Kristen Stewart – ‘On The Road’ to WOW Robert Pattinson

Aaaaand she’s off! Did anyone doubt that KStew wouldn’t look good for her first appearance out in the world after being caught canoodling with her married with children Snow White Director? What I didn’t expect, was an evening dress. ON THE ROAD Premiered at the Toronto Film Festival on Sept 6th, it is  an Indie film about underground rebel poets, so you’d think the dress would be…casual-ish? Me thinks KStew has, yet, another agenda.

“Can’t wait for Rob to see me in this dress…now…for the poses”

Feast your eyes on THIS Robert! Mwwwaaahaahaaaaa

Knowing her picture would be plastered everywhere and always trying to upstage,  compete with and ultimately entice Robert Pattinson since the very first Twilight film and his megga popularity – Stewart chose an ornate, eye grabbing, glittering floral dress, with her signature peek-a-boo fabric and f*ck me pumps. Think Madonna in Evita… Ooookey. She hates publicity you see, says she. Chances are if she wasn’t caught cheating, she’d be showing off her new set of boobs, like she was doing just prior to the cheating scandal.

Her facial expressions went from glum to insincere and back to glum. Ho-hum, something we have grown accustomed to. Her fans were out in full array, supporting the femme fatale and assuring her that if you get caught cheating and lying and then apologize…all is forgiven.  It’s more important that someone is pretty. Really?

We can all bet that KStew will be trying every trick in the book to gain Robert’s 
attention, libido and sympathy…and we hope he is as resilient to temptation as he is kind and soulful. Remember the lessons of the great texts dear Robert…the

Kristen smiling at Rupert’s wife Liberty (in blue) as she was stabbing her in the back…

Sirens sung songs irresistible to the sailors, and when they listened they were destroyed. They were told to BLOCK THEIR EARS. So using that wisdom, CLOSE YOUR EYES, and keep moving in the direction you are going, away from this girl. Beauty is often a trap for the superficial, it does not bring happiness. You deserve not only beauty on the outside, but inside as well. This girl has proven she does not possess true beauty in both spheres, and so you are right to stay clear. Let her fans with no true moral values bow to her feet. Always remember how she blatantly deceptive she was to you, to Rupert’s wife Liberty, and to his children. Forgive in your heart for your own sake, forget never. Move on and find a REAL Snow White with the virtues you have that we all adore.



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19 responses to “Kristen Stewart – ‘On The Road’ to WOW Robert Pattinson

  1. Amanda *FutureMrs* Pattinson

    I realized I was in love with Rob in fall of 2010. Since then I had a peirod of immense jealousy of Kristen; which I was not ok with, and tried to fight to no avail; then the feeling started to dissapear on it’s own………then the scandal happened. Makes perfect snese now. That following weekend was horrible. Not only did my soulmate get trampled on; but one of my friends went in the hospital again, and another was the victim of childish games played by adults. After that, I felt that if they were to get back together, it was because she manipulated him (probably through sex/seduction), and that she would hurt him again. He is the most amazing man in the world, I couldn’t understand why anyone would want to hurt him. But I just figure that karma’s a bitch, and she’ll get her own. I wish, though, that I had known him personally as a friend at that time, and then he could see what real love is like. He always says he admires his parents marriage; my gut tells me that if they do marry, they will get divorced.

  2. Mel

    This is an insightful site. You have opened my eyes Trish.

    Come into white light with me lady, and lets envision the highest happening for Rob and the breaking of the deceiver’s spell.

  3. KS, q eu chamo de divadia, e apenas um ser humano desprezivel!!! Pessima atriz, e so ficou com o Rob pelo amor q ele desperta em suas fas, por ser tao maravilhoso!!!Fora divadia, teu tempo ja passou!!!!

    • hollywoodsauce

      translation: KS, i call diva, human being despicable! Very Bad actress, and was only with Rob for love he awakens in his fans, because it is so wonderful!!! Outside diva, your time has gone!

  4. Sue

    Wish we could get this website known to the fans of some of the Rob sites…. such as RPL and ROBsessed. There are so many Rob only fans who would love a site like this. The ‘Robsessed’ site is fillled with a lot of Robsten and krisbians who are bulling the Rob fans if we say negative things about her. I have been on the ROBsessed site and tried to say some of the stuff that are been said here, and I was cursed at by her fans who are invading the Rob site. I love this site because you tell the truth here!!!

  5. NO LADIES… THIS is the ONLY WEBSITE OUT THERE ACTUALLY TELLING THE TRUTH! I DOUBLE-DARE YOU TO LOOK IT UP! U KNOW these extreme Twilight obsessions were PREVENTABLE, and SO many Twilight Fans are STILL in emotional turmoil because of this Robsten breakup PR stunt. Hollywood intentionally causing young, obsessed fans this kind of pain is wrong. TIME to start thinking about putting blame where it belongs – Stephenie Meyer. Search “explain twilight breaking dawn ending blogspot”.

  6. RoseE

    Amen! You are truly the only website I feel is telling it like it is, Hollywood Sauce. I’m appalled and embarrassed watching everyone fall all over Kristen Stewart – especially the press! It’s pitiful, really. And where are the stupid trainers and hobo outfit she always pulled on two seconds after she walked the red carpet with Rob? Like she couldn’t endure looking attractive next to him for any longer than she had to. Heaven forfend we think she was enjoying being a part of a beautiful couple for one night.
    As for Kristen running around in Robert’s clothing and then dressing the way she did for the Toronto Film Festival is the height of hypocrisy! It’s outrageous and it must be so discomfiting to Rob seeing that and knowing it’ll probably be stained with someone else’s jizz before the night is done.

  7. TiredOfHollywoodSchemes

    I LOVE how you put this out there! It is so true! I am tired of Hollywood trying to tell us how to think. I haven’t ever fallen into their “hype”, at least not to the point that some crazed KStew fans have. Sure, I followed some of the Hollywood stars when I was younger, but I have grown up and become wiser. (winks)

    I do disagree with Alisa on one point about KStew. I do not believe she is talented. Her acting is on one level, dull or depressing. It is typically boring and does not hold my interest, at least in the movies I’ve seen her.

    I believe the entire RPatt and KStew thing has been one BIG PR show anyway. Sure, they probably had feelings for each other, but I don’t really believe they were what Hollywood, or the couple made it out to be. Take this past spring’s balcony “kiss” or all those other “kisses” for example. The pictures are almost always “concealed” just enough to give the “illusion” of intimacy, but how many times have we seen an actual lip-lock? Not many.

    I have not bought into this relationship and probably won’t either because there is nothing that shows me they have “true” chemistry….ESPECIALLY NOT in the Twilight saga. The onscreen kisses, claimed to be hot, felt cold and distant to me. That is why I vote for other movie kisses. I don’t know how their Twilight kisses are viewed as “great kissing”. I just don’t see/feel it.

    Okay. I’ll stop ranting there. Once again, GREAT JOB!!! (winks with a broad smile)

  8. i feel like this is sanctuary! ive been bullied, vilified and threatened for calling her manipulative!! thank you and WELL DONE from england xxx

  9. sj/samsammy

    Wearing her ex’s clothes to get (she hope) his attention, tsk tsk, she is such a drama queen. She’s also trying a new look in her recent photos, poses. Trying to look more subdued? Less eye makeup, less gothic-ish? I find myself not really caring and she can continue on with her career, make more movies, more money. Just stay away from the man, K?

    • RoseE

      Forget the attempt at a more “subdued, attractive” look; she’s actually SMILING in a lot of these pictures! How’s that for a NEW LOOK? Okay, yes, it’s a horrifyingly and painfully FAKE smile, but someone must have convinced her to at least LOOK like she hadn’t screwed half the cast and crew of On The Road while alienating the rest…

      • Sue

        Yeah ‘the smile’, omg…..I could not believe it. I am like really as if she cared about her fans before, to even give them a smile.

  10. Alisa

    Thank you for your posts. I have never in my life seen a more raging and despicable PR campaign than the one we’re witnessing right now post-Rupsten-gate (or maybe its mini-Coopsten-gate?). You are one of only a few web presences bold enough to dare provide an opposing viewpoint.

    Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders created this entire mess. And Kristen and her PR team made the entire personal affair PUBLIC with that ridiculous disingenuous apology. From the moment Rob’s name was mentioned in that biggest PR fail statement ever, he became forever linked to this mess as well.

    So now, Rob is mocked. Rob is ridiculed. Rob is belittled. Rob’s manhood is questioned. I hope he now sees where Kristen’s “love” and “respect” have gotten him.

    Kristen Stewart and her PR team have truly opened my eyes to how manipulative and destructive the Hollywood machine can be when they choose to rally around their own. For some inexplicable reason (to me anyway), they have chosen this young woman as “the one.” She is attractive and she is talented, but so are many other young women in Hollywood. Nonetheless, the machine will clearly stop at nothing in its quest to paint Kristen as the innocent victim of HER OWN decision to cheat. Anyone not onboard their BS train will be run over on the tracks.

    The level of blind media worship of this woman for “braving the world” during her “difficult time” by promoting her latest film (you know, doing her job) is astounding. Publications I used to respect: EW, Huffington, THR, LA Times have proven that their opinions can be bought like so many others. It’s a sad day when the tabloid media is more impartial than supposed real news outlets.

    Instead of working so hard to repair the image of their middle-finger flashing, darling little cash cow, Kristen’s PR sycophants should be formulating a plan to save her from herself. Because by her own words and actions, Kristen has proven herself to be one of the most fake and hypocritical people in Hollywood, and that’s a pretty big feat. Especially for the person who always claimed to be so real and genuine.

    At first I worried about Rob taking her back and believing the continued lies. But I don’t anymore. Because no person with the smallest amount of self-respect would keep subjecting himself to this kind of continued… messyness. By all accounts, Rob has family and friends who love him; I have no doubt he will be fine. And once Twilight finally ends this November, he will be free to move on to the next phase of his life and career.

    Very sorry for writing a book here 🙂 But just wanted to say, please keep shining a light on the darkness that is Hollywood… this scandal in particular. I will definitely be reading!

    • hollywoodsauce

      and I will continue writing, because I too, am not happy with Kristen turning the tables on Rob and Rupert!
      Now she was seduced by Rupert? Who wears the see through shirts and dresses, bra straps out? Those who defend
      Kristen have no idea what they are talking about. They show their naivety or lack of ethics by defending
      this crude fallen angel, who many of us knew, would do herself in.

    • Lbcstx

      Totally agree! So glad people are finally realizing what a self serving, manipulative, fake person she really is. Hollywood is toxic and I pray Rob moves back to London after the last Twilight movie to keep him safe and true.

  11. Lena

    I truly love your posts. Everything is direct and well said like it should be. More websites should try this instead of constantly wanting to gain hits by kissing up to the KS fans.

    • hollywoodsauce

      thanks Lena, tell your friends about this site, post it in groups…let’s get everyone up to speed on why this girl does not deserve the sweet and wonderful Robert!

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