In my last blog, FREE ROBERT PATTINSON, I expressed that if Kristen gave the finger to the press (ultimately to all of us), one more time…low and behold…upon their recent trip back to Los Angeles from Canada, she flipped the bird again. “maybe if we look all glum and miserable no one will notice us”

Let’s be happy that the Beatles, Elvis, Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp and a slew of other megga famous people didn’t act like this when the big fame hit.

Whoops there it is!  Kristen, so many of your fans are pre-teen, do you HAVE to flip the bird AGAIN?

You claim you never wanted all of this, but after doing a tad of research, your climb to success doesn’t exactly look like you didn’t want fame and your choices only fueled it.

There are ways to stop the madness – here’s one! This is a really strange thought for co-stars…fall in love with someone NOT in entertainment! I was saddened to see she finally hooked Robert before he gets a chance to really see what’s out there with an open heart. Especially given we are greatly influenced by those we spend time with, it’s science. Kristen been smiling more, (who wouldn’t be) – and he’s been pouting more. He has to walk on eggshells and deal with her explosive temper. I noticed at the last awards show he attended with other Twilight cast members, Robert sat next to Ashley Greene with his hands between his legs.

God forbid if the camera caught him touching another woman even casually, KS would hit the roof, like it was reported she did last year over Meagan Fox   –    I do not envy Rob for the cage he is in.

Perhaps he needs constant stimuli and Kristen’s explosive nature and split personality keeps things interesting.  Rob, take up boxing or skydiving, something!  Does he really want this jealous, insecure, crude drama queen being the mother of his children? Really? He’s walking a dangerous road, but he can’t see it, he drank the Kool-aid.

I liked Stewart at  first, or her image, Indie chick with conviction…but she is a walking contradiction.  I’m Inde, but am starring in Blockbuster after Blockbuster because it’s making me rich…  

  As Jimmy Kimmel said,  Rob is one of the nicest guys on the planet. He’d be putty in anyone’s hands he was feeling something for and his co-star takes advantage of it full stop.  Everyone loves Rob and feels protective of him. Someone needs to be,  he obviously can drift into dangerous waters. Kristen acts bi-polar.

What does she have to be angry about anyway? She never had to struggle to get into acting, her parents are in the entertainment business. She’s from LA. I imagine the school she went to where the ‘agent’ saw her was filled will show biz folks, or perhaps the agent was invited by her parents.

Lastly, for someone who claims to be so ‘Indie’ and cherish her privacy…she did not design her life in a way that would give her the privacy she so desires. Kristen deplores attention. Hello, ACTRESS? She doesn’t want to be judged. Hello, ACTRESS! I mean, if you sign up for the war, there’s a chance you could get hurt or killed, it’s kind of part of the package that this is a definite possibility. Do a whole bunch of movies, there’s a chance you could get famous.  Why didn’t you do plays out in the middle of nowhere if you just love ‘the art of acting’, or those little indie films you talk played The Ring Toss Girl in THE FLINSTONES IN VIVA ROCK VEGAS. Was this role particularly challenging so that you felt you had to do it?  Now that you’ve got a slew of commercial films and the biggest block buster series under your belt,  you want to be Inde? WWWhat?! The girl is in the Twilight ZONE.

How do you not want to be an actress, and do 17 ‘made to sell’ commercial films by the time you are 19 years old? Kristen doll, that’s called sell outIf Jack Kerouac (writer of On The Road, and who the film is about), were alive today he would have scoffed at Hollywood making a story of his life. THAT’S INDIE.

Jack Kerouac was the king of cool, Beat poets hated commercialism.

One thing I will give her, Kristen Stewart is are a very clever and obsessively determined girl. I mean, just this past November  or December in Vanity Fair Rob claimed he was single, (respectable magazine, actual interview), it appears Kstew closed the deal when she followed him home to England for Christmas. His Aunt spoke up and is less than thrilled with he being captured by his co-star.  Kristen played hard to get, then reeled him in like a pro.

Next thing she’ll say the paparazzi is just too much, and talk Robert into moving to a far away place so she can monopolize him furtherAnd she’s giving US the finger?

Kristen Stewart is this generation’s Yoko Ono.




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37 responses to “Kristen Stewart: POOR LITTLE FAMOUS GIRL

  1. Julina

    I’m glad to find people that understands me

  2. Julina

    I’m insanely in love with Robert and I’m trying my best to get to him by writing a book called The Love Trial or going to a University and trying out for auditions, but I’ve been saying that I hate Kristen stewart because she has the life that so many people (Myself included) would give anything to have and she’s complaining about it; but don’ t blame robert girls; he falls in love with all of his costars, it’s not his fault.

  3. Julina

    I’ve been saying that for I don’t know how long.

  4. TheGoldenChild

    I agree with u 100% u could have taken the words from my mouth! I wish rob would wake up and smell the coffee.

  5. Ioana

    I think you really hit the nail on the head in this. But I don’t think they are a couple and I agree with everything Jena said in her comment. I think she’s gay and Rob is either a supportive friend or bearding for her. I’m against forcing people out of the closet (a la Perez), but I’d be a bit more sympathetic with her if that was the case. Just a bit.Still don’t think that would be an excuse for the way she behaves.

  6. beat-goes-on

    I totally agree with all you’ve said. For me though, it’s not even about Kristen’s relationship with Rob, it’s her constant way of talking out of both sides of her mouth. She claims to hate attention and publicity, however, I think what she really hates is not being able to control public opinion and actions of those around her. She doesn’t hate the paps, she hates that she can’t control them. She likes getting her picture taken, she likes the attention of being on magazine covers, even when she is not promoting anything but herself.

    Kristen hates publicity, she says; somehow she got in and out of London over the holidays unnoticed, yet she took a pic with “shoe girl” which she knew would end up on the internet. She got INTO Budapest unnoticed but left with much fanfare, arrived in London to the same circus, but wait, she managed to get out of London (and escaped the ash cloud) completely unnoticed. She spent more than a month in Montreal virtually unnoticed, but the day before Rob arrives she magically appeared with Tom to take pics with fans, then was out and about taking pics while Rob is there.
    The list goes on and on. How can people still believe that she hates attention? I just don’t get it.
    She has proven she can get around unseen. Does that mean when she is seen it’s because she WANTS to be?

  7. vangie

    everything here is so right,it is good to see people agree with me also,i do not believe he is spineless i believe he is wipped,maybe he thinks he owes her,but rob is a gentleman all the way even if she breaks his heart he will survive,i all thought she uses taylor to divert the attention,tom’s sister nettie dislike kristen,she thinks rob is making a mistake,he loves her,when he stayed in the uk for a long while rumors have it she hit the roof,so people old rob is still there,let’s see

  8. nora

    you are so right on everything! You just said what many people have in mind for a long time now; she has a nasty way, she has no manners&is obviously spoiled; she has to realise that there is a downside to every profession, only in her case her profession is paying her off millions; my job has downsides, more than one, but I get payed 900 euros&I’m supposed to be thankful aswell!! As for Rob, he’s obviously very much in love with her&tolerates her nastyness, when all that starts to die down, he’ll see her for what see really is

  9. Maria

    Finally someone! I enjoyed reading your article and seriously you are so on the spot!

    I am a big Robert fan but the whole Rsten thingy is pissing me off, why can’t we just be Rob or Kirsten fans? No whenever Rob is mention she’s mentioned as well, it’s ridiculous.

    The b****h attitude is deff wearing off on Rob I just wished he could see that. and wished this whole saga thing is over.
    Rob should be more clever, he’s an amazing actor, he’s doing oscar-worthy movies, but SHE is bringing his career down.

    Please Rob grow some balls dude. And think again before you follow her around.

  10. I hope you sent a copy of this article to Rob, too! Really Brilliant Post! new follower!

  11. Truth pure and simple!!! love your post!!

  12. RobGirl

    Couldn’t have said it any better.


  13. Kelly

    Whoops…hit enter..sorry…as I was say he hit this giant speed bump and has gone A$$ over teakettle and is now just stuck….

    I’d like to think he is intelligent…I want him to be happy…but if I knew him personallyand we were friends I would sit him down and ask him what the hell he was doing.

    You are right…every word SPOT ON! Thank you for voicing it

  14. angel

    i think i may just love you.

  15. Emma

    ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT! I couldn’t have said any of this better myself. She’s the biggest walking, talking contradiction out there.

  16. Dee

    I wanted to thank you for writing what a lot of us are feeling about the whole thing! The ks and k/r fans would have you think that we are a bunch of mean haters with nothing better to do than whine (kristen’s way of doing things) about K’s mad moods. But really it goes way beyond that. We all have eyes! She says one thing and does another. She plays just as many, if not more, games than most actresses out there! I have never seen someone treat fans or just human beings as a whole with so little respect! She took Twi and made it all about her. Now she has her claws in a sweet guy that she makes a fool of everytime they step out into the public eye. So sad. Run Rob before it is too late!

  17. AlexYork

    I would say some of your points are speculative, but I do agree with the general message. I’ve been a fan of Rob’s since before Twilight and I think his draw is that he seems genuine and honest, however I’ve thought that Kristen was dishonest since the first comic con for Twilight. She seemed “shy” which is totally contradictory for someone who pursues a career in acting/performing. That demeanor caused an instant dislike. I’ve observed her attitude towards Rob over the years and really became annoyed with the constant lie. She would look at him with annoyance and beam at Taylor when she really had feelings for Rob. She obviously thought it was okay to insult everyone’s intelligence with her charade. I want Rob to be happy and successful and I’m afraid that his feelings for her and his sense of loyalty will jeopardize his personally and professionally. Kristen has Rob snowed. He thinks she’s this smart, badass with a lot of heart, when she’s really a hypocritical ingrate. I hope that she gets “sick of if all” and breaks it off. He’s better off.

  18. aya

    Pretty much how it is.
    I agree on your Kristen’s assessment

  19. Suz


    Best post I’ve read in ages.

  20. RobFan

    I so agree with this. Kristen Stewart is always like ‘the fame is too much’ and ‘I’m too shy’

    I’m shy I don’t go around staring in movies and putting my face all over the world. She’s just an attention seeker who wants to be indie. Everyone thought Twilight was going to be a small indie film which is probably why she did it, if she had known it was going to be this main stream I doubt she would’ve done it to protect her ‘indie’ nature.

    I just hope she doesn’t break Rob’s heart and then he decides to bail out of the last two Twilight Saga movies despite his contract.

  21. beeboo

    Great post! Thank you for not kissing her ass and making excuses for her. That is one thing I’m tired of seeing. Kristen herself makes all these poor choices with her actions and yet instead of letting her take responsibility for the offensive things she says and does you always hear “well she’s just a kid, she’s shy and misunderstood etc. etc.” Well no, she’s not a kid anymore, she’s an adult and she needs to start acting like it. I used to be really on the fence about her. I don’t think she’s that great of an actress but I tried to give her a chance, I tried to like her and then she had to go and start acting like an ungrateful brat and that’s where she lost me. Oy, and don’t even get me started on her & Rob and their whatever the hell they have going on- he just needs to stay away from her before her negativity brings him down.

  22. Miss

    If she hates the media and paparazzi so much she could always be with someone less known, it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure that one out. Also why is she on magazine covers and in the biggest franchise out there if she hates having her picture taken? Theater work would be better suited for her. Oh and giving the middle finger doesn’t make you cool, or badass. It makes you look stupid and immature.

  23. jana

    First off, I agree with so much said, but I do not think they are a couple. Friends, yes, but not a romantic couple. Kristen sets my gaydar off loudly so I think they don’t answer ‘the question’ of their relationship as a way to let her cover up her sexuality. Also, as recently as Eclipse promo, Rob has said he is single and only friends with Kristen, but the press doesn’t want to believe it. They can deny it all day, but it will fall on deaf ears. It’s more likely that he’s serving as her beard. Personally, I think he went to visit Montreal to visit his BFF Tom and if he wasn’t there, Rob probably wouldn’t have visited.

  24. heidi

    you hit the nail on the head. Run, Rob,run.

  25. tam

    Amazing. I agree with everything you said.

  26. Ashley

    Wow! If Rob’s four years older than her and he let’s her manipulate him like this than he’s a loser. Why woulld any woman be attracted to someone who’s not manly? Ewww what a wimp.

  27. Lily

    I’m in tears now. I feel so sorry for Rob. He’s the sweetest guy, the biggest heart. God bless him. This “relationship” is hurting his career in so many levels that is painful to watch. The whole fame who came so fastwith Twi., he was a shy english-boy in LA with no friends…he had to be with her at the beginning, as a friend, to find some support. And then, *plank* YOKO ONO strikes! And the sweetie puppie can’t see how she really is because of his good nature. So sad. She is so willing to make this “relationship” a big deal, which I’m sure it’s not, agh. Rob is 24, he should be having fun, relaxed and free, focusing on his career and his fans, like DiCaprio and so many others did before. He never flips the paps, poor boy looks ashamed of her. Girl, if you don’t like fame, go home. If you don’t like papz and fans asking you about Rob, LEAVE HIM ALONE!. You get it? I so hope she reads this blog, should be ashamed of her behaviour.

  28. Denise

    I do agree that she doesn’t treat him very nice. perhaps he likes being treated badly? or doesn’t feel he deserves better.

    I was a huge fan of Kristen pre-Twilight. She was so down to earth and normal, and easy going and light, with of course enough spunk and sauciness. But after Twilight she became so angry and indifferent, and tried to be anti this and anti that. Started hating on just about everything.

    She plays games with the media and the fans like a pro. Except of course when you play with fire you get burnt.

    Disappointed in her as a human being, because she changed. She let fame change her. I know of bigger stars who are bothered by the paparazzi and through it all they remained the same. Humble, polite and grateful human beings.

  29. nika

    OMG…srsly, I could have written this!! You are soooooooooo right on everything!!

  30. Ems

    I could NOT agree more!! Well said.

  31. KCham

    My God! You said everything I have been thinking for quite sometime now..
    This was amazing and so very true!
    My God! She’s so damn annoying! It’s rehab time yet or something?..
    I find myself drifting away from everything I liked when I started watching the films and now just wanting it to end.
    Poor Boy! he is so blinded, I pray at some point in the future, by some miracle! he’ll wake the hell up and run as fast as possible while he still has his sanity.

  32. Jen

    Very well written and I agree with everything you said. She wants people to think she is a simple girl that never asked for the attention but she DID. She wanted to be an actress and this means that fame is possible and you have to live with it.
    She’s fake and I hope someone will open Rob’s eyes before it is too late.

  33. Ally

    She made him her bitch. There’s nothing more humiliating for a man but since he lets her bossy him around it’s his fault to be such a spineless idiot.

  34. beesue

    You hit the nail right on the head! The Yoko Ono comment – so had not thought of this!

  35. Mom2

    I hope you sent a copy of this article to Rob. I agree with everything you said. I really feel sorry for Rob, Kristen really does treat him like dirt when they are in public. I also wish someone could get through to Rob about how this looks.

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