming qualities to begin with, but Rob liked her, so I tolerated her. Those days are over (I hope). She always overestimated her popularity and underestimated his.

    • Lbcstx

      Exactly! Her bad behavior and foul mouth is not edgy or cool. It makes her look trashy, uneducated and crude. I’ve never liked her and always thought she would break Rob’s heart which sadly came true. He deserves someone beautiful on the inside as well on the outside. I hope he finds her soon, but he will probably have a hard time trusting anyone for a long time. I just wish he knew how many true fans love him and only want what’s best for him. I i Can’t wait for his upcoming projects. He will be fantastic!

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