Kristen Stewart gives Robert Pattinson incredible gift

his freedom. After years of being emotionally imprisoned by the tantrum throwing, supposed ‘rebel’ Stewart, Kristen has done something so distasteful that even the always forgiving Robert could not get past.

For many years, Robert has been on hand to calm the young actress when she would ‘act up’ on set. There have been many accounts reported of Kristen’s notorious behavior on the set of Twilight, where Robert was the one sent to talk her down from her raging antics. Of course, many times Robert was the cause of her meltdown, but not always.

Robert, because of his professionalism and common sense, HAD to be a good boy, even when they weren’t a couple, fearing Kristen would explode and cause trouble for the Twilight series. It is safe to say, Rob has had to curtail his interest in other women since the early stages of Twilight, even when the two weren’t official, not to hurt Kristen’s feelings. Then when they did become a couple, she was insecure and jealous, many accounts of shouting matches and fights regarding his innate friendliness toward others.

If ever there was a mis-match, these two were it. Rob is friendly, it’s his nature, he is loving and lovable beyond measure. Kristen on the other hand is stand offish, friendly when it suits her and controlling.

Clearly it was geography and not chemistry that got these two attached, and the sad part is, Rob was in purgatory for the last few years, beyond the already confines of his fame.

Now, for the first time in God knows how long, the young dashing Brit can do what he pleases, with who he pleases without answering to his condescending co-star – and Team Robert is breathing a huge sigh of relief. Well, almost. We expect him to party it up with friends, and now that Leonardo has stepped into his limelight, he will be around models and clubs galore. We can only hope that he doesn’t step into the Hollywood shuffle too hard, which is quite vapid, and miss his secluded life with KTroll. The fact is, he can create that life with anyone who is not addicted to the party scene. Chances are if he dates someone who is NOT an actress, which Leo will school him on no doubt, his life will not be the circus that it was.

We all want Robert to have the very best, because quite frankly, he’s top notch. No doubt he will play the field for awhile and have his fill of lovelies, heck, there are millions who would gladly dry his tears. Our hope is that he finds a very special one, his indie Audrey Hepburn, who you just KNOW has his best interest at heart.

So we collectively want to thank Kristen Stewart for the wonderful gift she gave dear Robert, although it was unintended. Life works in mysterious ways and surely Roberts karma insured that the chain Kstew had around him would break, before he made the grave mistake of marrying the sneak and having a child.

We are warned again and again regarding things that should not be, and when we ignore the warnings, an experience that cannot be ignored will hit us like a ton of bricks to snap us out of our patterns and addictions. Case and point this scandal. Raise your glass to the wise universe, and Robert’s good heart – wishing him the absolute best life has to offer.

As far as Kristen goes, it’s hard for me to feel sorry for her. She monopolized Robert and enjoyed his company far longer than she deserved. She should consider herself a very lucky girl.



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5 responses to “Kristen Stewart gives Robert Pattinson incredible gift

  1. sj/samsammy

    Robert Pattinson appears to be a person who has strength of character and his actions manifest this, goofiness and all. It’s been written about to death: he’s awkward, he says ridiculous things, his jokes’ too sophisticated maybe? (Like that joke he said in some awards show that had Bryce Dallas Howard looking clueless). I will agree that in as far as the ex-girlfriend is concerned, he sure displayed some superior doormat proclivities there. Hook, line and sinker. The other parts of his life – work, business, his choice of music, his book collection, his choice of scripts — shows direction, self-awareness and some good choices really career-wise no matter that box office receipts do not reflect these.

    There will come a time for him when he has settled in his bones, has found his perfect stride and feels no need or inclination to justify his actions (or his words). And when he is showing grey, I hope his loving, loyal and his equally intellectual wife will be by his side, still thinking him the sexiest guy in the world. (And he has never looked boyish to me, not really, not with that jawline).

  2. Being a doormat is the opposite of being assertive. And, Pattinson appears to be a doormat with everyone. Not, just Krislut. It works in his favor, now, because of his looks, and, probably, also, because he is typecasted. They dovetail so well with his powerful character. They see the powerful Edward, in Twilight, rather than the real-life pushover. Other than Kristen, most people aren’t really using him as a doormat, as of yet.

    There will probably come a time, for him, when the sheepish act is going to wear thin. He will have to start becoming pushier in order to survive. Perhaps, not. Perhaps, he has already made his millions, far enough in advance, that, he will always be able to keep ahead of the game by picking and choosing what he wants to project. However, once he starts putting on more of the adult pounds that go with his increasing age, I suspect that the public perception that goes with his boyish image is going to change, regardless of what he does.

  3. sj

    Robert is in love. I think he still is, but it doesn’t mean like it did mean before when he wants to see what he wants to see. A man in love can love anyone he wants to, even a demon of Lilith proportions.

    Now, with all this public drama his eyes were forcibly ripped open wide and he has no choice but to see. I’ve watched him do interviews and well … alright since I liked the guy I actually even studied/assessed what he’s saying, and I’ve read most of magazine and newspaper articles (sit down interviews, recorded) that he has done in the last 4 years. And based on what was heard and seen and read, he is intelligent. I am sure. Robert Pattinson has a working brain and he is what he reads. I’ve done interviews myself but not Hollywood personalities. I’ve interviewed politicians and some of the world’s wealthiest businessmen. So in my defense (in case my comments about studying his interviews seem obsessive) scrutinizing words is my job really.

    Is he a pushover? Maybe. As I said, he is in love and sadly, he loved someone who probably didn’t exist. That he may have allowed himself to be a “doormat” does not in no way imply that he is not intelligent, insightful and assertive. Have you ever been in love? I haven’t but I imagine I will probably be like Robert Pattinson who will love what exists only in my mind. After the red haze has lifted from his angry facade, he will want to talk to his ex because he’d want to know how he was so mistaken and why did he not see this coming. He is going to go through periods of coldblooded self-scrutiny. I have enough confidence in this guy that he will come out of it like a chrysalis shedding and emerge a new person.

    So, yes to Trish. I agree. Let us thank the almighty Universe because Robert Pattinson is now free, is himself again, and is selling that house and this should tell all his detractors that this guy has moved on. And he will likely forgive his ex because that’s part of moving on.

  4. No, Rob didn’t *have* to be anything for any controlling female. He is a (presumed) intelligent human being, as well. He could have stepped out of the controlling relationship at any time. Being classy is one thing. Being a conditioned push-over is another.

    Pattinson’s problem is the latter. He is a typical product of feminist male-sensitivity/wimp conditioning. Stewart just happened to be the evil feminist who stepped into the vacuum of his will.

    This guy is a poster boy because of the negativity of his ex-partner. Not, because of the positivity of his character. Not, that he doesn’t seem to be a nice guy. However, he is so liked because he is a doormat. That is a bad thing. He, seriously, needs to work on himself. He should start with some assertiveness-training to cure his proclivity toward being an ass-kisser.

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