Kristen Stewart – A LESSON IN WHAT BEAUTY is NOT.

Ok, she looks like she poses for covers of romance novels – the cute turned up nose, those piercing eyes, the hair.  Picture her next to Fabio with their hair blowing in the wind. Supposedly, she hates publicity, how ironic. Karma perhaps? Now that the smoke is clearing after Kstew launched a nuclear explosion into pop culture and the heart of beloved Rob Pattinson, her BF  – oops –  X-BF,  the shrapnel is starting to fall. We are finding out what beauty truly is, and what it’s not. And there are strong lessons to be learned.

I’ve heard people talk about Kristen’s beauty, in Snow White she’s the fairest of them all. From what I’ve seen, Kristen seems obsessive and competitive to the point of ad nauseam. Similar to Madonna, keeps grabbing for more, has to be the best, better than everyone else, coolest.  Trying to fill an insatiable hole that can never be filled.  It’s unevolved, and that’s not pretty at all.

KS was deceiving a super guy who was devoted to her, going behind the back of her director’s wife, their two small children, all of who she was ‘close to’,  her cast mates.  That’s pretty nasty. Evidently Rob suspected something and she denied it. Not only does she cheat, she lies.  Reports that she bought Rob an expensive piano a couple months back. I’m thinking guilt prezzie?

“OK, EVERYBODY CALM DOWN, IT WAS JUST AN IDY BIDDY MISTAKE. SLAVE, I MEAN ROB, LET’S GO… ROB??? I SAID I WAS SORRY!!!! wahhhhhh click…click, click, click, click, click clickclickclickclickciickclick(texting)

The disgraced ingenue had it all but wanted more, so lost everything. It’s poetic, Shakespearian. Her amazing boyfriend, her reputation, respect, fans…her fatal flaw being, greed.  Rob talks about how he can’t understand how people cheat. He means it. That’s beautiful. The irony of this whole thing is what is so interesting. She stoops to levels which are foreign to Rob’s character. Not all of the time, just when it really counts.

You know what’s beautiful?  TRUTH,  integrity, caring about others. Walking your talk  because it’s not what you say, but what you DO that tells your whole story. As we can clearly see in this tragic love story.

What she did was show the world, most importantly, Rob, what she is capable of. The guy dodged a bullet! He should consider himself very, very lucky. 

The excuse of  her being young can no longer be used. The level of deception and scandal just blew her age shield out of the water. I recall in an interview Rupert Sanders saying that she makes ‘very mature decisions’ –  how she’s beyond her years….eeexcept when she does something rude, uncaring or selfish. Then it’s cuz she’s so young, ugh.

We get it, a lot of people are making money off this girl, the Rob and Kristen ‘franchise’ outside of the Twilight cash machine – and her PR are trying to calm everything down. ‘It was just a momentary indiscretion’, everyone in Hollywood cheats! No big deal!  ok.  whoever spews that doo doo is showing their lack of moral character, or that they don’t know the details.  There are enough ‘icks’ in Kristen’s walk of shame that her supporters sound ethically challenged.

There is so much more to being truly beautiful than a perfect face, hot body and barracuda drive to be famous. I think it was beautiful that the only thing Liberty Ross said after she found out about the cheating scandal was… ‘wow’ on her Twitter page.  She has a beauty that radiates kindness.

Rob, has shown consistent grace, compassion, honesty, loyalty. His charm and genuine good nature are so attractive. He is beyond beautiful, he is truly rare – like a national treasure that needs to be protected.  It doesn’t hurt that he’s not difficult to look at either, but that’s the icing on the cake. Truly, anyone who has paid attention knows. Beautiful inside and out. He, of course, would contest such a statement. Which only makes him, more beautiful.

My heart goes out to RUPERT AND LIBERTY’S KIDS!  All of a sudden best friend Kristen and screen heroine is off limits, Daddy was being naughty with her.  There are many trusts that have been breached here. Much ongoing trauma and mental anguish because this tart made a supposed ‘momentary bad decision’. She doesn’t seem to do the right thing unless scorned by Rob and the press.  Beautiful, really? According to what measure, superficiality? There are so many things about this girl that those who have integrity find ugly. I wouldn’t want to be her friend. Notice, she doesn’t have many true friends, she’s spent the last 4 years of her life worming her way into Rob’s world and friendships. I’m sure they’re not too pleased with her now. For those of us who do the math, she had it coming. Big time.

Nobody’s perfect, but some are more perfect than others.  There’s a bright side here for Kristen tho, all this attention on the cheating, no one is talking about her boob job. =*




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7 responses to “Kristen Stewart – A LESSON IN WHAT BEAUTY is NOT.

  1. Kristen Stewart is a fake. Sorry for being captain obvious

  2. sarah

    Wonderful angle that hasn’t yet been addressed. Our age and physical beauty obsessed culture desperately needs this article. Ironic that Snow White’s birth mother would remind us that true beauty comes from your heart. Indeed.
    I knew next to nothing of Rob Pattinson before this scandal. Watching his restrained, dignified response to what is surely an impossibly difficult time for him has been a pleasure. Gentlemen do exist. And in Hollywood, no less! He deserves better and I hope he finds it. Congrats to the Rob fans, you have ever reason to be proud of your fav actor.
    As for Liberty … well, that woman is a Queen. A beautiful Queen.

  3. anna

    Her looks are fading the most beautiful K every looked was Eclipse LA preimere.The Twlight preimere one in LA and Paris.She getting ugly .Rob went trough is grungy face to but he usally looks hot all the time now.

  4. Robert Forever

    Awesome article, so well written and so precise. It’s exactly what we’ve all been saying but not in those exact words. We love Robert, sounds like you do too and hope he finds true love and happiness.

  5. val5

    excellent article! I also did a great effort to try to apreciate her when I realized that Rob was obviously in love with her. But it was a forced sympathy from me, her attitude so often rude, her overt behavior of very egocentric and arrogant girl embarrassed me. I am relieved that her mask has finally fallen.

  6. samsammy

    Oh, god, no (re pregnant ex-gf).

    Funny how universal is the sentiment about Kristen (the anti-Kristens). I never realized. I never read the entertainment news because I didn’t want to read about this “robsten” thing. But having read a lot now, it’s amazing how people who never liked her, have to had to find something to like about her (forced myself, really) when it became obvious that they were dating. Me, I just breathed deep and told myself that, well, she’s probably making it easier for him to deal and cope with his fame and new wealth, and new life in LA.

    It’s a relief now to not to have to justify to myself and over-analyze why an intelligent guy like Rob is with someone like her, who makes me wince and grimace every time she opens her mouth to speak.

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