Robert Pattinson is DETOXING – his ‘people’ should help

I have to wonder, after all the years of Rob being terrorized and embarrassed by Kristen Stewart, why someone in his inner circle has not talked sense into him, sent him to therapy, done an intervention,  KSA                ( KStew Anonymous),  SOMETHING.

There were so many huge red flags surrounding KStew and her selfish behavior, you’d think you were in China.

The smarter of his fans kept hoping he’d meet someone else, the more vulnerable bought the Fairytale, and so did Rob. Where were his people and why weren’t they more active in pointing out to Rob the many flaws in Kristen’s behavior that could have helped him avoid this heartache. He almost married this girl.  Evidently his family, friends, management and agents are star struck by Ms. Stewart, or have no backbone.  If he were my close friend or brother, they would not have lasted, trust me on that one. I would have been on that Twilight set with a crowbar, prying her off when she got too close (figuratively).  Telling him, ‘no, don’t let her follow you home for Christmas’.  The tabloids think it was Rob who was always after Kristen, those of us who pay attention saw an entirely different scenario. He was just honest about his feelings, while she was not. Shocker.

Robert is one in a million, girls like Kristen are a dime a dozen. Rob needs to be debriefed from believing her hype, she’s done quite a number on his psyche. KScrew took for granted – and took advantage of his kind nature and attachment to her. 

Clearly the girl  is cunning and calculating.  She won over his friends  (i.e.  Tom Sturridge who wasn’t too keen on KS  in the beginning, til she got him a role in ‘On The Road’).  Clever girl, this insured RP visit the set (at a time when they weren’t exactly a solid couple) –  if she befriended Tom, she had one more foot in Rob’s world. What twisted webs she’s woven. No wonder he can’t trust anyone. Rumor has it he has been leaning on his ex-gf Nina Shubert for advice. Incredibly sweet girl, you can tell by looking at her, but after reading an interview, she has Rob’s same mindset – which is all over the place.  Why does Rob trust and rely on the wrong people? 

KRude played the doting girlfriend in front of Rob’s family one minute, next minute she’d be flipping the bird to the camera every chance she got, ignoring the fact pre-teen girls emulate everything she does. Red flag. She doesn’t seem to have any of her own friends,  Red flag.  She’d climb all over and flirt with guys in front of Rob to make him jealous – red flag. I’ll bet his Aunt feels vindicated, she was the only one speaking up how Rob shouldn’t get tangled with his co-star. Before she appeared meddling, now wiser and apparently she cares more about Rob and has more balls than the rest of his posse. If those around Rob are YES people, they are banging nails in his coffin, yes people destroy celebrities. Y’all know Rob’s a softy, needs direction, questions himself – how did this hypocritical, condescending, self motivated twit become his ‘rock’?   I recall her saying “I’ll always have Rob’s back”.  She’s a good actress alright, almost convincing if you didn’t do the math. With Kristen in your corner, who needs arch enemies.

This real life vampire tart’s  true nature is revealed when no one is looking, and on talk shows and interviews where she is condescending of Rob. Red flag. Evidently, talking down to a guy everyone is crazy about makes her feel powerful, better. It’s enraged so many who have endured it over the years. Rob’s people should have been outraged, and talked to KS’s people to make her stop.

It is addiction that keeps Rob yearning for someone who became a fixture in his life due to the ongoing Twilight Saga, and he’s going to need HELP to break the habit.

I pray he has the STRENGTH TO GO THROUGH THE WITHDRAWLS. They say love and lust are like a drug – liken this to detoxing from heroine. You are addicted and want it really bad. You’re sick without it, but have to go COLD TURKEY – STAY AWAY,  or fall back into your old habits. If you do, it only gets worse.  Kristen is his poison, his kryptonite. 

An alcoholic in the early stages of sobriety needs constant supervision.  Before they pour that drink, they call their sponsor, who reminds them how much better they will be without it. Before he picks up the phone in the middle of the night drunk dialing or answers a text from KS, or God forbid agrees to meet with her…he needs to call or text someone else. If you care about Robert, friends, fam and biz folks, go with him to upcoming promos, and leave with him. Tell him Kristen does not deserve time alone with him, she can’t be trusted so her words are useless. The only thing she will try to do is convince him otherwise, and we all know that would be tragic. Would you allow a newly sober alcoholic to spend time alone in a room with an open bottle of his favorite liquor?? 

It is time for Team Robert to summon up some tough love, and if dear Robert doesn’t like it, too bad.  Sam, Tom, Marcus, Lizzy, Nick, Stephanie and all the rest of you – KEEP HIM AWAY FROM THIS GIRL. She’s a Quarterback, Rob is the Goal – you have to be his defense. This little twit runs fast and is full of game, so you have to be on point.  She’s already done such damage and is a drama queen, she would only do more harm. Rob is too special to allow this vulture to pick at him and too nice for his own good.  Urge him to get a new doggie and cut the ties, do the promo and be professional.  He needs those who care about him now more than ever to be his defensive players, and Yodas.

Perhaps if Rob sees KStew as a pretty little beast, he can break her spell. Beauty is often a lure to a dark place.  May the force be with him. 




August 5, 2012 · 3:49 pm

3 responses to “Robert Pattinson is DETOXING – his ‘people’ should help

  1. Sue

    I am obsessed, you are f….. Awesome. I am your biggest fan!!!!

  2. samsammy

    Will do the same thing, spread the link to blogs like yours, and especially this one. I have also thought of Rob possibly coming out with a “please leave her alone” appeal to the haters, it’s a human reaction. When I had to squash an ant that’s trying to get in my food, I do pity it’s tinyness and helplessness, too, but I wil still terminate the thing. And haha at KScrew! Oh, Will Ferrell trying to make a joke of Kristen’s cheating is hilarious. But … I think he meant it, when he called her Trampire. I think he was disgusted with her and he just had to make a point of it, cleverly delivered as a comedic skit.

    Keep writing! I wil always comment!

  3. samsammy

    I think it will be OK. My reading of Rob (an assumption based on reading between the lines of his many quotes and maybe I am psychic) is that he’s done. With her. She was the last link to the Twilight past and he’s ready now for the next phase and good thing he’s unencumbered now.

    He’s going to go through the many emotions of the very public betrayal but I also think there’s a reason why this happened like how it happened. It had to be this way, this hurtful and humiliating, because he cannot escape this and he’s out of excuses and frankly, probably no heart or will to even think of defending Kristen’s inexcusable behavior to his friends and his family. He’s very close to his family! They used to accompany him a lot to TV interviews. He is especially close to his sisters. Can you imagine their wrath?

    I am not worried. There will be no coming back for my boy, Robert. He could love and forgive, but there’s a coldness in him and this will make him leave her, and will make him kill that love he had for her. (And sadly, such a blind love but I don’t think it is unconditional). The way he describes himself in his interviews — there’s self awareness there. He knows who he is. Maybe he got lost for awhile and it became easier to depend on someone for directions (after all, Kristen grew up in Hollywood, right? She knew her way around and Rob was a newcomer). But he is done and he will get over this.

    One last thing — Kristen may have gotten away these past years through scheming, manipulation, influence –and will likely escape this one too but she’s not that intelligent or have ingrained self-knowledge. She will fail in a personal level if she doesn’t learn frm this. Many people will defend her using her age or immaturity but today, I saw a very powerful image. The scorned woman, Mrs. Sanders, has been photographed without her wedding ring. The image hit home in a very basic level.

    Kristen, who should have said “fuck off, Rupert!” has destroyed a family.

    Robert will get over this. The wife (who is very beautiful and very poised, by the way) will too after a time. But the two kids from this wrecked marriage probably will not. (Rupert has half the blame but I don’t care about him and will not write about him).

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