Kristen Stewart’s Flaws & Rob’s Chivalry Could Reunite the Odd Couple

Those who adore Robert Pattinson are terrified KWeasel will slither her way back into his arms. They have good reason to be. Robert is loyal, true blue and sentimental. I’ve meant no disrespect in blogs referring to him as vulnerable and naive. He is. His friends would say it’s true, and so would he.

He is trusting like a child, and beloved for his innocent nature, which has turned out to be a double edged sword.

Rob became Kristen’s protector because she constantly does or says things that are questionable. He became her shield and slowly started to take on the role of Edward, defending her from criticism when she would do or say something inappropriate. The excuse ‘she’s young’ was a loophole for her bad behavior. People respect Rob, they were willing to put up with Kristen and her dark energy which he helped brighten. Although someone’s constitution and inclinations don’t change that easily, as we’ve recently seen.

The same things that are wrong with Kristen Stewart,  may help her in the end. The fact that she is dramatic (apparently more offstage than on), depressed and will go to all lengths to get what she wants – just may push Robert’s buttons. She has become quite proficient at this over the years…The more she suffers and shatters, the worse Robert will feel, and the more likely he is to ‘help’ her. Tragic isn’t it. But that is Rob’s loving heart. Even though she doesn’t deserve his attention, he may feel obliged. Argh.

In order to break the addiction, he has to battle  his own nature to be helpful and kind. What a confusing and strange position to be in.

God knows what she will do to get him back. She may funnel news of her demise to him through a friend, start driving motorcycles fast and crash…oh, wait a minute, that was in one of the Twilight movies. Could it be we will be seeing the suffering Bella get desperate in her attempts see Robert?  From what I’ve observed of her, she will do or say anything for effect. Robert cannot detect manipulation, as we’ve all been jumping up and down wishing we could take him aside and talk with him over the years – as he kept veering toward the waterfall.

So if she loses the role of Snow White because she humped the married Director, and the studio feels Snow White is a character with virtue and what Kscrew did represented the polar opposite…that will be a blow. (However, she did say she’s more comfortable in little indie films, so why entrench on another blockbuster series? Well, you know Kristen, what she says and does seem to be two different things.)  Rob’s fans haven’t even started their wrath…it’s not going to be pretty for the ‘fairest of them all’.

Question is, will Rob feel the need to console her out of
habit or some kind of twisted allegiance because things are going so sour for the femme fatale?

She doesn’t seem to have any female friends she can lean on, and if any of his friends are worth their weight in salt, they won’t have anything to do with her. Surely her Twilight castmates, who she never seemed to pay much attention to except for Robert & Taylor won’t be eager to sit at her lunch table.  Will Robert feel sorry for her because everyone has taken such distain to she and her actions?

It is encouraging that Robert’s Edward costume appears to be wearing off, keep your fingers crossed (those with functioning brain cells), that her antics fall flat and Robert turns down the invitations to her ‘pity party’. Oh dear, dear Robert, this is a test of your will – may you prevail with your freedom and self respect intact. There are millions of people surrounding you with love. Allow karma to take it’s course, Kristen’s pain no longer is your concern. Perhaps have your manager refer her to a good therapist and 5 years from now, get together for coffee. Bring your wife, of course, who will share your sense of honor.

Let’s all vision that for Robert. A woman who he adores, who deserves his love.



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6 responses to “Kristen Stewart’s Flaws & Rob’s Chivalry Could Reunite the Odd Couple

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  2. hollywoodsauce

    HE FAILED FOLKS, from a dignified bloke to a joke. pity

  3. Sue

    Come here for the truth and I always get it. I cannot say anything because it’s already been said, thank you.

  4. Candy

    I think perhaps that her family is dysfunctional, she just kind of raised herself, Rob comes from a good solid background that instilled a higher standard of ethics & morals. I have been quiet for a long time and supported Kristen, sometimes against my better judgement like when she referred to Rob as “her fucking boyfriend”….what is she 10 yrs old? Show a little respect Or class, maturity or something decent.

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