Microsoft Word - madge&Aud.docCant’ say I didn’t see it coming, only I didn’t think it would be this blatant .  Madonna’s PR  released this airbrushed press photo of Madge holding Mercy James on a previous trip to Malawi. Feeling sick yet?

Clearly we can see the pic is doctored to make Madonna look lovely. Even given a sepia photo finish, which softens  the  drastic contrast of a white woman, dressed in white with bright yellow hair  – surrounded by glum looking orphans. You can tell she has been coiffed, natural looking but coiffed, meaning, most likely she brought along a hair stylist.  And a photographer (of course). On the private plane. The English media reported it was ironic that she goes to such a poor and impoverished country, in a grandiose and pampered fashion. They reported she  brought a trainer, and gym. To Africa. To adopt an orphan.

However Mercy James is  not an orphan – she has a father, who didn’t want the ‘pop swinger’ to adopt his child. Here is an article of the father when he first entered the picture, and the sad background that led to Mercy being in an orphanage.    So,  how DID she get the kid? By any means necessary.  Even the child’s Grandmother said she was hassled so much by adoption people – being prodded by the demanding diva’s handlers , she finally caved.

How much could it cost to support a family in Africa? Pennies on the dollar. But Madonna put in a ‘to go’ order and nothing was going to stop her from adding these two good looking ‘near orphans’ to her collection of photo ops, I mean family.  She picked them like flowers from Their garden and they’re now on display for everyone to see. Except…those who love them the most, their flesh and blood  – who live lives of great hardship. Never mind them.

Ok, how are you feeling now, a wee bit queezy?  Careful as you read on –  best to get a plastic bag from the grocery store and keep it handy.

For the ‘philanthropic campaign promo pic’ (above), notice she seems to have no connection with those around her. No one is smiling or having a good time, this pic couldn’t be any more staged.  It’s a wonder no one  from ‘Madonna Press Unlimited’ thought of photoshopping smiles on their faces. If she reads this, or one of her goons does, they will report back to Madonna Central, and the next photo op she will be sure to warm up the crowd first, or maybe hire a comedian do it. Chris Rock would be great.

It never ceases to amaze me what levels Madonna will stoop to next, and how she just can’t see how incredibly nausea inducing this is, or doesn’t care.  Raise your hand if you find it disturbing that it appears Maddy is using African impoverished children to improve her image.  Woe, the breeze from all the hands raising with fervor in unison may cause tsunamis worldwide.

I’ve noticed when she gets bad press, she does something…redeeming. The girl has been crucifying herself (crude acts for press), then redeeming herself for decades. I mean what do you do if you are getting a blizzard of bad press from – liiike – breaking up a man’s marriage (A-Rod) when his wife (Cynthia) is about to give birth to their second child (that does not spell caring about children)…all this before the Pop Diva’s  divorce was final.  She wastes no time that one.  ARods wife cited Madonna as a reason she filed for divorce – Uh oh. Followed shortly by playing house with a Boy Toy less than half her age – newly adopted son in tow, this is the 4th father figure he has known in 2 years, and certainly not the last. All this while telling the High Court in Africa (dragging Guy along despite their marital problems, and divorce rumblings galore) that the child would be going to a stable and happy home. yyyeah.  Shortly after the adoption was finalized, Madonna and Guy divorced, then Guy’s father leaked the fact that his son hoped the adoption wouldn’t happen. The truth is in the DETAILS PEOPLE.

As her children get more and more confused, her PR trumphets Madonna as Mother of all the Universe. Wait a minute! Wasn’t that uber young, stud muffin Jesus the one she claimed she was just good friends with, after they did the sexy photo shoot where they just about had sex for the camera? HEY!!  Mommy Kabalists aren’t supposed to fib! Well, maybe she meant friends with benefits…

Like when Bill Clinton said he had NO SEXUAL RELATIONS with that girl, reasoning that her tooting his horn was not included in the meaning of sexual relations. It’s all about personal definitions folks! Which means reality is something you can create to your own specifications and none’s the wiser!  Except some people pay attention, and those nasty dress stains. Wonder if Monica could sell her famous frock on ebay?

Gone are the days of the sincere crusaders like Audrey Hepburn and Jane Goodall trekking through Africa, who did things with genuine concern, in Microsoft Word - madge&Aud.doctheir wrinkled safari outfits with no make-up. These woman didn’t have self appointed press crews documenting their steps, flown in by private jets with their personal trainers and God knows what else. They certainly did not release re-touched photographs to the media of they with the underprivileged children. Nor did they have their PR hammer the news media with glorifying stories about their profound benevolence.

Another thing they didn’t do, maybe most important of all, is convert African children from Christianity to a rogue sect of another religion. It is reported that the branch of Kabbalah Maddy is devoted to, is criticized by others of the Kabbalah community. Goodness, no, they would never want to impose that type of Religious meddling. Reports from the UK stated that thousands of children have already been taught Kabbalah, and that they are converting and confusing these children who are taught  theories that do not work in their world.

Instead, true philanthropists went about  their charity work quietly  and gracefully. No one questioned their intentions, it was plain to see they were sincere. I’m quite sure Audrey would have disapproved  of Madonna’s pandering and self interest, but being Audrey, she would have been far too gracious to speak of it in public.  I, on the other hand, am not.

I am certain had Audrey adopted a child from anywhere , it would have been one without extended family, and with the utmost concern for all involved. If a father stepped forward, as Mercy’s did, surely they would have met him and heard his story, and been happy for the child – making sure they were both provided for. Not our Madge! Instead her PR vilified the young father, workers at the Orphanage were instructed to refuse to allow him to see  his daughter when he tried, his child who he had thought died with his girlfriend in childbirth.

How ya feelin? I have noticed people become either nauseated or enraged when they hear the details of Madonna’s antics in Africa. If you happen to react with the second emotion, grab a pillow and punch it – pretend it’s Madonna. She’d probably enjoy that sort of thing in the flesh given the pics from her sex book. Oh, that’s the past, never mind.

Surely someone like Audrey Hepburn wouldn’t adopt a child when she was about to embark on a world concert tour. Madonna said through Twitter that she was taking her kids on her tour with her “They go where I go!!” was the quote, on Perez Hilton’s website. I don’t understand the continued gay allegiance, I mean, she turned her back on the gay community so many times. Never admitted she swung both ways, and when asked what she thought of Eminem calling gays fags when it was a heated controversy, she took the low road and supported Eminem, saying it’s a free country, he can say what he wants. NOT something I would expect someone who’s core support has been the gay community. Madonna has built a career from the press not paying attention to her shortcomings, and her PR hammering exaggerations about how great she is. I very much beg to differ.

Anyway, dragging those kids along on her tour should be considered child abuse. You know it’s all about Mommy’s schedule. The bewildered African child is about to be carted from place to place, screaming crowds, paparazzi, put on display in a very confusing atmosphere.  Madonna’s world tour started less than two weeks after she recieved the child by mail order from Malawi…she was delivered by handlers, as Madonna is smack in the middle of rehearsals for her tour. Hurl or punch at will.

That reminds me,  I recall seeing  pictures of the Material Ghoul, at a swanky event taking photo ops with various celebs like Chelsea Clinton and Donatella Versace – while holding her daughter Lourdes hand. Lourdes was about 5 and she had this saddest look on her face, which Madonna seemed completely oblivious of, or apathetic to.  Come to find out, it was little Lourdes birthday, and Madonna dragged her to Mommy’s grown up event.  I wanted to grab the little girl,  give her a balloon and a piece of cake.

I just wonder what kind of stable family and home Madonna and her attorneys sold to the African Courts and the children’s family members. It has been reported Maddy’s nannies keep quitting, but are sworn to secrecy through signed gag orders. Her brothers David and Rocco will be coming and going between countries to see their Dad, and then of course there is Carlos Leon, who seems to be able to see his daughter Lourdes when Madge needs an extra hand. Somehow Judge Lovemore Munlo of Malawi was convinced that Madonna could give this sweet, innocent little girl a secure home and family. The smoke they must have blown up his butt…or perhaps, no, never…but there have been many rumblings of bribery.

If you look really, really closely at the retouched pic of Madonna holding Mercy, you can see where they airbrushed out the horns. Most of us can still see them though.


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  1. Madge is so tired and over. She should just call it a night.