Microsoft Word - sexy jolie pix.docxYou know, I don’t blame Jen for still having stains after losing a gorgeous catch like Brad Pitt to another woman. However, if you look at all the dynamics, personalities and propensities, it was almost inevitable.

For one thing, Brad Pitt has a history of falling for his co-stars – remember Gwyneth Paltrow and Seven? At the time, Brad was a major star and a down to earth nice guy, and she was an upscale socialite, just getting her acting going. Do the math (she is friends with Madonna). Sparks flew while making the film and probably some clothes, next thing you knew, they were the ‘it’ couple. When the chemistry is on, he’s been known to take the ride. I forgot how he and Juliet Lewis met, anyone? 

Mind you, I am not at all saying anything bad about Angelina or Brad, I respect them, applaud them and love what they’ve shown the world, the risks they’ve taken, sacrifices they’ve made to walk their talk. I’ve worked with Brad – great guy, thoughtful, generous, funny.  They are two of the coolest people around,   I’m just making observations and trying to help the female race.

Seriously, acting is having free reign and getting applauded to maul, fondle and cuddle a person of the opposite sex, who you hardly know. It’s a license to cheat and that’s the risk you take when you get emotionally attached to an actor or actress. Want stability?  Marry an attorney. Connecting intimately with someone isMicrosoft Word - acting.docx like playing Russian Roulette – because you -just -never –know. The heart does not listen to logic or know anything other than it’s deepest longing. It’s fickle and flattered and has a mind of its own beyond all the willpower you can muster.           No matter how many times someone (men seem less iron clad to withstand temptation) promises, ‘I’ve done this a million times, it’s just work, it means nothing…’, and means it, that was then. That was until a person comes along who feels just like them in the opposite sex and a chemistry that is undeniable starts to grow. And they’re far away. Secluded. In their own little world. I mean seriously, you’d have to be the Pope. Or Noah Wyle.

When you’re locked on a film set for the majority of a couple of months, you can’t even do the right thing and distance yourself. It’s a spawning ground for infidelity and a crap shoot that someone may come along who is just the right combination to make your ‘Boo’ blow a fuse and convert. Think Ryan Phillippe and Abbey Cornish after Stop-Loss. Reese Witherspoon made a nice rebound with Jake Gyllenhaal after they co-starred and became involved on the set of Rendition. Mimi Rogers found out her marriage to Tom Cruise was over after he co-starred with Nicole Kidman in Days of Thunder. Mimi said that she found out Tom was with Nicole from the tabloids! Ouch. Maybe it’s some kind of Scientology custom to cheat on your wife and then to avoid confrontation or guilt, pretend she doesn’t exist? I wonder if when Katie turns a certain age, Tom will trade her in for a younger actress. Just noticing a pattern here.

Listen, if I was married to Brad Pitt and a film came up starring he and the world’s most alluring vixen, which included love scenes, my response would have been “hell no you’re not” or “…aaaand you’re trying to torture me becaaaause….?”, or “That’s fine, as long as I can tongue wrestle with Johnny Depp”.  Remember these words “Men are visceral, they respond to base emotions”.          They have body parts that involuntarily get ravenous. I mean, Keira Knightly, Kate Winslett, anybody else but a woman who’s sex appeal breaks the meter. Angelina walks by and clothes just melt off men and women like butter. It is simple math: gorgeous + assertive + sensual +  smart + fun =  irresistible – keep your man away.                                               

If Jen knew then what she does now, she would have been throwing tantrums and standing on a high ledge of a tall building until Brad caved and turned down the movie. Girlfriends typically don’t want to be the complainer, the stick in the mud, seen as insecure. She had to have been petrified when her husband, the sexiest man alive, went to make this movie, away from home, with Angelina Jolie, a sex Goddess temptress of mythic proportions. No doubt ‘left out of the loop’ Jennifer kept up a secure front, was speed dialing her therapist and consoled by friends. Oh if things didn’t have to be so darn politically correct and Courtney Cox could tell us the whole story. Inevitably she supported her dear friend, helping her to trust and have faith, to believe in her husbands promises, assurances and love. Women can feel their lovers energy on a subconscious level, and can feel when the connection has been weakened, no matter what he says or doesn’t say.  Her trust has been severely torn, and if she says it’s all healed, I don’t believe it. Betrayal is a painful thing. It rips you from your gut, because those we are closest to become part of ourselves, they are integrated into our energetic fabric. So everybody give the girl a break.

Brad’s a very decent guy, this kind of thing happens, that’s why cupid is often portrayed in art getting spanked by Venus,  for causing so much mischief with his arrows.  I imagine Brad went through his own attacks of conscience (in between being consoled by Angelina’s soft and legendary lips), when he was alone and conflicted. Of course, there’s the outlook that if two people are able to be torn apart, the adhesive was not strong enough. Regardless, if your significant other is ‘all that’, you’ve got to be on guard and ready to go to battle, fighting off agents, therapists and the inclination to be agreeable. Note to Demi.

For those of you who hate on Brad, Angelina or both because of the repositioning of lives, destiny hath spoken. The alchemy created by their being together has set an example; love is a common denominator of all races –  roll up your sleeves and contribute to the common good. 


                                                                   The Glam Global FamMicrosoft Word - the Pitt Brood.docx


   © TRISH DELISH 2009      all rights reserved




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2 responses to “IF JEN COULD DO IT AGAIN

  1. nina

    do u have twitter ? 🙂

  2. Yes, it happened, and it happened withe Angie. But with or without Angelina, Brad would have moved on. He was not happy with Jen or he would still be with Jen. And, if he finds he’s not happy with Angie, (but I DO think that he IS happy with Angie), then I think that again, he will move on. However, I also know that he will always be in those kids lives because thats whats most important to Angie!!!

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