Kristen Stewart – TRAMPIRE

She wanted her cake…and ate it too.

Many of us knew Rob possesses far more grace and integrity than Kristen Stewart. Maybe it was the way she used to give the finger to the cameras every chance she got (having a pre-teen fan base, not very thoughtful), until Rob tamed the little beast to stop.  Or the way she started getting romantic with  Rob, when her friend and cast mate had been with him and still in love with him – Nikki Reed – LINK or the sneers, or her ‘better than’ attitude, or how she publicly treated Rob like crap, and all the excuses for her poor behavior.

No more excuses Kristen. Not only did she cheat on everybody’s favorite guy with a man twice her age, who happens to be the director of

Snow White and the Huntsman (which I was planning on seeing, and now will not), his wife Liberty Ross played her mother in the film. Kristen seems to ignore the fact that others matter, her moral compass is OFF.

Wait, it gets worse. Rupert said he welcomed Kristen and Rob into the ‘family’.  It was reported  Kstew took Sander’s daughter out for ICE CREAM  a couple months ago. EW, nasty.  Sure, treat the kid to ice cream, then jeopardize the rest of her life not having a full time father!  This is not a moments indiscretion, it is SCANDALOUS behavior and shows what most of us knew all along.  Kristen Stewart is far from the caliber of Robert Pattinson. I’d bet my life Robert would never do something so deceitful, he just doesn’t have it in him. That’s why everyone loves him so darn much. 

Let’s take a vote, If she didn’t get caught cheating and deceiving those around her, would the little sneak have revealed the truth? I say NO, and she would have gone on being friendly to Sanders wife and kids, and acting like the devoted GF of Robert. Those who defend her either lack morality or don’t understand the full extent of the situation.

Sources have reported her tantrums,  berating Rob with jealousy and ultimatums about ‘cheating’ on her. I recall when he presented an award with Megan Fox, Kristen got upset because she felt RP was too flirty??? He’s happy and friendly, something she doesn’t quite understand. More recently when a photo was released of Rob getting in a car with an ex-co star and other friends while Kpoo was in London filming Snow White.  Kristen was said to be livid and Rob had to beg forgiveness. OMG! Was he cheating on her while she was filming Snow White?!  No, evidently she was flirting with her director and then some. Double standards much Kristen??  That Grand Piano she gave RP a month or so ago – guilt gifting?

<This picture shows the actress and director cozy in Berlin this past MAY. People don’t just frantically make out, there is a build up, an attraction that you either feed, or, what decent people do who are in relationship, contain.

Let’s face it, the girl loves misery, before she  had Rob tangled in her web, I  seldom saw her smile.  Rob became her personal Prozac, who wouldn’t light up around such an incredible guy. He was forced in real life to take on the Edward role – to protect her, be devoted to her, defend her because she would constantly do and say inappropriate things – and then blame it on her age.  Difference is, she is NO BELLA. Bella didn’t embarrass Edward, treat him like ‘less than’, she wasn’t a brat. My guess is the Robsten romance lasted only because of the length of time they were sequestered making the marathon Twilight series. She doesn’t have a next sequel to win him back. Thank God.

Rob’s heart is so big he could fall in love with a snail.  I imagine if he co-starred in a series of films where he was locked away with a beautiful girl, he’d fall in love. Certainly any girl would fall for him. We’ve witnessed Robert go from carefree to prisoner on a leash, sold a false bill of goods. Many of us watched in horror as Kskank dug her black fingernails in deeper, flirting with castmates to make Rob jealous, dressing glam sexy with her skirts up to her butt, making friends with all his friends. Does she HAVE any of her own friends? No, she spent her time obsessing on Rob and worming her way into his life.

I recall when she was playing hard to get, saying she wanted to keep things ‘light’, but flipping out if he was friendly to other woman. Robert must have the patience of a Saint. The poor guy became so cautious in public, careful not to be over friendly to females, which would upset Stewart. You could see it in his body language – and the look on his face. He walked the talk.

That ‘moments worth of indiscretion’ (hardly), was a wake up call Rob has the good karma of getting.   Kristen is self proclaimed obsessive, and will pull out all the stops to get him back. Hopefully she doesn’t set herself on fire. Figuratively, she did.

I said long ago, Rob is similar to a dog in nature– happy, frolicking, joyful and sweet. Kristen, on the other hand,  a cat – secretive and calculating. They are very different on a base level –  everything else, the inde loving, intellect, everything else is superficial.

Those of us who pay attention are holding our breath, knowing that with Rob’s soft heart, there’s a chance he could forgive her and ask the press to take it easy. Sorry Rob, most of us aren’t as nice as you are. Besides that, she doesn’t deserve it. Truly.  I only wish it could have happened sooner, so the  ‘addiction’ aka  ‘love for her’ wasn’t so strong. Perhaps he’ll write some good songs. I hope they are farewell in nature.


And Kristen, should you happen to see this dear, eat mud. I suggest you don’t wear white to your upcoming premieres, tomatoes stain terribly. Wear black, it will match your heart. 




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11 responses to “Kristen Stewart – TRAMPIRE

  1. She would never be seen out in public as a couple, but then has an affair out in broad daylight!! How horrible for Robert! What was she thinking or not!!

  2. Jamison

    Rob is beautiful. He is intelligent and soulful. He can go far especially with roles like Rover. He appeals to all ages. This article says what we all feel. Hope Rob stays strong and dumps this misfit which will show her “her desire to not be boring” did not entitle her to ruin him and destroy a family. This Rupert guy should have everything taken away from him. Hated the Snow White movie but KS is no SW. She should only take trashy roles as she does not have to act but just be her trashy self. Rob, do not look back but do as all well wishers are telling you and move up, take good roles with other good actors. Hold your head up high, support the last Twilight movie for you, not KS, and possibly have a new girl to take with you to the premiere. We love you!!!!!!!

  3. Robert Forever

    Yeah, let me tell you, I liked her somewhat until she started messing with my favorite gorgeous vampire. Now I’m back to my original opinion of Ho White which wasn’t so good.

  4. Sandy

    Got to say, this is exactly how it is. Kristen has always acted like Rob was dirt. She would never claim him or would she allow him to claim her, until she got caught. This is perfect!!! And you are right, people love ROBERT PATTINSON, not for Edward, but for ROBERT PATTINSON. I never gave Kristen a second look until I realized that he loved her. But, now the trash is not worth it.

    Thank you!!!

  5. Amanda

    “Trampire” is officially my word of the day. Thank you 🙂

  6. Liz

    This is is sooooo good. Love and big hugs Robert. We will keep following your career, KScrew is not worthy. The right girl is out there. Take your time, work on your new movies. Your true fans will be here for you!

  7. samsammy

    Trish Delish … I have read a ton of this sad thing since it exploded last week and YOUR article/opinion/column is the only one (some come close) that simply just voiced what I think the majority of people are thinking, even if they are not fans of Rob. And I love you for this. BTW, I saw this article recommended by a lot of people. I hope it spreads until Rob gets wind of this. He should read this.

  8. misch

    Trampire ? I dont like it.. I love it !

  9. Grow up sanders and Stewart

    Stew is nothing more then a dirty, unwashed miserable, sour, immature, spoilt little brat, who thinks she and can get away with anything CHEATING and treating pattison like he is some sort of public accessory when he shows you respect publicly and privately
    Stew deserves everything she gets from the media and fans. No sympathy from me, only for pattison , liberty and kids

    AND RUPERT SANDERS YOU DI*K cheating with that miserable shit bag when you have beautiful wife and children GROW UP MORON

  10. Absolutely spot on! If KS really loved Rob she would never have cheated or publicly humiliated him! I can’t ever see Rob taking her back, as cheating was a deal breaker for him.

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