Why Everyone Loves Robert Pattinson

A few years back, a 40 year old female graphic designer sat me down at a computer and said ‘Watch‘. It was because I told her that I didn’t know who Robert Pattinson was,  she was acting like she had a high school crush.  All I knew was people seemed to be noticing him – and he was in a vampire movie. I figured  ‘another good looking actor coming down the pike, yawn, ok (eyes rolling), let me check this out’. A bit jaded from many years in the heart of the entertainment industry both in LA and New York, with a stint in London,  I didn’t expect to be blown away.

She showed me interviews – Rob at the first Comic Con getting embarrassed and not being able to speak, shy Robert being auctioned by Harvey Weinstein for dinner and a kiss for charity, RPatz said the bidding starts at $5.oo as a humble joke, bewildered why anyone would pay a large amount of money to have dinner with him and a kiss. $40,000 was raised for charity.  Weinstein prefaced the auction by saying the day after his three young daughters went to see Twilight, there were signs on each of their bedroom doors, their first name followed by Pattinson. All 3 wanted to marry Robert.  As Weinstein told the story, Rob would put his head down and pace. I was hooked, I got it. His appeal is pretty much across the board.

Intrigued, I started paying attention to what he was up to, he was like nothing I’d ever seen. This breath of fresh air, ultra shy Brit was fun and funny, honest, witty, candid, sweet as figgy pudding, humble, infectiously happy  and just all around entertaining to watch. He didn’t take the whole fame thing seriously, in fact, he thought it was utterly ridiculous. I wanted to hug him and protect him, as his naked naivety and vulnerability were as endearing as they were a danger to him. He was a wide open spirit, who in the wrong hands, could be coerced. Enter Kristen Stewart.

There is a misconception that people love RP because he’s good looking or played the part of Edward Cullen. That only ‘Twihards’ adore him. Well, his gorgeous choir boy meets bad boy looks are not hard on the eyes, but there are many great looking guys in films.  And I don’t really like watching him in Twilight because his personality is so suppressed by playing a Vampire. I never read the Twilight books, don’t care all that much about the saga. Anyone who saw him in Remember ME or Water for Elephants knows, the guy can act.  Anyone who has heard him sing can feel his soul. He has a deep resonance that very few can reach. Even with his multi-talents, he may be more beloved for his imperfections. His quirkiness, pointed teeth (he confessed messing them up to look more like a Vampire when he auditioned for Twilight), disheveled hair and dress, admitting that his sisters used to dress him up like a girl and call him Claudia when he was young. Even when he admitted his Johnson is just a twig, it just made everyone say ‘awww’, that’s Rob, honest as the day is long.

We felt bad when he complained about not being able to date because of the Twilight popularity, and were consumed when he went to strip bars in Vancouver to get his fill. After rolling around with Stewart all day play acting – and not being able to date – the early 20’s dude needed to get his sexy on. Then we heard the stories that he flew his favorite stripper to New York. And we all smiled and feared. Go Rob, but be careful!

For those who kept up, he does things like walk into a music store, come out with a guitar, which he gives to a stranger who is playing a crappy guitar outside for spare change. Then drives away. He didn’t do it for attention, praise or credit, and if someone didn’t recognize him giving the guitar to the struggling artist, no one would have known. Rob  cried when the Elephant was leaving the set of Water for Elephants and adopted a pup from a shelter while on location. By the way, I remember Rob making a statement “I’m glad Kristen was with me, I would have taken all the dogs home, but she convinced me to be sensible”.  Clearly Bear is Rob’s dog who Kristen took care of while Rob was away.  Now she wants joint custody to keep the connection (she calls the dog her son, surprise!, another Kristen snare for Rob to overcome).  Case and point that opposites attract, as her core character traits seem polar opposite to his.

This wildly successful star has never miss-stepped, acted rude, disinterested or selfish. I’ve never seen a hint of it since I started paying attention some years ago. He’s always been a gentleman and wore his heart on his sleeve. Robert Pattinson is as sweet as they come, and has inspired a new generation about integrity, grace and authenticity. He is just a delight. Everyone who has met him or worked with him will attest he is a sweetheart.  Jimmy Kimmel said , ‘Rob is the nicest guy in the world’.   Perhaps TOO NICE. Robs kindness in forgiving Kristens’s many missteps and selfish acts (mistakenly attributed to her age) – cemented their never meant to be relationship. Everyone thought those who disliked her were jealous, mostly it was fear that she, without his caliber of integrity, would hurt him in the end.

The essence of Robert is humility, kindness, fun –  he is infectious  and truly beloved by millions.  We pray, this tragic upheaval of his faith and trust will not taint his light hearted spirit – and are horrified that this girl who fudged her way into his soul by acting like someone she is not  –  put a stake through his heart.

Why do you love Robert Pattinson – Sound off in comments!



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8 responses to “Why Everyone Loves Robert Pattinson

  1. Sade

    Its true Trish, you have captured it all exactly, all the reasons why we love him. I once saw an interview where they had this girl tell him how twilight has helped her overcome her life’s sadness and difficulties. Throughout he stared deep into her eyes and you could see he really feels her pain. He looked like he was ready to cry too. And it just struck how genuine and caring he is. He’s a good soul with a tender heart, in a gorgeous body. How could we resist him:-)

  2. Sue

    Omg, you always make me want to cry. You always write the words I think and would like to write on different blogs, but i am unable to put it together so elegantly. Thank you so very much for saying these things.

  3. Kate

    I’ve always thought he was an awkward nerd with the most enduring personality and sweetness. He is the proverbial deer in the glare of the headlights that has captured the attention and hearts of women/ girls of all ages. I believe we all wish him well and admire him for his alluring grace and unbelievable beauty that manifests itself in his eyes, smile, jaw, lips, and hair. He radiates a charm that he makes us sqee and the desire to hug him. I wish him a long and happy life no matter what he chooses to do or become.

  4. katie

    I feel i have to comment – this is exactly how i feel!! I don’t want to bad mouth Kristen, it’s been done and i have lost interest, but why is she being tagged the un-hollywood actress. all her qualities she likes to tell the world she is has stemmed from Rob. Her own are actually yobbish and completely in-keeping with the spoilt hollywood brat. Good luck Rob, go show the world what you are – so much more than that wonderful face. (Yeah i know i did just slag kristen off – oh well, not over the hurt she through at this wonderful man).

  5. Lena

    He really has a natural charm that most people have to work very hard daily to achieve at least to a fraction. And of course, the beauty and extreme talent do not hurt him either 🙂

  6. There’s a saying: Nice guys finish last.

  7. samsammy

    Same here and all that, you pretty much covered everything. He is just so … genuine! And I love that he reads great books and likely influenced many of his fans to read too. He’s like a good muse, could inspire the artist in you.

  8. amber

    so true, Trish, you sure tell it like it is

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