Kristen Stewart’s Long History of Deception

After the first Twilight, before Rob and Kristen were exclusive, there was so much fighting between them no one knew what was going on. Kristen had fallen for Rob very early on, it was obvious, but being the little player that she is, pretended to be luke-warm. I recall seeing video of a photo shoot they did shortly after the first Twilight film, when she was still with her BF.  Kristen was laying on top of Rob and seductively gliding her fingers up and down his arms…the look on his face said   ‘THIS IS SO NOT FAIR’! His arms practically glued to his side, being respectable.

She was flirting with and seducing Robert before her relationship with her other co-star actor was over. When I saw that I knew she was not ‘right’.

It is pure trash that he was always after her. Everyone was in love with Rob, it served her purpose to treat him poorly, and act as if she really didn’t care. It made her ‘different’, and she had the luxury of being around him constantly to create whatever illusion she wanted. The difference was, Rob was always honest about his feelings – and shocker, Kristen was not. Who wouldn’t be in love with Robert, seriously. The guy is sweet, loving, gorgeous, sexy, talented…the list goes on. Kristen has to try hard to posses the magic that Rob has naturally. 

Her playing hard to get proved successful, but when he would get tired of her condescending blasé attitude and belittling him, and spent time with anyone of the female persuasion, KScowl would go ballistic. She’d refuse to talk to Rob and he being the more professional and compassionate of the two, would be forced to pursue her. AFter all, they’d be in the middle of filming, and when they weren’t, she could count on the fact that he was used to her in his life, and would miss her when she would shut him out. The girl is cold hearted – and it worked for her, until she got caught.

I recall Rob’s friends being quoted as saying ‘She says she wants to keep it light, but then he talks to a girl and she goes crazy!’  Ah yes, Rob had a Cybil on his hands, and he rode the waves with  grace. If I were he, I would have thrown her off the boat, but he was stuck in a film contract – and has the personality of a saint. Lucky for KS, who else would have put up with that mopey little monster for so long?? 

This girl is a game player of mammoth proportions, and poor Robert is authentic and had no idea. She would always use the excuse that she is so young and gets confused. No matter what she did – giving the finger again and again, embarrassing Rob in interviews, treating him like a ‘less than’, acting like the spoiled brat that she is, it all seemed to work in her favor. She was jealous of Rob’s popularity and everyone knew it. When people criticized her, Rob would defend her. Of course, she stood up for Rob early on and gained his allegiance. That’s what players do. Think  ‘Kristen getting

Rob’s BF  Tom Sturridge a part in ‘On The Road’…do people favors and ‘help them’ so they in turn felt indebted. It’s a trick as old as the hills, done by those who’s energy does not have enough light to gain people’s allegiance without manipulation.Many of us noticed Kristen would be extra touchy feely with guys when Rob was around, and not so much when he wasn’t. Of course, I’m referring to in pictures, not when the cameras are off. Or she thinks they are =*

                                                                                                                                                                                           We noticed her copying the way Rob touches his hair, and even the way he dressed.

Kristen was as enamored with Robert as everyone else, the difference is, 
it didn’t serve her agenda to express it. She gained more of his attention by making him squirm. So much of what she did and said was a crock, just angling to get what she wanted.

Poor Robert got tricked into thinking that by having her all to himself, he finally won the prize. But it was far from winning a prize, she won the prize – and didn’t deserve it. So fate had to step in and ring the bell LOUD. i.e. her cheating scandal. How long would it have gone on had she not been caught?  No one will ever know.

Is she to be trusted? Chances are a resounding, united NO. No matter what she says, they are words, and she has proven that her words do not match her actions. Period. If Rob believes her at this point, he will be seen as a complete wimp. Those are the words of my 70 year old mother. 

Here KSneak is smiling at Rupert’s wife Liberty (in blue) while she betrayed her…YICK

Not only did she lie to Robert when he confronted Kristen about Rupert, she took her directors kid out for ice cream. She was close with his family, including his wife Liberty, who played HER MOTHER in Snow White. Does anyone understand how underhanded you have to be to do something like this? I saw the picture of she and Sanders having lunch in May, there was flirtation going on, just like Liberty’s brother said. ‘It’, and we’ll never really know the extent of ‘it’, had been going on for awhile.

The amount of deception Stewart pulled shows a twisted morality and a very selfish propensity that does not begin or end with one mistake.

How utterly apropos that her first interview to come out after her cheating was in a magazine called LITTLE WHITE LIES. Except her lies are BLATANT DECEPTION. Robert has the biggest test of his life ahead of him. The vixen is on his tail  and he is being coaxed, yet once again to be in her presence when he really is better off without it. Yet he has Summit, his people (managers, agents), mutual friends she’s coerced to talk to him, and Kristen herself begging him to forgive her. Besides the backlash Kristen faces from the public, now her parents are getting divorced. Robert being the big softy that Kristen knows he is, she just needs to get her foot in the door. That’s why she has begged to see him, she knows how easily he can be won over. He should heed his own words, “she is an actress, that’s what she is”. Show everyone Rob, that you can stand strong. We can only pray that fate will keep his eyes open wide, even as she tempts and pleads with him to take her back. I hope for the best, but fear the worst.

Perhaps he’ll proves me wrong, waiting with baited breath, knowing she may have already enticed her way in. Stay strong Robert. Do not cave.

By the way, Ashley Greene looks like such a sweetheart, and they look GREAT together. Looking forward to seeing them on the red carpet – if Rob doesn’t drink the Kool aid.



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13 responses to “Kristen Stewart’s Long History of Deception

  1. Sue

    Gosh, love love the articles. I have studied all those scenes you depicted for this article and that was my impression for a long time now. She was constantly flirting with Rob. She was always tring to hide how much she liked him. I saw right thru her act, I knew ecpxactly what she was doing. She didn’t fool me one bit. Thanks for the article!!

  2. Nan

    Although I might not agree with everything you have written about the alleged romantic relationship between Rob and KSpew, I say alleged because no matter how many PR People and mags try and sell it, Rob NEVER confirmed he was dating or living with her nor were there any credible pictures that weren’t work related to prove to me otherwise but I digress….I COMPLETELY agree with your assessment of Kristen and the way she was always willing to manipulate any situation to benefit her in the long run so bravo and I always like to commend anyone who seems to be able to see past the bullshit that Stews PR team throws out there making people want to believe she is so REAL, innocent, only 22, made a poor choice blah blah blah…..of course anyone who has reads my blog knows how I feel about Kristen and her fans

  3. xela

    Xela…I agree with all the comments.

  4. sj/samsammy

    God, this is so what I was thinking too when 4 years ago I saw some of their earlier interviews and behind the scenes clips. Kristen flirting and very touchy during scene breaks with him (do you remember that clip where she was on top of Robert and he was bending, it was the taping in Edward’s bedroom and he was about to carry her off) and there was one interview that she was SO flirting with him she put her finger inside his mouth! And she’s still so devious, donning Robert’s hat in her first photo appearance and showing toned abs, too boot! (You failed, Kristen, you’ve never looked more fake, I wouldn’t be surprised if her publicist took the photo herself).

    That’s all over now, I really believe that. He will never, ever talk about his personal life but in his own way, he is telling us that he’s done. Disposing his house (he probably bought it for her, to show her he is serious about their future), selling his cars and truck. I hope the gossip is true that he is considering moving back home to the UK. Again, his signal to everyone who is concerned about him that he’ll be alright.

  5. I usually do not read these articles, as Rob said, they usually do not help or teach you anything useful, but this one synchronized some of the red flags that I have seen over the past 3 years with Rob & Kristen. The entire article may take a harder line on Kristen than what is due, but I believe there is some truth here.
    The first red flag I realized was the complete denial of a relationship when there obviously was one. Maybe it was the studio, but it seemed odd, I see no other famous couples do that. You can have privacy & still acknowledge a relationship, but she did not want that. More red flags…..the way she treated him in interviews, giving him the finger, telling him to fuck off, shut the fuck up, pushing him away, turning her head when he went to kiss her (did you see on the BD vid Xtra where she kicked him between the legs at the end of the beach scene?) etc etc etc
    Then there were her magazine interviews, “My boyfriend is English” and it was such a “huge mistake” to have said that. After all this time he was just her “boyfriend” and not even Rob. It gets worse… then the interview where she referred to him as “her fucking boyfriend” How immature & disrespectful is that? Not Rob, but “my fucking boyfriend”, what is she, 10 years old?
    And then the interview where she said her life was too easy & she wanted life to “fuck her over” and I thought then that it sounded like she needed therapy, there was something wrong with her.
    Other little things like her short short dresses, why did she have to look like a sex symbol all the time? When she finally did wear a decent knee length dress a few months ago, she looked much classier than she did with the high thigh minis that she usually wore, pulling & tugging them down to hide her underwear.
    So many inconsistencies, don’t want attention, but……look at me!
    And her flipping the bird at the world has become classic Kristen, again, how old are you Kristen? Where is your class, what kind of upbringing did you have? Are you so full of anger? Once or twice is cute, funny, understood,, but all the time is just ugly.
    Let me tell you that I am not a young girl with a big crush on Rob, I am over 50 and have children Rob’s age. And I adore Rob. I have not seen anyone like him in my life, He is a beautiful soul, he is so imperfectly awkwardly perfect. He is so haphazardly intelligent that he doesn’t even realize it himself. I feel bad for him when he speaks of his insecurities & anxieties but he has an immense courage that he uses to cope. He has honor & ethics built in by a good genes & upbringing. He has an almost magical aura onscreen that makes you just want to watch him, even in the interviews where he completely bullshits the interviewer, and sometimes the things he says are outrageously funny, but that is his charm, his self admitted lack of brain to mouth filter is one of his most endearing qualities.
    So I am just so sorry that Rob has had to endure this, and I love Dave Cronenberg saying that people didn’t know what was going on, and I know little but I do know that Rob is the best of the best, and I will be his fan till the day I die, and what I affirm for Rob is that he will go on with his very successful career and he will meet a woman who will appreciate him, respect him, treasure him, stand beside him and be proud to be with him, give him children that he wants, and love him like he deserves to be loved. That is my affirmation & prayer for Rob.

  6. Penny Lane

    Perfectly depicted and I agree with all the comments. She’s a bit too full of herself and caught up in her own hotness (imo she does have a pretty face, until she starts to speak). She’s overly confident about Rob’s feelings for her. I hope he proves her wrong! Rob will find the right woman someday. I just hope it’s not with anyone in Hollywood.

  7. Luna

    Thank you! Finally someone who sees her for what she is. I always thought from the very beginning that she would break Rob’s heart. He has so much more class and talent!

  8. For those that doubt the veracity of your incredibly perceptive claims, they need to fully read Kristen’s @fakekbitch Twitter account, and they should try to get whatever remaining snippets of her @Rupsten1 account which can be obtained via a Google search. @fakekbitch is provides decent corroboration of your assertion.
    Mr. Pattinson had an account on under the name @dj_LuvU, which he has since discontinued. While it was active, he played many tender love sick sorts of songs in March, April and May which seemed to indicate his concerns that their relationship was faltering. Alas, she power played the relationship given his sincere love for her. Tragically her rationalizing, untruthful, deceiving heart lead her astray to seduce Rupert Sanders, and then to boldly continue her deceiving escapade back in LA.
    Fortunately for Mr. Pattinson, she was apprehended in flagrante delicto… enabling him to see for the first time that despite his sincerity and hopes, she had been using and abusing his love playing for a boytoy fool.
    May Mr. Pattinson be blessed with good friends and advisors who will counsel him appropriately in how he should deal with this predatory duplicitous little bitch.

  9. gie


  10. Danielle

    Good article! One of the really good ones after the scandal. Me too, are cheering for Rob to stay strong. The immature ex-gf deserves all the public stoning she can get. What a huge hypocrite. Used to be a fan, i too, felt cheated!

  11. srk

    I do not know these people, none of us do but I have to say this portrayal of Rob and Kristins relationship makes the most sense. In any interview I saw with the two of them I would cringe at her behavior, between the language, the insults to Rob, the giving of the finger, she was so not in his class. But the look of love was always on his face and in his eyes. I’m sure his family and friends had to struggle with keeping their opinions of her to themselves, but as always happens she showed her true colors. She is immature, young and a little too self absorbed to even be thinking of a relationship. She needs time and help. The description of Rob is what people see when they see his interviews, as well as being so talented. He is a good decent man who deserves nothing but the bestas that is clearly what he gives. California is not for Rob, he has too much class and honesty for that place. Don’t compromise yourself for anyone or for any studio. You have made millions for them, let them consider you at this time.

  12. Lena

    Wow this is something i did not know about! Great article. Thank you!

  13. Marcia

    Spot on insight!! I just hope this is one of the articles Rob reads and rereads. He needs to extract himself from a toxic relationship. The sooner he does this the sooner he will start feeling a whole lot better about life in general.

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